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Google Flights vs Expedia: Which Is Better? [2024]

Google Flights vs Expedia: Which Is Better? [2024]

Google Flights vs Expedia – although there are several websites to book flights on, there are only a few that gives the best travel deals. Google Flights and Expedia are such sites that provide you with the best flight deals. 

You might be wondering, with all the services in the market, what makes Google Flights and Expedia different. Well, keep on reading to know about Google Flights vs Expedia.  

It’s no surprise that the world’s best search engine has its own flight comparison tool. After all, its travel aggregator competitor like Expedia is also nothing more than a search engine for flights. 

Both Google Flights and Expedia are the two main travel booking sites that offer hundreds of airline deals by compiling the cheapest ones. 

Google Flights vs Expedia: Overview 

Google Flights 

Google Flights vs Expedia

Google Flights is a simple online flight search engine that regulates the buying of airline tickets via third-party suppliers. Like its competitor, its basic search filters comprise flight timing, price range, ideal airline, and a number of stops. 

It permits open-ended searches depending on norms other than the destination, for instance, you can search for flights within a range of times and a budget and be offered multiple destination choices. 

Similarly, you can also choose a destination and Google Flights will determine every price for each day of the next twelve months in a table or graph. This feature let you effortlessly choose the cheapest date to fly to the destination. 

Therefore, you can use Google Flights as a comparison tool, either by simply searching for your desired flight directly on Google Flights or type ‘flights to your desired destination’ in your Google search bar. 


Expedia vs Google Flights

Expedia is an American online travel company, that is mainly travel metasearch engines and travel fare aggregator. If you use Expedia to book flights, you can get multiple advantages like the ability to earn multiple rewards points and score packaged deals. 

Expedia is an all-in-one travel companion. That means, besides booking flights, you can also search for hotels, and discover various things to do in your favorite destination. Once you are landed, you can enjoy round-trip car rentals from any airport. 

There is also a reward program, which offers an amazing way to access exclusive prices for flights for which you can get discounts by an extra 10%. 

Moreover, if you don’t want to pay for your whole trip at the time of booking, Expedia let you make smaller payments through a BNPL service. 

Google Flights vs Expedia: How to find the best fares?

Google Flights: It offers several features that assist you to find the best fares for when you wish to travel. If you search for flights, Google Flights will automatically sort the results in an order that shows the best time of day, length, best value by price, and a few other factors. 

Not only that, but you can also search fares on every airline’s website and other popular online travel agencies to get the best deal. 

Expedia: To get the best deal on Expedia, compare cheap airline ticket prices from its huge inventory, and you can also get cheap flights by being flexible with carriers, travel dates, and layover/nonstop flights. Besides, you can become an Expedia member to earn rewards back on each booking. 

Is Google Flights cheaper than Expedia?

Google Flights seems to be making it easier for everyone to search around your desired dates to find the cheapest dates and choices. 

Basically, Google Flights is cheaper than Expedia. One of the users’ complained that when she was searching for a certain trip, it shows $900 on Google Flights, whereas on Expedia, the best it offered was $2300 for the same trip. 

However, Expedia does offer a price-matching offer as an alternative. For instance, if you book the same flight itinerary with them and find it cheaper on another site like Google Flight, they’ll say that they will match it and offer you a $50 coupon. 

Tips to Book Cheap Flights 

  • Sundays are the best day to get cheap airline tickets. So, starting a trip on Sunday can be almost 24% cheaper than travel on Fridays or Saturdays. 
  • Purchasing a ticket 21 days prior to departure is the best spot. 
  • The cheapest month to fly can differ based on where wish to go. So, it’s better to avoid peak travel times for your desired destination. 
  • Compare cheap airline tickets between different sites and choose the cheapest one. You can also get cheap flights by being flexible with travel dates. 
  • Match airline tickets and fare types to save money on airfare to your destination. 

Summing Up: Google Flights vs Expedia!

Typically, Google Flights is easy to use and does an amazing job in assisting travelers in finding the best flight deals. On the other hand, with the right deal for booking travel, including hotels, car rentals, cruises, and flights – Expedia can be worth it.  

Both these services make searching for travel easy given the huge array of available listings. However, Google Flights is relatively cheaper and is a decent flight aggregator. 

Whereas Expedia’s flight costs are relatively higher and cancellation policies are quite complicated. Though both are great, each requires some improvements. So, it’s better to search on multiple sites to make sure you’re getting the best deal.

Hopefully, the above article has helped you to know about Expedia and Google Flights and assisted you to choose one that suits you best.  

Frequently asked question

Are Google Flights reliable?

Yes. Google Flights is reliable and a legitimate site to search for flights and the prices are relatively cheaper. 

Is Expedia refundable?

For a full refund, Expedia permits you to cancel flights within 24 hours of purchase. However, its cancellation policies are a bit complicated.

How long does a refund from Expedia take?

Typically, most refunds are issued within twelve weeks but sometimes, based on the airlines, some refunds might take longer than expected.

How do you explore Google Flights?

All you need to do is to navigate to the Google Flights homepage and enter your departure airport. Then, you can filter for things like number of stops, bags, trip duration, airlines, and many more. 

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