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Ticketmaster vs Live Nation: Are Live Nation and Ticketmaster the Same?

Ticketmaster vs Live Nation: Are Live Nation and Ticketmaster the Same?

Assuming that you have just recently started booking tickets online for events, you might have heard about popular ticket and event-related websites – Live Nation and Ticketmaster.

These two usually go hand-in-hand for several reasons (they are mentioned below), but what do they actually do? Are they the same or are there any differences between them?

If you have these types of questions lingering in your mind, then it is time you get accurate answers from the Ticketmaster vs Live Nation comparison article mentioned below. 

Also note that – along with the answers, we have also presented detailed information about the differences and points that decrease the gap between these sites in the article below.

Short Overview: Ticketmaster vs Live Nation


Ticketmaster vs Live Nation

Ticketmaster is an American-based ticket sales and distribution label. It operates in several countries globally, a trusted marketplace where you get to buy original tickets for a good variety of events including concerts, theater, family, sports, etc.

Live Nation

Live Nation vs Ticketmaster

Live Nation is an American-based globally famous entertainment company. The company acts as a head for promoting, operating along with managing ticket sales for mostly live entertainment events in the US and globally.

Apart from being the head of live events, Live Nation‘s site also provides exclusive content through artist insights, news about popular duos, artists, etc, exclusive videos and photos for your favorite artists, and more categories.

Are Live Nation and Ticketmaster the Same?

No, Live Nation and Ticketmaster are not the same. 

They are often heard about in the entertainment and ticket industry specifically since they were merged back in 2010, but the main difference between them is that Live Nation is more like an event organizer and manager.

While Live Nation will redirect you to the appropriate page for booking the tickets, Ticketmaster here is the ticket seller itself. 

Ticketmaster doesn’t do the work of redirecting you to another website, but you can find a ticket, and decide on the seating and other arrangements before paying for them on Ticketmaster itself. 

You will see Live Nation arranging for the events such as concerts, concert festivals, etc but Ticketmaster doesn’t necessarily work physically like Live Nation and just works to get you the ticket you want. 

These are the vital differences between Live Nation and Ticketmaster that sets them apart.

Bonus Point: Ticketmaster was a good and famous marketplace to start with, but after it merged with Live Nation, the ticket pricing got better and the customers got more options to choose from. 

Who owns Ticketmaster and Live Nation?

Ticketmaster, with the full name Ticketmaster Entertainment Inc, works as a subsidiary company alongside companies like Ticketweb LLC,, etc, with its parent organization and owner being Live Nation Entertainment.

Live Nation works under and is owned by Live Nation Entertainment. It works alongside subsidiary companies – Live Nation, Ticketmaster, and more. 

Ticketmaster Highlights 

  • Pricing

In the starting, when there are a good set of days before the event, you will see Ticketmaster having the original price value for the majority of the tickets for the event. 

But, there will be a difference in the prices, they will most certainly increase when the event is nearing to help get the original sellers and individual sellers the best price for their tickets.

  • No Hidden Fees

Like other similar ticket sellers. Ticketmaster also charges a certain fee on all tickets. However, compared to other ticket sellers, the fees are clearly low and no additional fees as hidden fees are charged.

  • Role in the Entertainment Industry 

Ticketmaster is still said to be the best because it has connections all over the industry, which helps it get the original venue retailers and event managers to promote their events and offer sales to its website – which automatically gives the customers, aka you, the opportunity to go for all types of events you desire. 

  • Variety it offers

One of the best parts about searching for events and tickets on Ticketmaster is that it offers variety, probably more than you can find on any other similar website.

Even if we are talking about the smallest event or an event that hasn’t received enough fame, as long as it is legal, and everything else is good, Ticketmaster might have it as an option the majority of the time. 

Live Nation Highlights 

  • Promoting the Best

One of the main reasons behind Live Nation being so famous in the industry, is because it only promotes the best and trusted events. The label certainly focuses on the event that can gain fame and is beneficial for viewers and all the other parties while there’s no chance of scams and fraud. 

  • Redirect you to the proper site

As already mentioned, you won’t be able to book the ticket directly on the Live Nation website, but it will certainly redirect you to the original website selling the tickets legally – which would help you stay away from scams.

  • Role in the Entertainment Industry 

Although there are more companies like Live Nation, Live Nation has still acquired the majority of the market because you can find many events and venues being promoted, organized, and managed by professionals from Live Nation. 

  • Additional Content

In case you are not currently interested in searching for an event, but rather, want to know more about a hot topic trending on the Internet – in any case, Live Nation will do the work. 

Not only does it provide you with exclusive content about your favorite artist and celebrities, but it also gives you updated and accurate venue information, ticket-selling updates, a timetable of your favorite artist’s world or continental tour, and such information – all for free and available to view whenever. 

Final Words 

With all the highlighted points in the above article, we are quite sure you now know that Ticketmaster and Live Nation are not the same and operate differently.

With this, we have come to the end of our Ticketmaster vs Live Nation comparison article. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Live Nation the same thing as ticketmaster?

No, although both Live Nation and Ticketmaster work under one parent organization, they are not the same. While Live Nation acts as a manager for a variety of live events, Ticketmaster only focuses on providing the customers with tickets, that’s all.

Is Live Nation reliable for tickets?

Live Nation is a reliable platform but not for tickets since it doesn’t directly offer you ticket sales from its website. Instead, it will redirect you to the appropriate ticket selling marketplace or retailer for ticket purchasing.

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