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Line vs Discord: Who Wins the Battle? [2024]

Line vs Discord: Who Wins the Battle? [2024]

Line vs Discord: Line and Discord are two of the famous and leading social networking platforms currently.

While Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are famous for allowing users to share pieces of their regular life, Discord and Line can simply help you connect and hang out on Line.

But, which one is the better option? Which of the two offers more fun and features? Which of the two is best?

If you want to know all the answers to your questions, we will highly recommend you continue reading this Line vs Discord comparison article.

Line vs Discord: Overview 


Line vs Discord

Line, popularly known as LINE is a famous freeware application that helps users with instant communications through electronic devices such as tablets, personal computers, and smartphones.

It can work with smartphones, personal computers, smartwatches, and iPad too. From the reports of 2021, LINE had about 178 million active users each month in its key markets, including Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, and Indonesia.

With the help of Line, you can send texts, videos, images, and as well as audio. They can conduct free or VoIP conversations along with video conferences. It is free along with all its features, one of the many reasons why it is so famous currently in the market.


Discord vs Line

Discord is a popular VoIP and instant messaging, social media platform that was developed by Discord Inc in 2015. Unlike other common social media platforms, Discord not only allows you to share videos, audio, and files but also allows you to connect with others in different and exciting ways.

Discord is known as one of the most famous hangouts online platforms because it offers a lot of interesting services.

While you can communicate through text messaging, voice calls, video calls, media, and files in private chat, its server features will allow you to connect with a great number of people at one time.

It can work on web browsers, Windows, macOS, iOS, Linux, Android, and iPad.

What’s the difference between Discord and Line?

The main similarity between both the applications is that both can be installed on android and iOS devices. They also work in a similar field, allowing users to connect with people from across the world. However, they can be differentiated with the help of many factors.

The main difference can be that while Line allows you to do general things like calling, sending messages, images, and videos, Discord here allows you to do every single one mentioned along with offering a great variety of additional features.

You can create servers and channels within them. You can kick or ban anyone who is on bad behavior. And you can send live emojis and add your custom emojis on the server.

Moreover, you can do more things like creating a group chat in the private inboxes and using hundreds of different bots.

While Discord allows you to do everything mentioned above, Line does not have any similar features.

Line vs Discord: Key Features


  • Everyone and every age group can install the application from both app stores.
  • It contains ads but through in-app purchases, you can bid byes to these annoying ads.
  • Offers additional emojis from its side.
  • The application allows you to make payments with the help of Line pay.
  • You can opt for group calls with your friends or family through a smartphone or desktop.
  • Its one-day story feature allows you to add and view others' stories which will disappear within 24 hours.
  • You can design your unique avatar.


  • Available in 30 international languages.
  • Allows you to censor a media file, file, or text message you have sent to the server through different commands.
  • It allows users to ban or kick out a member on the server who is on his or her bad behavior.
  • The audit feature allows the admin and moderators of the server to check everything going on in the server.
  • The ones who have paid for the subscription can boost the server twice which will benefit others too.

Line vs Discord: Pros and Cons



  1. The application has an easy user interface.
  2. With the help of QR codes, you can put anyone on your friend list without searching for them individually.
  3. It offers a convenient and secure shortcut payment method.
  4. During video calls, you can make use of filters.
  5. The camera with filters allows you to click pictures and shoot videos with a different and huge variety of filters.


  1. Due to millions of users using it throughout the day, the app can glitch and malfunction at times.
  2. You do not get to accept friend requests or decide who should message you. In simple words, as long as the other person has your ID, he or she can contact you with no issues.
  3. Due to bugs, sometimes sharing screenshots from your device gallery can reduce their quality after you are send.



  1. If you are going to install it from the Google play store, you can also view the trailer before doing so.
  2. It can only be downloaded by teens and everyone above that age. In case you found someone younger than the allowed age, you can report the person.
  3. Being a moderator of the server, you will have almost every power in your hands like creating new channels, pinning messages, calling everyone through a certain pin, etc.
  4. You can create your own server or search for different servers that are open for members.
  5. With the help of certain adjustments in the settings, you can allow only those people who you are friends with to message you privately.
  6. If you are a subscriber, you can design your profile according to your likes.


  1. Due to the platform being filled with hundreds and hundreds of bots, it glitches a lot on regular periods.
  2. There are more chances your account can be hacked, Two-factor authentication is a must.
  3. Even if the server has live emojis, only the ones who have paid for the subscription will be allowed to use them.

Line vs Discord: Pricing and Plans


The application offers services for free for users who are okay with limiting their usage of the app’s services. However, those who wish to upgrade their account and are willing to pay are offered two subscription plans, which are as follows,

  1. $24 subscription plan – this plan allows you to send more messages per month while they limit the free accounts to sending only 1000 messages every month. For the first year, you will be charged $24 and thereafter $12 will be charged per month. It is billed monthly.
  2. $50 subscription plan – this plan will allow you to send exactly 50 messages every month. If you send more messages than 50,000, the application will not restrict you but it will charge you $0.01 for every extra message.


The application offers a good number of features for free. But, if you still wish to use the premium features of the app then it is ready to offer you 2 subscription plans, They are as follows,

  1. Monthly subscription plan – this plan will cost you $9.99 per month which is billed every month.
  2. Yearly subscription plan – this plan will cost you $99.99 per month. Through this app, you will save 16%. It is billed yearly. 
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Line vs Discord: Which is better?

To start with, Line is 100% free to use, and Discord too offers a good bunch of free services. But, if we compare the features offered by both apps, Discord has more to show.

Moreover, while Line has received a good response on the Google play store and an average response from users on the App Store, Discord has received above-excellent responses on both app stores.

In conclusion, while both applications can be perfectly used to connect with different people in the world, Discord has many features to help you enjoy your time with others. 

Therefore, according to us, Discord is a better, far better choice than Line if you want to hang out and communicate together.

However, if you wish to use an application with less glitching and hacking, and you only need it to text or call anyone then Line is a perfect choice.

Final Words 

Both applications are good in different styles. While the weight of features is more from the Discord side, many people will simply go for Line because it does not have many bugs or bots and it can connect with your loved ones easily.

But, for those who love hanging out for hours and spending quality time with their online friends or family, Discord is one of the best choices.

Even when it contains bugs and glitches, people still choose Discord instead of other normal platforms.

So, we hope by reading our Line vs Discord comparison article; you have received all the answers to your question.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Line better than Discord?

Yes, and no. If you want a normal social media platform that allows you to send text messages, do video calls, group video calls, send audio messages, and do a bunch of things then Line is a good choice.

However, if you want to have a proper hangout time and connect with a large group of numbers without using the private group chat, then Discord is the best choice.

Discord is better than Line for most fun-filled moments but if you do not like glitches and bugs along with hacking, then Line is the option you must choose.

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