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9 Best Pay Advance Apps Australia [2024]

9 Best Pay Advance Apps Australia [2024]

If you find yourself short on money before your payday, don’t worry, these best pay advance apps Australia has got you covered. They help you cover unexpected expenses like food, repairs, transport, or anything. 

Basically, these apps allow you to access a small amount of your salary which you have already earned and are yet to be paid. You can repay the borrowed money on your next payday. 

In this article, we have mentioned the best advance pay apps in Australia that you can use. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

List of Pay Advance Apps Australia: What App Lets You Get Paid Early?

Here is the curated list of the best pay advance apps in Australia that let you borrow money before your payday. 


Pay Advance Apps Australia

BeforePay occupies the first place on our list of the best pay advance apps in Australia. It allows you to instantly access some of the money that you have already earned.

It helps you understand your income, and your spending habits and ensures that you can see what bills are coming up. Not only that, but it even examines your spending and helps you budget better and plan smarter. 


  • Must earn over $300 a week after tax
  • You have to be paid regularly – monthly, fortnightly, or weekly 
  • Your boss should classify you as a part-time, full-time, contractor, casual or on-demand
  • Salary should be deposited into a bank account that is linked to your Beforepay account 
  • Must pass BeforePay’s financial assessment 

How Does BeforePay Work?

You can easily create a BeforePay account. All you need to do is to download the app, fill in your personal details and connect to your bank. 

Then, their tech team talks to your bank to establish a secure connection with your bank by confirming when you get your pay and what you spend. 

Once they calculate your cash-out limit, you get instant access to your pay. Beforepay creates a custom budget for you to keep track of your spending. 

Loan Amount: You can access up to $2,000 of your usual salary before your next payday which you can have up to four pay cycles to repay. 

Fees: It doesn’t charge any interest, additional fees, or any other hidden fees. 

Nonetheless, there is a 5% fixed transaction fee. For instance, if you take out an advance of $300, regardless of the repayment schedule, the total amount you will have to pay back is $315. 

Repayment: It offers flexible repayments with installments across up to 4 pay cycles. If you can’t make a repayment on time, you can choose a ‘delay payment’ option. This will automatically line up your next repayment on your next payday. 

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MyPayNow Pay Advance Apps Australia

MyPayNow is a wage advance service that offers access to the pay you’ve already earned at work through real-time wages. 

Funds that have been advanced to you will be taken on your next payday. And if you miss a payment, you can pay in real-time using your debit card. 


  • A mobile phone number 
  • An email address 
  • A valid form of Australian ID
  • The date and amount of your last salary 
  • Your internet banking details 
  • A bank account that your salary goes into 
  • Be over 18 years and be employed 
  • Receive a minimum salary of $450 per week or $900 per fortnight 

How Does MyPayNow Work?

You can set up your account easily and tell them about your employment and income so that they can tell you how much of your wage you can access. 

It connects to your bank account using an app and its AI detects your salary and evaluates how much you can get in advance.

Once that is done, you can choose how much you want, even if you require more later, you can just simply request it. The money will be deposited into your account within 30 seconds. 

Once the advances have been processed, scheduled repayments are automatically set up to overlap with your pay cycle.   

Loan Amount: It let you advance up to a quarter of your upcoming wage per pay cycle up to 25% of your wages up to 1,250. However, your advance limit is based on your income. 

Fees: There are no interest and other fees. However, there is a transaction fee equal to 5% of each advance to you. For instance, if you access an advance of $100, it charges a fee of only $5. 

Repayment: The amount you accessed is automatically deducted from your next pay. In other words, your MyPayNow balance resets, and you can grab another advance when you require it. 


PressPay Pay Advance Apps Australia

PressPay is another pay on demand app in Australia that lets employees access their money ahead of payday through a simple SMS service. 

What makes PressPay interesting is that it doesn’t go through your employer. This means that even if your employer is not partnered with Press Pay, you can still be able to access Presspay. However, if your employer chooses to become a partner, you can access extra benefits like withdrawals. 


  • Earn over $350 per week after tax from an employer 
  • Receive regular income fortnightly, weekly, or monthly 
  • Should be employed part-time, full-time, contractor or as a casual worker
  • Income must come into your account on the same day 
  • Be paid into a transaction account and not a savings account 
  • Pass some of our community-first metrics that analyze income and spending behavior 
  • Other criteria like direct debit reversals 

How Does PressPay Work? 

Register for PressPay within two minutes by simply entering your mobile number. Once they finish checking your details, you’ll get a text message back approving your details and eligibility within five minutes. 

Then their system will evaluate your available balance, and it’ll also inform you how much of your earnings you can instantly access. 

To withdraw the cash advance, you can simply send a text message to let them know how much of your earnings you’d like to get access to. Then, the amount will be instantly transferred to your account. 

Loan Amount: The maximum amount you can access is up to $100 of your earnings. 

Fees: It does not charge any interest or other ongoing fees for its service. Nevertheless, there is a flat rate withdrawal fee of 5% of the money you draw down. 

Repayment: It will automatically deduct the amount on your next pay date. If you miss a repayment, it will automatically reschedule for weeks’ time. 

Nonetheless, if you are not able to make a repayment or wish to schedule it for a close date, you can just send a message to their team at


MyPayFast Pay Advance Apps Australia

MyPayFast is a pay-on-demand service that lets employees access their money before their payday, without any need to go through their employer. 

Unlike other pay advance apps in Australia that are listed in this article, MyPayFast provides 100% confidentiality so that your employer will not be informed that you are using a pay-on-demand service. 


  • Should be over 18 years old 
  • Must earn a regular income 
  • Provide personal information and a government-authorized ID
  • A recent bank statement and employment information 

How Does MyPayFast Work?

Getting started with MyPayFast is easy and quick. All you need to do is to enter your personal details, upload a banking statement, and verify your identity by using the Australia Posts trusted ID verification Portal. 

Any money you borrow is automatically repaid from your nominated bank account on your next payday. There is no monthly fee or any other ongoing fees to use this service. 

Loan Amount: You can access an advance of up to 25% of your average income at once. The maximum money you can access through MyPayFast is $350. 

Fees: It doesn’t have interest charges, monthly or hidden fees. However, irrespective of the amount you advance, it charges a flat 5% fee. This fee covers system expenses, application reviews, and direct debit costs. 

Repayment: You make payments that match your trade and cash flow cycle. This means you can repay your borrowings in full on your next payday. 


WagePay Pay Advance Apps Australia

Wagepay is the latest fintech company that lets you get early access to the wages that you’ve earned with your employer.

Unlike its competitors, it mainly focuses on employed Australians, and it only takes around a few minutes to complete the application process and have a wage advance in just 60 seconds. 

Moreover, it does not perform credit checks or look at your credit history or credit score during the sign-up process.  


  • Must be over the age of 18
  • Earn wages into your personal bank account 

How Does WagePay Work?

If you meet WagePay requirements, you can create an account with Wagepay by providing your personal details. 

Remember that you should also earn wages in your personal bank account. Thus, if you receive a steady and consistent income from your employer, you can easily get qualified for an advance. 

Then, draw down on your limit when you need to. After they approve you, you’ll receive the cash in your bank account instantaneously. 

Loan Amount: You can be approved for a limit of up to 25% of your wage in line with your pay cycle to a maximum of $2000. 

For instance, if you get paid $1,000 in the bank every two weeks, you can request up to $250 as an advance. Also, note that the lowest money you can withdraw per advance is $100. 

Fees: It charges a maximum 5% flat fee and 24% interest per year for its service. You can see some examples of this by using the repayment calculator on your home page.

Repayment: Generally, you are required to pay back on your next payday. For whatever reason, you miss a payment, you can make the payment as soon as possible to prevent any difficulty in accessing the service again.   

You can also pay off your wage advance early by using a bank card to make a payment in the app or make a direct transfer to the app’s bank account. 

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ZayZoon Pay Advance Apps Australia

Zayzoon helps you to manage your cash flow and make up for any unexpected expenses by offering access to your earned but unpaid wages to prevent late bill payments, payday loans, and overdraft fees. 

It also features financial wellness program tools that give overdraft prediction, financial education, and financial tracking. These tools can be accessed by all employees irrespective of whether you choose to access wage funding or not. 

Eligibility: In order to use ZayZoon, your employers should already offer ZayZoon, there are no other eligibility requirements that you are supposed to fulfill to use this service.  

How Does ZayZoon Work?

Get started with ZayZoon by proving your personal details to create an account. If you are eligible, you can request a loan. 

It offers two ways to send you money – a bank account direct deposit option and a debit card or other supported pay card option. 

The former can take up to 1-2 business days to get the money, but if you choose the latter option, you can receive funds instantly. 

Remember that you cannot access ZayZoon if your employer doesn’t have an existing agreement with ZayZoon, you cannot use it. 

Loan Amount: Employees can choose how much of their wages they’d like to access. However, the maximum amount one can access is up to $200 at a time and the available limit is based on your already earned, yet unpaid wages. 

Fees: Although it doesn’t charge any interest, there is a $5 flat fee to avoid late bill payments, overdraft fees or to cover a cash flow. 

Repayment: As soon as you successfully request a payout, the amount you received, and the fee will be automatically shown on your next paycheck. 

This means the funds are automatically deducted from your paycheck on your next payday. 


PayActiv Pay Advance Apps Australia

With PayActiv, get the wages directly into your bank account or PayActiv card that you’ve earned from the hours you’ve worked. Get an advance as high as 50%. 

It is joined with numerous businesses to offer on-demand access to workers. Likewise, it offers other financial services like savings, budgeting tools, and financial health measurements. 

What makes PayActive stand out among other apps is that it does not require credit checks to access funds, and the amount you can withdraw is depended on the pay you’ve earned. 


  • Be over 16 years old 
  • If your employer is partnered with Payactiv, you are automatically allowed to use this service
  • Apply for a Payactiv card to receive a paycheck up to 2 days early 
  • Should have regular income 
  • Have a valid social security number

How Does PayActiv Work?

You can use PayActiv even if your company isn’t enrolled in PayActiv. In order to offer earned wages, it uses your time and attendance information. 

And if you have PayActiv from work, you can view the number of hours you’ve worked and your current earnings in the app. 

Furthermore, you can transfer the accessible amount to your card, or bank or simply get it as cash from a Walmart Money center. Transferring money to a bank account and other cards generally takes 48hrs. 

Loan Amount: You can access up to 50% of what you have already earned. Still, the maximum accessible money is determined by the employer.

Fees: It charges a $1.99 processing fee for instant deposit to cards other than Payactiv cards and for cash pickup at Walmart stores. 

Additionally, if you aren’t using a PayActiv card, there is a program fee of $1 for using bank transfer, card load, Bill Pay, cash access, Amazon, or Uber. This fee can be capped at $5 per pay period. 

Repayment: Funds that you have accessed will be automatically deducted on your next paycheck.

CommBank AdvancePay

CommBank AdvancePay Pay Advance Apps Australia

CommBank AdvancePay is another one of the best pay advance apps in Australia. It gives you access to money that you expect to be paid before your next payday. 

It offers some best features like spend tracker and bill sense which help users to manage their budget including expenses, and upcoming bills, and even give a detailed breakdown of their expenses by category. 


  • Have your income regularly paid into Complete Access or Commbank Smart Access account
  • Be two days or more away from your next payday
  • Should be under the number of times CommBank AdvancePay can be accessed in a year
  • Have earned minimum income to meet its $300 limit
  • Should be registered for NetBank
  • Must meet other lending criteria

How Does CommBank AdvancePay Work?

It’s easy and simple to apply for Commbank AdvancePay, all you need to do is to answer a few simple questions about your pay. 

Once you are approved, the maximum amount you can access will either be available within seconds or may take up to one business day. 

Remember that if you don’t meet CommBank’s eligibility criteria now, you might be eligible in your next pay cycle, so you can try again!

Loan Amount: You can get access to a minimum amount of $300 before your next payday and the maximum amount you can access is up to $750.

Fees: Fees are based on the amount you ask for; this means there is an upfront fee of $5 for every $500 you ask for. 

For instance, if you request an amount between $300 and $500, the fee amount is $5. And if you request money between $501 and $1,000, the fee amount is $10. Visit here for information on fees. 

Additionally, if you don’t repay on time, your account will be considered overdrawn, and you’ll be charged the debit excess interest rate, which is currently 14.90% p.a. 

Repayment: Your pay advance amount will be automatically deducted from your account.

You’ll need to make sure that there’s enough money in your account on your chosen pay date to repay your CommBank AdvancePay, or else when your limit expires, your account will be reflected overdrawn. 


Wagestream Pay Advance Apps Australia

Lastly, we have Wagestream on the list of the pay advance apps in Australia. It let you access the wages that you’ve already earned before your payday so that you can avoid overdraft fees, payday loans, and credit card fees. 

You can also track your basic pay in real-time, review your history, and activity, and set monthly reminders to make sure you never miss a payment. 

Moreover, the insights feature gives access to their learning section that has tips and tricks and short in-app courses to assist you to know how to manage your money better. 

Eligibility: Eligible employees will get an invitation through email to enroll. The email will contain login instructions. 

How Does Wagestream Work?

If you meet the requirements, you’ll get an invitation to enroll through email comprising login instructions. You can then start the enrollment process which usually takes 1-7 days to finish. 

With a simple tap, Wagestream lets you access a portion of your already earned income, every hour of every day.

As soon as you’ve worked shifts have been correctly settled and submitted, all you need to do is to log into the Wagestream app and view your earned wages. 

Then, immediately choose the amount that you wish to stream directly into your bank account. The funds will be in your account within a few seconds. 

Loan Amount: Access up to 30% of your basic pay with a maximum of £300 directly into your bank account. You can stream up to three times per pay period. 

Fees: No matter the amount you borrow, each transfer will only ever incur a convenience fee of £1.75. This is the only fee that you are charged and any of your salary not accessed will be paid as normal, minus any convenience fees. 

Repayment:  The funds you borrow will be automatically reconciled on your next payday along with any corresponding fees. 


WageTap App

WageTap is another pay advance app in Australia that let you access your income before your payday. Just download the app, sing up and start accessing your wages whenever you need.

Not only that, but it also offers bill splitting apps where you can split your bill payments into smaller repayments and pay overtime.

And you don’t have to worry about the safety of your information because it uses bank grade encryption to ensure all your data is highly secure.


  • Must connect a transacting account that your wages are deposited into
  • Have a valid driver’s license, medicare card or passport
  • Must meet the minimum income requirement ($800)
  • Shouldn’t have dishonor fee, payment reversals, or gambling expenses

How Does WageTap Work?

To get started with WageTap, all you need to do is to download the WageTap app and sign up with your email, name, and contact number.

Once it is done, connect your bank account and start accessing your wage on demand. You’ll instantly get your funds to your account, but sometimes, it might take up to 24 hours.

Loan Amount: You can withdraw up to $300.

Fees: There are no hidden fees or late fees. The only fee it charges is a flat-rate fee of 5%. For example, if you withdraw $100, it’ll charge $5. Apart from this, there are no other hidden fees.

There is also a 24% p.a. processing fee which depends on a few factors like your pay frequency, loan size and when you repay your loan.

Repayment: Your repayments are due on your next payday. Minimum repayment is your next payday and maximum is in 62 days.

Once you have successfully repaid your withdrawal, you can withdraw again.

As of January 2024, it doesn’t allow for early repayments. And if you’ve missed your payment for some reason, you’ll be notified through email and SMS.

ProviderLoan AmountFees
BeforePayMinimum cash limit of $50 and a maximum $2000No interest, no hidden charges, and no late fees. It charges a 5% fixed transaction fee
MyPayNowAccess up to 25% of your wageFlat rate 5% transaction fee
PressPayUp to $100Flat rate withdrawal fee of 5%
MyPayFastUp to 25% of your income and the maximum money is up to $350Flat 5% transaction fee
WagePayGet up to 25% of your pay to a maximum of $2,000Flat rate 5% transaction fee and 24% interest per annum for its wage advance product
ZayZoonMinimum of $20 and a maximum of $200Flat fee of 5% per transaction
PayActivYou can access up to 50% of your income. And the maximum accessible amount is determined by employer$5 per fortnight
CommBank AdvancePayMinimum amount of $300 and a maximum up to $750$5 for every $500 you ask for. Visit here for information on fees
WagestreamEmployer regulates the amount but typically, it is between 30 – 50%There is no interest, but they charge a convenience fee of £1.75
WageTapMaximum amount is $100 at a timeFlat-rate fee of 5%


All the apps in this article are easy to use and let you borrow money within a few minutes. The eligibility for the loan and the maximum amount one can borrow differs with every app. 

Besides, before deciding, ensure to consider the fees and interest rates associated with every app. Because some apps have higher interests than others, it would be better to make sure that you’re getting the best deal.

You should keep in mind that every app has its pros and cons, so it is crucial to do your research and pick the one that meets your requirements and works best for you. And don’t forget to read the terms and conditions.  

Hopefully, the above article on pay advance apps Australia has let you know everything about the pay advance apps and helped you to decide on which app to choose. 

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