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Ticketmaster vs Stubhub: Which Is Right For You? [2024]

Ticketmaster vs Stubhub: Which Is Right For You? [2024]

Ticketmaster vs Stubhub: When it comes to online booking of tickets for your favorite band or event, Ticketmaster and StubHub might be two of the leading ticket resellers jumping into your mind. 

So, which of the two is trustworthy? Which among the two has an easier user interface and is easy to handle? Which among the two has more payment options and offers tickets at rather cheaper prices?

The above set of questions and more will be answered if you have a look at the article below, containing a comparison between Ticketmaster and StubHub. 

Ticketmaster vs Stubhub: Overview

What is Ticketmaster?

Ticketmaster vs Stubhub comparison

Ticketmaster is an entertainment entity from America that offers sales and distribution services in many parts of the world. It has tickets to book online like theatre, family events, sports, concerts, and other events.

On the homepage of its website, you can search for the event you are looking for. Search by the artist, events, or venues on the big search bar present in the front. 

And the events whose tickets can be ordered will be marked on the calendar of the website. In case you do not have a specific event in mind, you can browse by the categories or choose any from the top-selling ones.

What is Stubhub?

Stubhub tickets booking site

StubHub is a ticket exchange and resale company in the United States that offers services for both buyers and sellers under a good list of categories including consoles, theatre, sports, and other live events.

Previously, it was known as the largest secondary ticket marketplace in America. However, in recent years it has upgraded access to the world's biggest ticket marketplace. So, it is considered the best competition in front of Ticketmaster.

Moreover, if you wish to do business in buying and selling tickets, it is the best destination. And the main highlight of buying from StubHub is that the prices allotted can be a bit higher or lower than the face value of the tickets.

So, this certainly means you can be at a loss or profit accordingly. The prices fluctuate according to the value of the tickets. However, waiting for the price to go lower can also get you zero tickets, so look out for that. 

Ticketmaster vs Stubhub: Working

How does Ticketmaster work?

Selling online, especially the ticket you have already bought under your name was never an easy task until Ticketmaster stepped in. It allows you to become the original seller or the reseller by following a few easy steps and rules.

How to sell?

  • On the website, enter the ticket details.
  • You can enter the barcode of the ticket for them to get a hold of the important details. And in case you have purchased the ticket from the same company, you can directly open it for listing from your account.
  • Then, set a suitable price for your tickets.
  • Let them know how you would like to get paid.

Note: you can edit the price you have entered or you can always delete your listing.

How to buy it?

  • Select the date of the event and tap on the option that says “Find Tickets”.
  • Specify the number of tickets you want to pay for.
  • Go to the ticket section. 
  • After clicking on every continue option, it'll search for the best available tickets according to your criteria.
  • Once you find a ticket, have a look at the ticket details then go for the well-suited delivery method.
  • After the payment is successfully done, you'll be forwarded to the confirmation page and you'll receive your order number and other important details on that page.

How does StubHub work?

Imagine, you got a ticket for your favorite artist’s concert but because of some reason, you cannot attend it. You do not want to waste your money and the tickets will mostly not be refunded. Now what you can do is sell them to other people on the same platform.

Selling the ticket on StubHub is a quick and easy process. You are not required to use the same device you used to book the tickets. Since the audience on the website is millions, there are truly rare chances the tickets you put on sale will not be sold.

How to sell?

  • Compare the prices of the tickets and put a lower sum to get your ticket sold easily.
  • The guide from the brand will help you list your ticket on the website.
  • Once you get a buyer, you can ship the ticket on cue and receive the payment within a short while.

The buying process of tickets on StubHub is similar to that of other ticket-selling websites. 

How to buy?

  • Register yourself with a StubHub account.
  • Choose from the events list or search for the event through the search bar you wish to attend.
  • Select the seats and have a look at all the other important details.
  • Do the payments.
  • Get your tickets delivered to your doorstep or print them out.

Ticketmaster vs Stubhub: Fees


In case you are the seller of the original ticket, it'll add a service fee which is also known as the convenience charge to the total face value of the ticket. 

If you are a reseller of the ticket, it will cost you the listing price based on the face price you have allotted to each ticket. The rate of the service fee will fluctuate depending on the events of their agreement along with every different plan.

In addition to that, it'll also charge an order processing fee. While the service charge is allotted to each ticket, you will be charged only once for the process of the whole order. 


While Ticketmaster will cost you two different charges, StubHub here will allow you to list the tickets on sale for free. Even for the buyer, searching and doing other movements on their website comes without any charges.

However, on every successful transaction, the buyer will be charged 10% of the face value as fees. From the seller's side, 15% of the face value will be detected in the name of fees.

Ticketmaster vs Stubhub: Pricing


The prices of the tickets sold at Ticketmaster will vary according to their demand on every platform. The starting price will be usual but can go in ascending or descending order in amounts if the demand rises or fall.

The prices are set by the event organizers and original sellers, and the website does not allow negotiations.


The prices of tickets available on this platform differ from the actual face value of the ticket. Although the platform or legally, the main reason for buying from StubHub is to buy the tickets at lower rates.

The prices and their ranges will depend on every event you have chosen. The more popular the event or the artist is, the more money will have to be spent to get a closer seat to the stage. 

The prices can also vary for different locations, for different states, different days, and different timings. In case you were thinking if the website allows negotiation, they do not. 

Ticketmaster vs Stubhub: Ease of Use


Ticketmaster has a website that is easy to use. It has a good user interface, and the website is user-friendly. On the landing page, you will witness a big white box through which you can start searching for events directly.

Registering yourself, selling on the website, buying process, and surfing on their website, nothing is complicated and every action can be carried out with ease. To put it in short, Ticketmaster has a website that is easy to use.


StubHub’s website is very convenient to use. A person without any knowledge and experience in using a ticket-buying and selling website can also use this site.

They have a user-friendly website with a good user interface. The main menu, search engine, and other important elements of the website are available right in front of you when you enter the site. All this makes it easier to search on this website.

Ticketmaster vs Stubhub: Pros and Cons



  1. The website makes the ticket-buying process simple.
  2. It allows you to sell the tickets and transfer them to a new owner.


  1. Due to the high demand for tickets, the prices can rise to seven skies.



  1. The website is user-friendly site.
  2. They are ready to deal with multiple currencies.
  3. The option of reselling tickets for sold-out shows is available.
  4. You are allowed to sell tickets that you bought from some other ticket seller.


  1. The prices of tickets fluctuate and you can be charged a lot higher than the actual face value of the ticket. 

Ticketmaster vs Stubhub: Customer Service


The Customer support services are open on all days but they have a certain time range they need to be reached out within. They are ready to solve your doubts Monday to Sunday between 9 AM to 9 PM eastern time zone.


The website allows you to ask questions from other users in their community and get easier solutions. If this does not help you, the customer support team of the company is always ready to help you out anytime and anywhere, after you give them a call.

Ticketmaster vs Stubhub: Which is Better?

When it comes to popular events, Ticketmaster is quite famous and the tickets get sold out pretty easily. Whereas for StubHub, the case is different and they have a wide range of limitations allowing fewer people to return empty-handed.

Compared to Ticketmaster, which rarely offers promotions and deals on tickets, StubHub here helps you buy tickets at cheaper prices if you are eligible for the deals and offers.

To conclude, Ticketmaster is a good choice but StubHub is an even better option in the above-mentioned cases.

Final words: Ticketmaster vs StubHub

To the statement presented in the previous paragraph, StubHub is a better option for one-ticket booking. However, you can not neglect how good Ticketmaster is at her work. In short, we would suggest you go for StubHub if you like right now, but surely do try Ticketmaster next time.

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Frequently asked Questions 

What is the difference between StubHub and Ticketmaster?

There are a lot of differences between StubHub and Ticketmaster. One among them could be that Ticketmaster has a better and stronger return policy than StubHub. 

Why are tickets available on Stubhub but not Ticketmaster?

StubHub acts as a secondary market most of the time. This means people can first purchase the tickets from Ticketmaster and then sell them on StubHub.