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Ticketmaster vs AXS: Which One Is Best For You? [2024]

Ticketmaster vs AXS: Which One Is Best For You? [2024]

Ticketmaster vs AXS: With so many alternatives and ticket marketplaces on the internet currently, we are aware how hard it is to pick one favourite platform. And among the many options you have viewed, we are sure you have heard about Ticketmaster and AXS at least a few times.

Ticketmaster and AXS are trusted and well-known marketplaces for live events under a good set of categories. They offer professional services to the customers and have received a positive response from the audiences till this date.

However, the main question is – how are you going to decide which between Ticketmaster and AXS is better for you? If you don’t know the answer to this question, then worry not! In the article below we have mentioned Ticketmaster vs AXS comparison with all the details you’ll need to decide between the two to buy and sell tickets. 

Ticketmaster vs AXS: Overview


Ticketmaster vs AXS

Ticketmaster Entertainment Inc, a popular American ticket sales and distribution entity is one of the leading ticket marketplaces operating in most countries across the world. 

Ticketmaster is a promising destination to buy and sell tickets, all verified and for a good variety of events of concerts, theatre, family, sports and other category events near you.


AXS vs Ticketmaster

AXS is another good marketplace for tickets that offers official tickets and acts as a source for live events under a good set of categories including sports, family events, theatre, arts, concerts, tours and many more.

Along with the tickets, you can also find the latest and trendy art news and exclusive stories about the aforementioned categories at AXS. So, if you want to stay updated with your favourite artist’s live event or are looking forward to any sports event, then staying connected with AXS can be extremely useful.

Ticketmaster vs AXS: How Does it work?

Buying Tickets


  1. Visit Ticketmaster‘s website or download the app from the Google Play Store or App Store and search for the event.
  2. Select a specific event date and after reviewing the details, opt for purchasing.
  3. Now, select your seat and add your personal details.
  4. After selecting a delivery method, the details of your order will be displayed and once you confirm your order, you will be redirected to the payment page.
  5. After paying for your tickets, you will instantly get a confirmation email of your order.


  1. Visit or install AXS apps from the Google Play Store or App Store for free.
  2. Search for the event through the filters available on the search bar and once found, tap on ‘Get tickets’ option.
  3. It will redirect you to add your personal details and select a seat.
  4. After you have confirmed all the order details, the process will complete after you select a delivery method and make a purchase for your tickets.
  5. Lastly, you will receive the confirmation email within a few seconds. 

Selling Tickets


  1. Login to your account and tap on the ‘Your Order’ option to view the tickets.
  2. Tap ‘Sell tickets’ option.
  3. Select the ticket you would like to sell and charge accordingly.
  4. Choose the payment method through which you would like to receive the money and after reviewing your listing, list your tickets. 


  1. Visit and select the ‘Your tickets’ option.
  2. Search for the event and then tap on the ‘Sell’ option displayed on the screen. (If you didn’t find this option anywhere, then that means the tickets for the specific event are not eligible for re-sale.) 
  3. Select the tickets to sell and press ‘Continue’ to enter the listing options and price.
  4. After you have added your credit card or any other mode of payment through which you would like to get paid for your tickets, review the details and click on the ‘List tickets’ option.

After you receive the email that your ticket has been sold, you will be able to view the selling price of the ticket with the seller fee reduced in your AXS account and you can transfer the money to your selected financial account after the event has taken place. 

Ticketmaster vs AXS: Fees


If you are the original seller of the event ticket, then the Ticketmaster will charge you a service fee which is also known as a convenience charge to the total face value of the ticket. 

When you receive the money for the ticket in your account, this convenience charge will be already deducted and since the convenience charges depend on the different prices of different tickets, the service fee keeps on fluctuating accordingly.

On the other hand, if you are a reseller of the ticket, then Ticketmaster will charge you a listing price and a service fee based on the face value of the ticket and since the prices of the same tickets are different based on individual sellers, the service fee will also vary. 

Likewise, individual brokers will be charged a processing fee, but while the service cost is charged on each ticket separately, the processing fee will be charged for a complete order.


AXS will charge a service fee whenever you buy tickets from it and the price is not set and depends on the fluctuating prices of tickets. Along with this, the order processing fee will be a per-order fee and will be charged based on the total of the entire order.

As for the sellers, it is 100% free to list your tickets on the AXS website and app but when your ticket is sold, AXS will deduct a specific resale fee, also called a sellers’ fee based on the price of the ticket before passing the funds in your AXS account.

Both Ticketmaster and AXS charge different types of fees but we have heard from the customers of AXS that it charges about 33% of the total price as ticket fees which is quite expensive compared to Ticketmaster.

Winner: Ticketmaster 

Ticketmaster vs AXS: Pricing


The prices of tickets sold by Ticketmaster are not charged by Ticketmaster but by the original event ticket sellers and individual resellers. Also, there is no guarantee that you will find a ticket at its original face value.

On top of that, Ticketmaster has permitted sellers to fluctuate the price according to factors like their demand in the market and the popularity of the event. Therefore, you can even get the ticket for a cheaper price or expensive sums accordingly.


AXS ticket prices vary depending on the popularity of the event and the size of the venue and don’t forget that if you buy tickets from individual brokers, then the prices may differ from the original market value of the ticket.

For instance, for smaller concerts with less popularity, the tickets start from $20-$40 while for events related to theatres, pricing ranges between $50 to $200. As for the sports and arena events, the pricing can start from $150 and go on increasing accordingly. 

When we compare the pricing method of both the platforms, both Ticketmaster and AXS have similar pricing methods which allow the original ticket sellers or individual brokers to decide the prices. 

Regardless, when we looked at the options and collection of events available at both the platforms, Ticketmaster seems to have more events to offer than AXS which certainly means you can get both cheap and expensive deals at Ticketmaster while AXS will mostly offer cheaper and reasonable ones. 

Winner: Ticketmaster 

Ticketmaster vs AXS: Ease of Use

Under this section, we simply can’t point out one between Ticketmaster and AXS to become the easiest platform to use because both of them offer easy-to-use websites and apps. In short, both Ticketmaster and AXS offer user-friendly platforms.

Winner: Both

Ticketmaster vs AXS: Pros and Cons



  • You can transfer the ownership of tickets to your friends and family or anyone else without listing the tickets for resale.
  • With the help of multiple filters, you can find the event you are looking for within minutes without wasting time.
  • Offers tickets for a huge selection of types and events.
  • Offers 100% tickets guarantee. 
  • Ticketmaster permits you to use the digital barcode version of the ticket or print the ticket for physical use.


  • You can only resale tickets bought from Ticketmaster and not from any other platform.
  • Some events need you to purchase from their original website and not from Ticketmaster’s platforms



  • You can buy tickets for cheap prices when the booking time is near to the end.
  • The search bar has plenty of filters to narrow down your search for events without wasting time.
  • The working of the website and app is smooth and you can rarely find any bugs and glitches.
  • Offers buyer guarantee with every ticket. 


  • If the event is in-demand then the prices of tickets, even on the last days of booking can be extremely high.
  • Impolite customer service.
  • You can’t transfer the ownership of your tickets and refunding is not easy.
  • Does not guarantee the tickets being delivered are 100% valid.

Ticketmaster vs AXS: Customer Service


You can call the customer service of Ticketmaster on the toll-free number (800) 653-8000. The fans support representatives from Ticketmaster are available from Monday to Sunday from 9 AM to 12 AM EST so make sure you email or text them during the aforementioned hours only to receive an instant reply.

Ticketmaster is known to offer good customer service and even if you don’t get a response immediately, you can always wait and try again after some time.


You can call the AXS helpline number 1-888-929-7849 between 8 AM to 10 PM CST from Monday to Friday or on Saturday and Sunday from 12 PM to 8 PM CST. 

Based on the customer reviews, the majority of the customers have had a disrespectful customer support experience from AXS and even if they respond to you quickly, there are fewer chances that you will get your issue solved and they will be polite with you. 

Based on the customer reviews, it is clear that Ticketmaster is better at customer service than AXS.

Winner: Ticketmaster 

Ticketmaster vs AXS: Which is Better?

Firstly, when we look at the reviews by the customers about customer service, it seems that AXS has a team with only impolite workers to assist customers since they don’t respond correctly and actively. Compared to which – Ticketmaster‘s customer service may not be on point but they at least assist you reasonably and do their best to solve your issue.

Secondly, looking at the overall services and performance of the platforms, Ticketmaster seems to have an upper hand over AXS for offering more beneficial services. Not only it is known to be trusted by millions of people across the world, but compared to AXS it also offers maximum guarantees to give you only valid tickets and save you from fraudsters.

Ticketmaster also offers several promotional deals to help you save more on huge orders and charges less service and listing fees compared to AXS. 

Hence, comparing Ticketmaster vs AXS, it is clear that Ticketmaster is a better ticket marketplace than AXS for many reasons. AXS does have a good set of features that can amaze you but if you want to go for a ticket marketplace that is legitimate and professional in offering services then Ticketmaster is the best choice.

Therefore, you can say in our Ticketmaster vs AXS comparison article, Ticketmaster is a better choice and platform to buy tickets from. 

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Frequently asked Questions

Is AXS owned by Ticketmaster?

No, AXS is not owned by Ticketmaster but works as a subsidiary under Anschutz Entertainment Group. 

Is AXS same as Ticketmaster?

Yes, AXS and Ticketmaster are similar and well-known ticket marketplaces working in the same field. 

Is it OK to buy tickets from Ticketmaster?

Yes, buying tickets from Ticketmaster is absolutely alright as it is a well-known and authorized website trusted by millions of people worldwide.