Orbitz vs Expedia: Which is Right For You? [2022]

We know it is a lot of hustle when you have to go through all the travel agents’ websites online to search for the best one. On top of that, booking a flight from one website, a hotel from another and renting a car from another, sounds hectic as it is.

Expedia and Orbitz are the two leading travel service providers that come to mind, but which one is the best? Which one will be more beneficial? 

To help you with this issue, we have got you a comparison article between Expedia and Orbitz mentioned below. 

Orbitz vs Expedia: Overview


Orbitz vs Expedia

Orbitz is a fare aggregator website for the travel industry. Along with the same, it acts as the meta-search engine for travel and tourism purposes. The company is under the ownership of Orbitz Worldwide, Inc which is a subsidiary of the Expedia group of companies.

Orbitz is one of the leading travel services providers if we were talking about local tourism. It has a good set of competitors like Tripadvisor, Kayak, Lonely Planet, Priceline and booking.com.

Orbitz is the ideal destination for several users when they want to plan a vacation by staying under their budget. Nothing seems expensive when it comes to Orbitz and vacation planning.

Not only for family holidays but the brand can also be used for planning a professional trip with your boss or colleagues. Want to have an informal trip with your clients? Book 4 or 5-star rated hotels, book 1st class flights and book luxury cars too: everything to impress and get the deal.

Their website has multiple promotions and deals dropping every day. There are rare chances you will visit them without meeting a discount offer or promotion. 


Expedia vs orbitz

Expedia is a third-party travel agent acting as one of the leading travel booking service providers in the world. The highlight of using Expedia for vacation or business trips is, compared with other travel agent websites, it has cheap bookings and more options.

Expedia is affiliated with a good number of companies across the world. The affiliation automatically benefits the users in the name of discounts, deals, etc. Expedia is the best destination to plan a trip with its multiple useful benefits and services.

Initially, Expedia was just a flight booking service provider. In recent years, it developed very much into a full-fledged portal for vacation planning or business trip planning. It has updated useful tools to make planning and looking for the best deals online easier for customers.

Let it be the economy seats on flights, hotels in the city areas or car rental companies that ask for less deposit, expedia.com here has everything you need for your vacation. It gives you several options to choose from and the quality of the services has to be up to the mark. 

Orbitz vs Expedia: Working


Orbitz is one of those travel agent websites where you are not asked to follow complicated processes to book and plan your trip. Orbitz allows you to do the booking with ease and follow a few simple steps and develop a thorough understanding before you go for final confirmation.

You have to start the planning by visiting their website and looking around for a minute or two. In the centre, you will see a white box with different options presented to it. The options will most likely be stays, flights, cars, packages, things to do and cruises.

The blanks in the white box will change as you tap on different options from the above. For instance, if you are trying to look for a hotel booking, you have to tap on the ‘Stays’ option and there will be 4 blanks and 2 additional options included.

The first blind will ask you where you are heading to. The next blank and the third blank will ask you when you will check-in and when you would like to check out. The last blank will ask you how many people were going to arrive at the hotel.

The additional options will be if you would like to add a flight to this booking and a car for travelling in the new place. After you finish this box, the website will show you the best deals available. 


Similar to Orbitz, As soon as you enter expedia.com, you will see a big white box with different options at the top. Booking at Expedia was never a complicated task. 

With the help of its guidance, you can take 30 minutes or an hour to decide everything on the trip but you will barely require 10 minutes to book everything. In case you get stuck at any point, the customer support team of expedia.com is always in an active mode to help out.

To start your planning, you will have to select an option from the list including stage, flights, cars, packages, things to do and cruises. The blanks in the box will be exchanged with other information as you select different options from the top line. 

The options here will be almost similar to that of Orbitz, as both the brands are somehow related by origin. 

Once you tap on the search button in blue, the site will gather the best deals available and help you look through them by giving reliable data. 

Orbitz vs Expedia: Bookings


Flight Booking – The first step is to mention if the trip is a round trip, one-way trip or multi-city trip so that you will be presented with the flight deals accordingly.

Next, mention how many people are going to travel and which seat you are looking for on the flight. For example economy seats, premium economy seats, business class seats or first-class seats.

Then, mention from where you will be taking the leave and which place you would like to welcome. After that, mention the date of departing and the date of returning in the next blank.

The additional filter options will ask you if you would like to add a hotel available according to the flight and the same with the rental car.

Hotel Booking – start by adding the place where you are going. Then add the check-in and check-out date. Add the number of people going.

The additional filters will ask you if you would like a flight and a rented car in the new place and if you would like to get data about them alongside.

Once you are done filling the blanks and adding filters, tap on the red button that says ‘Search’ and it will show you all the available options according to your preferences.


Flight Booking – On the website, above is the white box from where you will have to select the option that says flight to get the blanks updated in the white box. To start with, you will have to select an option from the first three options mentioned and let them know if it is a round-trip, one-way trip or multi-city trip.

The next step involves choosing the number of travellers. Besides it, the options will be presented for the type of seat you are seeking on the flight. The options will be economy, premium economy, business class and first class.

Then in the first two blanks, you will have to mention where you will be departing and where you are heading. Then, add the date of departure and the date of return. Lastly, tap on the search button in blue. The website will then gather all the details available with the builders and the information you have added.

Hotel Booking – The first part of this process is to add in the number of travellers on the trip. Next, add the place you are going to. Then, add the date of check-in and the date of checkout.

In the end, you will see two filters which are additional filters and or not required to be taken yes compulsorily. 

The first option should be ticked yes if you would like to add a flight and get information about it along with the information about hotels. The next filter is for rental cars, you will get the list of available rental cars in the area on that date and time.

Orbitz vs Expedia: Highlights 


  • Vacation Packages

Vacation packages are nothing but bundle bookings which saves you a good sum compared to when you would book everything separately. The vacation packages at Orbitz will include everything you need with additional benefits or options.

  • LGBTQ+ Filter

They have a new search filter which allows you to know the hotels that are welcoming LGBTQ+ couples and people. 


  • HD quality images

When you view the results, the images mentioned at the time of hotel viewing or mostly in HD quality to help you get a good idea of the ambience in the hotel.

  • Reviews and Ratings 

The brand is confident to show you the reviews and ratings left by the past customers for flights, cars and hotels. These sections will do the best job of helping queue in decision-making at the time of final confirmation.

Orbitz vs Expedia: Pros and Cons



  • It has an easy-to-use website.
  • It has a lot of options.
  • The prices are mostly cheap.


  • They show more options only for location and national trips, not for international trips.



  • It has a lot of last-minute deals for you where you are not required to do the bookings months ago.
  • It claims that it can help you save 43% more than other service providers in overall bookings.


  • The website has a lot of ads popping up, which makes the website experience bad even when it is user-friendly.

Orbitz vs Expedia: Rewards Program


Orbitz has a rewards program where, if you join the membership then you will be showered with additional benefits. If you are a regular customer at Orbitz, you have a chance to earn Orbucks and receive additional travel perks from the company. 

One of the best parts of this rewards program is that you will receive 10% off on selective hotels for as long as you are a member of the rewards program. 


Similarly on-page, Expedia appreciates the people who use their website for trip planning and booking frequently. If you are a regular at their website, they will reward you with points and statuses which can be converted into discount offers on future bookings. 

The Reward program is divided into three different levels. Blue, silver and gold. The starting level is blue and the ending level is gold. You will step further on the above levels according to your performance on the website and the benefits were added accordingly.

Orbitz vs Expedia: Are they legit?

Yes. Both the travel agents are legitimate and trustworthy. They have been in business for years and have gathered trust and support from millions of people. They make sure to keep the fraudsters away from their website and make it a safe place for travellers.

Orbitz vs Expedia: Which is better?

While Orbitz Has additional features like a filter that tells you which hotels are welcoming LGBTQ+ people, expedia.com has a range of varieties. 

Both the brands are the leading travel agents in the industry. However, we would suggest you choose Expedia if it is about an international trip as Expedia is famous worldwide. As for the national and regional trips, Orbitz can do a good job. 

Final words

We hope by looking at our Orbitz vs Expedia comparison article mentioned above, now you have the ideal travel agent in your mind. Both of the brands are best and trustworthy, it would be great if you would give both of them one chance each one after the other.

Frequently asked Questions 

Are Orbitz and Expedia the same?

Orbitz and Expedia work with the same motive and or are related by original, Expedia group of companies is the parent organisation for Orbitz and a few other companies. But, that is it. Both the companies are different, and not the same. 

What’s the best book on Orbitz vs Travelocity vs Expedia?

All the 3 websites can help you on your vacation trip. You can book flights, hotels, car rentals and a few other things through all of the websites mentioned.

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