8 Best Sites like Booking & Booking Alternatives[2023]

Sites like Booking.com & Booking.com Alternatives

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Sites like Booking: Is it time to search for a good travel agency? Have you tried Booking.com before? It is a well-known travel agency especially famous for regional or local trip bookings.

To the ones who have already given it a shot, are you satisfied with its services or want to look for a better booking.com alternative?

About Booking

Booking is a famous and regionally famous booking website for flights, trains, and hotels when you wish to travel to another city, state, or country. It is under Booking Holdings and has millions of customers from different parts of the world. 

Booking has launched its app to make booking easy for people. It has a user-friendly app and website to make it easy for people to book or even inquire about prices, locations, and such elements. So, it is one of the best booking brands when it comes to booking with ease.

Although Booking.com is a good website for bookings, if it is not up to the mark in your regard then it is time for you to search for better sites like booking.com. So, to help you in this case, in this article, we have mentioned a list of booking alternatives along with their pros, cons, and highlights to pass on more details.


Expedia Sites like Booking.com

Expedia is one fo the best sites like Booking which is the ultimate destination for booking airline tickets and hotels, especially when it comes to booking vacations when all the prices rise.

It offers updated deals and offers all the time of the year and helps you to enquire about everything from different car rentals to the best hotels in the area you wish to spend nights at.

So, Expedia is one of the best options when you want to travel for business. Moreover, it is reliable and used by millions of people across the world.


  • It can help you plan and book every major element of the trip, like hotels, car rentals, airline tickets, and more.
  • Offers great deals all the time of the year. At festivals, when prices rise for the majority of the hotels and car rentals – it offers additional rewards for their customers to help them plan a trip within their budget.


  • You get discounted prices for good hotels and airlines.
  • It sells different essentials required in the travel and tourism sector.


  • Mainly focuses on America, which means if you wish to travel to another country then getting help from Expedia won’t be a great idea.
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Orbitz  Booking.com Alternatives

Orbitz is a well-known travel and tourism meta-search engine and a travel fare aggregator platform, working under Orbitz Worldwide Inc.

It is one of the best booking alternatives when it comes to affordable prices on all the category services it offers. And it has launched an app to help make it comfortable for youngsters to book accordingly.

Moreover, it offers good deals and offers in the form of rewards. So, let it be about inquiring about Domestic flights or vacation packages – Orbitz has all the ideal facilities to help you plan an amazing vacation or a professional business trip.


  • Have all-inclusive vacation services to offer.
  • Offer multiple deals to help you save more.
  • They offer membership to the ones who are interested and that comes with a good number of advantages – they’ll get access to instant savings on hotels for more than 10%.


  • It acts as a good meta-search engine for travel-related inquiries, even when you are not interested in booking.
  • They have a user-friendly website.
  • You get to save money by Frequently dropping promotions and offers.
  • They have launched an app to make booking through them easier.


  • If you go for a single booking with less fare – it may not give your Discounts or big Discounts.
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Priceline hotel booking

Priceline is an internet-based travel agency site like Booking that helps its customers to find travel-related elements like hotel stays and airline tickets.

It does the work of provisioning travel services for its clients through its chosen suppliers.

If you have a tight budget to follow while planning for a vacation, Priceline will be your help as they do not charge any hidden fees and have the cheapest travel deals for you.

Moreover, the hotels are starting from as low as $39 and it takes the guarantee of safety of each deal aggressively through them.


  • Offer 24 customer service.
  • They have the option to negotiate where you can put forth your price in case the price from the opposite party seems to be more than expected.
  • They offer free cancellation options.
  • You get to save more money as the brand offers huge deals and discounts on hotels and flights.


  • Most of the hotels and airline tickets are priced at affordable rates.
  • They offer customer service support 24/7.


  • As they offer a majority of deals at cheap prices, it is unlikely you will get any 4 or 5 stars rated hotels.
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Hotwire booking

Hardware is a famous brand dealing in the travel industry that offers travel-related services like renting cars, airline tickets, hotel rooms, and vacation packages also known as bundle Deals.

The major highlight of the brand is that it sells unsold travel deals from the inventory at discounted prices.

And due to it offering discounted prices, you can get cheap deals with good quality services from the hotels, flights, and car rental companies.

The car rentals start from as low as $8.99 a day, that too you get to choose your favorite model and car.


  • Offers the majority of its vacation packages at cheap rates.
  • Hotel deals and car rental deals can be bought with 60% and higher discount offers.
  • Their helpline number is active 24/7.


  • Their website has last-minute deals and bookings available most of the time.
  • You can use their website to get the estimated cost amount in whole or for enquiries too, having no intention of booking anything right away.


  • As it deals in unsold services, you can face issues while dealing with the hotels and flights as the details are old enough.
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Agoda hotel booking app

Agoda is another internet-based travel agency and a search engine from Singapore that helps in booking hotels, booking flights, airport transfers, and vacation rentals of vehicles. It is one of the best travel and tourism service providers and sites like booking.com.

It offers a good bunch of benefits like free cancellation on bookings of both car or vehicle rentals and hotel stays.

Moreover, Agoda offers multiple booking details and a variety to choose from. It is affiliated with only reliable and secure hotels, car rental companies, and flight companies.


  • It has received good feedback from its customers as they mentioned how good the customer care service of the company is and the deals are better than on any other website.
  • They offer free cancellation on most of the deals under all categories.
  • You can check the hotels, reviews, and feedback from the customers before going for it.
  • They offer apps for those who find it more comfortable to browse on the app instead of a website.


  • Has a user-friendly website with a good user interface.
  • They offer houses, bungalows, and just properties for rent along with hotels.
  • You get addiction discount offers if you are planning on staying for over 7 days.


  • The hotel rooms may vary if the hotelier is not good. You can get the compensation but that will put you in a bad mood.



Tripadvisor is an American company dealing in the travel and tourism industry which handles a website and a smartphone application that offers user-generated content with a comparison-shopping website.

Along with the same, it offers hotel reservations, lodging, travel experiences, restaurants, and bookings for transportation. You can also view billions of reviews from its past customers to help you in decision-making about your vacation.

And to get you accurate results for your filtered search, it runs quick research on up to 200 websites to find the well-suited prices and deals for you.


  • The website has lowly priced deals most of the time. However, if you are up for package deals also known as double bookings, you will save an extra amount.
  • You as a customer have the option to share your experience with the people through the website.
  • The brand features the best out of the best hotels from over a million hotels and motels across the globe.


  • The app launched by the brand can be installed for free on both Android and iOS devices.
  • The review section helps a lot to know the reality behind the amazing deal title — you get to know if the deal is worth it or not.


  • The review section is half like a venting place for customers who were not even wrong in the first place but still had a bad experience due to some other reason.



Kayak is another travel agency in the United States which is a meta-search engine owned by Booking Holdings.

It is one of the best websites like booking.com because both the brands are famous to deal in regional and local travel deals. Although they have facilities for big trips, they are better for small trips.

On their site, you get to plan your complete trip without needing to hop on to other apps and websites for booking different things. You can search for the cheapest airline tickets, holidays, car hire, and hotel rooms to live in. To get you the best and well-suited deals, Kayak will search from hundreds of travel websites.


  • Kayak gives you result after searching from hundreds of websites.
  • Search for the deals and based on them, you can book cars, flights, and hotels accordingly.


  • The brand is reliable and secure/and offers good security for payment and other transfers.
  • They have a user-friendly website with a good-looking user interface.
  • The brand does not charge you extra fees from their side in the name of hidden charges.


  • It covers limited customer service support.



Hopper is a destination where you can book flight tickets and hotels through your smartphone. It also have an app which is free to install on both Android and Apple devices. All the engagements between the customers and opposite parties take place through the app only.

They launch everyday deals all the time to help you save money or more. And it does a good job of analyzing billions of prices regularly to predict the fluctuation in prices. 

This facility from Hopper helps you to know if you should wait for the prices to go down or buy or work before the prices levels up. It is one of the best booking alternatives.


  • The prediction feature of the brand helps you save money and buy or book the essentials at the correct time. 
  • It offers regular deals the time and day or more than just two or three. 
  • It is a reliable brand offering guaranteed safety to its customers.


  • They have a lot of hotels and flights falling under the affordable prices category.
  • The mobile app makes it easier to book and surf around the place freely.


  • Although paying a deposit for freezing the fare at a lower price is an option, because of official reasons, they’ll still charge you high rates.


All the above-mentioned websites like booking.com are trustworthy and used by thousands and millions of people from across the globe. All of the companies offer internationally available services and assist you till the end of your journey.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Which travel agencies are alternatives to booking.com? 

Priceline, Orbitz, Hopper, Expedia, Agoda, and Tripadvisor are a few of the best alternatives to booking.com in the travel and tourism industry.

Which is the best alternative to booking.com?

Expedia agency from Expedia Group of Companies is the best alternative to booking.com.

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