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Expedia vs Booking: Which Is Better For You? [2024]

Expedia vs Booking: Which Is Better For You? [2024]

Expedia vs Booking: Did the holidays start? Have you decided where you want to go for this year’s vacation? Or, is it about some business trip with the boss and you are in charge of bookings and travelling? In any case — We have a perfect duo of companies that do business in this sector.

The names are — Expedia Group of companies and, the subsidiary entity handled and owned by Booking Holdings. These two have unlimited offers and deals to help you save money and have an excellent travelling experience with your boss or family.

But, which company to trust first? Which company can become your ideal bookings company? What is the difference between Expedia and To know every question to your answer, have a look at our Expedia vs comparison article.

Expedia vs Booking: Overview


Expedia vs Booking

Expedia is an expanded platform working and leading in the travel and tourism sector. Expedia works to give you all the essentials you will require throughout your travel. Along with the same, they also provide services like booking lodges, rental cars, and more.

It acts as an ideal meta-search engine for customers. Even if you have no intention of booking a single thing through Expedia’s website — it will still provide you with detailed information about several things for free. 

So, with Expedia, you can first search for data including attractions of the city you are visiting. And once you have decided where to live, where to visit, and what to rent with the help of Expedia’s data, you can move ahead to book all the necessities. 

Unlike many websites on the internet, Expedia is a well-respected travel and tourism site which helps you book everything easily. Moreover, no secret or additional fees are charged and all the services you find on Expedia’s website are verified and trusted.


booking vs expedia

Booking is a well-known travel agency that helps you find the best lodges and book the best one along with shopping for other travel essentials. It has 28 million listings of different products and services and the website is user-friendly which is available in 43 languages.

With Booking, you get to explore the world with ease. No fraud and scams usually take place as makes sure to kick out the companies that appear to be suspicious. So, travel with less money and no extra complications.

Once you visit the website, you will have every important detail displayed on the screen. And you can contact their customer service if you are confused about anything and they would be glad to help you out.

Booking vs Expedia: What is the difference?

User Interface

Expedia: Expedia group of companies is famous for presenting a simple and up-to-date user interface for a better understanding of its customers. Both the performance and handling of the site are easy and both beginners and professionals can operate it easily. Although have never used an online travel and tourism website, using Expedia will help you carry out the tasks easily.

Booking: has a simple user interface. As a beginner, you will have no major complications in understanding what is happening. As soon as you enter the website, you will see a table which will ask for important details of the trip you are planning, like — where are you heading, what is your check-in and checkout and how many people are going. 

And in the last section, you'll have to specify how many adults and children are going because it'll take in the number of rooms you will require with this data automatically. So, tap on the search bottom in blue and you are set to go. In case you are travelling for work, there is an option that says the same thing. Tap on the tick box and it will show you options accordingly. 


Expedia: Expedia is the best website for bundle bookings. By bundle bookings, we mean you'll be able to book everything from the start of the journey to the end of it in one go. This certainly helps in less confusion and complication. You can go by the recommendations of or go for the options of your choice.

Once you are sure of what you want to book and what is suiting well with your budget, the booking process may take a while but it is not a hard task. The website will ask for important details like your name and such. After you are all done with the formalities, the last step will involve you doing payments.

Expedia offers single bookings, where you can book hotels, lodges, flight tickets or rent cars separately. This is the best choice if you already have a place to stay in the new city and also have a vehicle to ride. However, as it gives a lot of discount offers for bundle bookings which you will be missing if you went for single bookings.

Booking: booking at is similar to booking at Expedia and any other travel company. But, what is the highlight? will help you go through the process with ease while you stay away from making mistakes while filling in the important details.

Once you have decided on everything, you can go ahead with booking from the start. First, you must book the flight and make sure you have the check-in timing accurate with the hotel or you will have to waste your time by waiting in the hotel’s lobby. Once you have successfully booked the hotel, go for it.

At times, you wish you can get a certain room with a certain view outside the hotel but you forget to mention it while booking — do not do that. After you have booked the two main things, it is time to rent a car. has allowed only the best companies to do business on their website.

Almost all the services you find on the website are verified dealers. They have a huge variety of cars and other vehicles to satisfy your needs. In the end, if you end up booking everything from, you will get discounts and promotions automatically added to the final bill. On top of all, you will also have a pleasant experience on your trip.

Expedia vs Which one is better?

Expedia: Expedia is known for carrying out the business more efficiently and professionally. It is one of the top-most companies in the travel and tourism sector with millions of people from across the world taking advantage of its services.

If you think Expedia will take a step back after you have paid for everything and on the trip, that is wrong. It stays in touch with you throughout your trip and makes sure you are having a good time. In case you are encountering any issue, all you have to do is contact them and they will give you the easiest solution to your problem or rather — they will solve the issue for you.

And to think that you will ever get scammed or charged extra by any rental services or hotelier if you booked in through Expedia, and the service provider will not pay attention to you is 100% incorrect. This is something you will not experience when dealing with it.

Booking: The main highlight of is that — unlike Expedia which brings most of the services from the United States, it brings in results for America and from different parts of the world. Expedia has a greater reach as it is a more expanded brand compared to But, when it comes to options from different countries, is at the top as Expedia focuses more on America than other countries.

This simply means that if you want to visit a city or state from another country, can give you a better performance. In case of visiting any state or city within the American borders, you can consider Expedia too.

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Our comparison battle between Expedia vs ended with a tie result. However, given the important factors between the two, you must be able to decide which company can perform better in your favour. In case you are still not sure which one to choose — choose Expedia if you are booking a business trip and go for Booking if it is a family trip.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why is cheaper than Expedia?

Expedia is a bigger entity than They are best to serve you on business trips as they follow an entirely professional way of working. As for, it is a type to make you feel comfortable while making sure you go through the process easily. These are a few of the reasons why is cheaper than Expedia.

Is Expedia owned by

No. Expedia is from the Expedia Group of Companies and Booking is from Booking Holdings.


Saturday 20th of August 2022

Just had a bad experience with Expedia and am going to have to deal with my credit card company on it. They said they would call back in a week. No call. Called again and said a week to resolve issue. No call. I called again. They said it would be resolved in 24 hours, but still no call. I called again today and they said they couldn't refund my money after I've been trying to get a refund since the day after I made reservation. Will never use them again. Terrible customer service.