Ticketmaster vs Live Nation – Which One Is Best Option? [2023]

Ticketmaster vs Live Nation

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Ticketmaster vs Live Nation: You visited the biggest ticket-selling and buying platform in the US – Ticketmaster only to find some major similarities between it and Live Nation, another well-known and trusted entertainment ticket-selling and buying label in the country.

Likewise, it has been noticed that both Ticketmaster and Live Nation are similar in more than just a few ways, giving rise to some questions such as, what is the difference between Ticketmaster and Live Nation? Is Ticketmaster and Live Nation the same? 

For the same reason – are you also interested to know what is the difference between Ticketmaster and Live Nation? If it is a yes from you, then we are glad to inform you that the article mentioned below has a detailed Ticketmaster vs Live Nation comparison. 

Ticketmaster vs Live Nation: Introduction


Ticketmaster is a trusted and the top leading ticket sales and distribution company across the US and globally. Here, you can buy tickets from verified sellers for different events like sports, concerts, theater, family and more near you.

Ticketmaster can also be used to check the upcoming events from your favorite artist, you can book tickets for your favorite exhibitions, and as it is a marketplace, in case you don’t need a ticket you already bought, you can put it up for sale on the same platform with the difference in price.

Ticketmaster vs Live Nation

Live Nation

Live Nation is a global entertainment company and one of the leading Parent companies promoting, managing, and operating ticket sales for mostly live entertainment events across the US and globally.

At Live Nation, you can do the same things you do at Ticketmaster like buying tickets for famous festivals and top tours but unlike Ticketmaster, it’ll also become a premium source for the latest store news, exclusive videos, photos, artists updates and many other things related to the entertainment world.

Live Nation vs Ticketmaster

Ticketmaster vs Live Nation: Difference 

What they offer


At Ticketmaster, you can buy as well as sell tickets online for concerts, theater events, sports, exhibitions, family and different types of events. Ticketmaster will only accept the ticket if it is brought from its platform and the best part is that while you can get the ticket at a lower price than the original market price of the ticket, you can increase the price a little bit higher than the market price and gain profit eventually after the ticket is sold.

Live Nation 

At Live Nation, you can buy tickets for live events, concert tickets, festivals, exhibitions, an entire tour of your favorite artist and family events and in addition to that, it’ll also provide you with trending news, exclusive access to artist updates, concert announcements, exclusive presales and more premium content which you simply cannot find on other platforms including Ticketmaster.

Furthermore, you can also experience Live Nation promoting and premiering, managing a lot of venues across the world – acting like a good parent company to all its ticket-selling subsidiaries including Ticketmaster.



Since Ticketmaster is a marketplace that offers 100% freedom to make changes in ticket pricing if you are buying the tickets from the original ticket seller then you can get the ticket at the original market price but in case if you are buying it from any individual Ticketmaster seller then there can be a change in prices. 

Similarly, if you are a buyer, then you can gain profit by first buying tickets at lower rates and then selling the same at peak times when the event is just a few days apart at higher prices. 

Live Nation

Similar to Ticketmaster, Live Nation also allows you to buy and sell tickets and offers freedom to make changes in ticket pricing as you wish. But unlike Ticketmaster, which is mostly filled with individual sellers, Live Nation here takes more precaution and is filled more than half with verified and original ticket sellers instead of individual sellers which automatically means you’ll mostly get tickets at the correct market price instead of higher or lower rates.



Ticketmaster charges a service fee, also known as the convenience charge, to the original face value price of the ticket or at the time of resale. The percentage can vary according to the price allotted by the seller and start from 10% and can go up to as far as 78% for understandable reasons.

Live Nation

While buying from Live Nation, one general admission ticket can cost you about $35 but along with that, you’ll also be charged $13.25 as the service or processing fee along with $2.14 as the tax, which sums up to $50 per ticket.

Ticketmaster vs Live Nation: Final Words

In this Ticketmaster vs Live Nation comaprison, we clearly saw the difference between two along with their relationship. 

While Ticketmaster is a good subsidiary under Live Nation entertainment company, it originally only focuses on offering you the buying and selling of tickets services. Live Nation here also does the same but along with that, it has much more work to do like organizing and proposing venues for events, promoting the venues and events it is sponsoring,and governing its ticket selling labels . 

In conclusion, Ticketmaster and Live Nation are not the same company but hold a relationship of a parent and subsidiary label and that is why, you can find more than just some similarities between the two.

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Frequently asked Questions 

Is Live Nation and Ticketmaster the same?

No, Ticketmaster and Live Nation are two different ticket marketplaces that allow you to buy and sell tickets online but unlike Ticketmaster, Live Nation also provides you with additional information about favorite artists, exclusive announcements, presale updates, dispatch photos, videos of artists and much more.

Is Ticketmaster part of Live Nation?

Yes, Ticketmaster is one of the leading subsidiaries working under Live Nation entertainment.

Is Live Nation good for buying tickets?

Yes, Live Nation is one among the most trusted marketplaces for buying tickets and a good platform to check for updates of your favorite artist and on world tour, upcoming events, exclusive news and updates and much more.

Is it better to buy tickets on the Ticketmaster app?

Yes, although Ticketmaster’s website is just as helpful, buying tickets from the Ticketmaster app can get your work done faster and you can also meet with some app-exclusive rewards and promotional offers.

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