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Expedia vs Kayak: Which Is Right For You? [2024]

Expedia vs Kayak: Which Is Right For You? [2024]

When it comes to booking for business or holiday trips, sites like Expedia and Kayak come to mind. So, which website is better for you?

If you do not know the answer, we will give it to you in our comparison article of Expedia vs Kayak mentioned below. 

Expedia vs Kayak: Who are they?


Expedia vs Kayak

Expedia is a popular third-party travel and booking provider. Due to its affiliation with multiple companies across the world, the prices on its website are relatively cheaper than other brands with similar services.

Initially, its main branch started as a single service provider for booking flights, that too for close and relatable places. But as the business grew, now it holds a million-dollar empire, thus being one of the leading companies in the travel and tourism industry.

From booking flights to deciding on which car can be a well-suited vehicle to travel around in the new city for your family, it helps users in planning and booking the whole trip.

Moreover, its website does not require an experienced person to use it. You can search for flights, hotels, or even packages through the search bar. 

If results are arriving in heavy numbers which are confusing to you, it can also work along with your preferences. 


Kayak booking site

Similarly to Expedia Holdings, Kayak is a famous booking service provider in the travel sector. Along with the same, it also allows you to compare the prices for flights, accommodation, and other things. This helps users buy the cheapest deal and save money.

It acts as a one-stop booking website for travelers who seek cheap deals in less time. The catch is, that although the website offers bookings and other services at less prices, the quality of the service is rarely compromised. 

Even if you are looking for data and haven’t decided on a vacation trip yet, Kayak will act as the best data giver because they show all the important details in the listed post. And the comparison prices are the first thing to catch your attention.

So, with the help of Kayak, compare the data from 10s and 20 other sites on one site. This makes it convenient and saves time along with additional effort. Although the prices fluctuate depending on the demand, it'll show you the last-minute updated prices. 

Expedia vs Kayak: How do they work?


One of the main highlights of using Expedia is that like other travel service providers, it does not ask the customers to follow a complicated procedure to book through them. 

To start with the process, you need to create an account on the website or log in to your already existing account. On the homepage, the first thing most people notice is the huge search bar, which is the ultimate tool of the whole process.

So, tap on it and start by adding the destination. The next step will invite you to filter the preferences like flights, and cars for rent. Then, add the period you are looking for the aforementioned. 

In the list of results, you will be passed on the cheapest options first, you can scroll down and pricing will rise accordingly. Tap on the post that interests you and review the details.

Once you have decided on all the things, it'll direct you to the official websites of the posts for confirmation. For your safety, they provide 100% transparency.

The payments will be done with secured software with 100% safety grantees by both parties. If you have planned your whole trip through Expedia, then the website will offer you discounts in the name of purchase of bundle bookings.


To start with the work, you are required to drop yourself on their official website and tap on the search bar. Now, add the main keyword of what you are looking for followed by the filters of preferences to narrow the search.

When the results appear, the prices will already be compared. Furthermore, it offers a feature named Kayak Planner which will track your search for you and help save time in searching for one thing multiple times.

Therefore, Kayak is an expanded service provider that offers services not only to book flights and other travel options but also for accommodation. When you plan your whole trip through Kayak, that sums up to a vacation package which saves you a sum at the time of billing.

Expedia vs Kayak: Bookings


Booking Flights: Expedia is the most trusted for providing flight booking options. The highlight of this section is the price-comparing tool which allows you to book the ticket from the cheapest ticket provider. 

And since it is affiliated with several companies across the world and has a database for hundreds of destinations across the globe, the flight rates can drop to cheaper amounts helping people save heavy sums on every ticket they purchase. 

Booking Hotels: it has options from several hoteliers providing services in almost every part of the world. Besides that, the website also has property owners listing their properties for rent. 

And it has over 28,000 accommodation options to offer. So, in case you are doubting a good deal, having a look at the reviews by verified users can help a lot.


Booking Flights: it uses swift software to keep you updated about the latest flight prices. Within a few seconds, Kayak will get you the cheapest airline ticket currently available from hundreds of airlines.

And it'll show you mean cabin seats along with basic economy seats which are yet to be assigned to anyone and are not booked yet. While it is hard to get basic economy tickets at the last minute, they are the most affordable seats that save a good sum. 

  • You can filter the search results according to your preferences. Make sure to calculate the charges entirely before decision-making.
  • Make sure of hacker fares to save cost and get the lowest deal while returning. 
  • The map feature allows you to have a good look at the routes of the plans along with the prices presented in bold.

Booking Hotels: You can search for the hotel and filter your search to save time and compare prices. The images available will mostly be in HD quality to help you look for ambiance and such features.

Make use of the tracking tool and track when the prices fall. Then, look at the scores, neighborhood, and other important images and details before deciding on a hotel.

Expedia vs Kayak: Highlights


  • You can check the verified people’s reviews on the listed post to see if the hotel, car, or flight is worth the price asked or not.
  • The images presented on the posts listed are mostly HD quality to help you review them thoroughly. 
  • They offer a rewards program for the ones who have been using their website frequently. It'll let you earn points that can further be divided into discount offers on huge bookings.
  • The rewards program is divided into three stages: Blue, Silver, and Gold. You'll get your benefits doubled as you step onto a higher stage.


  • Although the comparison tool is offered by a few other travel agencies for fees or charges, Kayak is best known for being updated by last-minute changes on flights and hotel deals.
  • The comparison tool helps a lot in trip planning and your time and efforts are saved. You do not have to look at every other website for flights, hotels, and car rentals.
  • It is user-friendly and can be used by a professional. Surfing on the site and booking does not require hard procedures to be completed. 
  • The website is a reliable and stable platform to gain accurate data about flights, hotels, and car rental services.
  • The information present on the website is the latest updated information and you can always check the same by visiting the official website through the link provided.

Expedia vs Kayak: Pros and Cons



  1. Expedia is a 100% trustworthy website and guarantees you that there is no fraudulent website or brand doing business through them.
  2. It claims to help you save about 43% on bookings compared to other travel agencies.
  3. Through their accessible payment plans feature, you can take months and pay the total amount of the trip in installments as you don't have to pay the full amount before the trip.
  4. If you are a part of the Expedia club, you get to purchase insurance for trip cancellations and save your money whenever you cancel anything from your bundle booking or cancel the whole trip. 
  5. If you are the one to not plan any vacation months ago, Expedia has the best last-minute booking deals where you can book everything 14 days prior.


  1. They have some strict cancellation policies for the people who are not included in the Expedia club. If you cancel the booking within 24 hours of receiving the confirmation, they will charge you zero bucks. However, if you cancel the booking after the time limit, you will have to pay fees to both Kayak and the hotel or other bookings.
  2. They have a lot of ads popping up on their website.
  3. Customer support service is not up to the mark.



  1. With the help of their comparison tool, you get to book everything at the cheapest prices.
  2. With the trip planner, your time and extra effort will be saved. It is used to track the prices of the hotels, flights, and cars you have viewed.
  3. Their website is user-friendly and comes with a good-looking user interface.
  4. Along with the essential tools, it has a good bunch of additional useful tools to make planning and booking easier for you.
  5. All the information present on the website is the recently updated data from the official sites and they provide reliable data.


  1. Kayak will only act as a website to introduce you to hundreds of other hotels, car rental companies, and airlines. You cannot book on Kayak’s website as you'll be redirected to another website to confirm your booking.
  2. There is no trace of any customer service support.

Expedia vs Kayak: Are they legit?


Expedia is a trustworthy website used by millions of people across the world. Every month, it records thousands and thousands of users purchasing single and double bundles from the site.

And based on the multiple reviews by its past customers, it is a legitimate website that is the only and ultimate destination for several trip planners. Several people have suggested using for a great number of varieties and 100% secured safety.


Users using Kayak are a fan of this comparison tool. On the records, it counts millions of users using the website for not only acquiring the data but also for single and bundle bookings. 

It is a stable and reliable place with last-minute updated data and does not play tricks like hidden charges, false offers and discounts, and such to fool users. Everything you read at Kayak has to be the latest update from the official website. 

Expedia vs Kayak: Which is better?

Expedia and Kayak, both companies are good and well-maintained. But, both have their flaws too. 

If you are a last-minute booking person, Expedia is going to be by your side. The price won’t rise and you have a chance of getting discounts.

As for Kayak, it provides customers with updated data and lets you compare the prices from trusted websites. Though you do not pay on Kayak, they use safe and secure software for payments. So, if you want more data and choices, Kayak can be your ideal type.

So, both the travel companies, according to us, have things that the other lacks. For more options and cheap prices, you can try Expedia Holding first. However, in case you want to compare the prices and save time and effort on trip planning: Kayak must be your destination.

Both travel agencies are trustworthy. We hope by reading our Expedia vs Kayak comparison article, now you know which one is the most suitable for you. 

Frequently asked Questions 

Is Kayak the same as Expedia?

No. At Kayak, customers get a large number of databases from hundreds of websites and it allows you to compare prices and choose the well-suited and cheapest price for booking.

Whereas, Expedia doesn't compare anything or give you data about other websites. Instead, it will show you all the results from brands affiliated with its company and get you the best and cheapest last-minute deals.

What site is better than Kayak?

If you want a website that helps you book through it and does not redirect you to other websites, then Expedia can be a better experience for you than Kayak.

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