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Clubhouse vs Discord: Which is Better? [2024]

Clubhouse vs Discord: Which is Better? [2024]

In this article, we are going to compare: Clubhouse vs Discord. Recently, Clubhouse has been on news pretty much, it is an audio-based chat room which stimulates the feel of in-person parties and discussion. It does not record the chats or conversations that you have.

 However, Clubhouse isn’t the only app that allows users to have thorough, instantaneous group chats. Discord is a real-time chatting platform mostly used by the gamers and it is also focused on assisting community and instant communication.

Clubhouse vs Discord: What are they?


Clubhouse is the most popular and exclusive invitation-only social media app which is all of a sudden emerging everywhere. It already has more than six million downloads around the world. Currently, it is available only for iOS, but recently their officials said that they are working on Android version also.

Clubhouse vs Discord

It’s limitations on invitations has made it popular among business elites, entrepreneurs, and many other social celebrities like Elon Musk, Oprah, Drake, and Serena Williams. Like any other social media platform, Clubhouse has its own privacy concerns. Unfortunately, you cannot send direct message or send any private message.


Discord makes it easier to communicate with your team members over voice, video and text. It was chiefly developed to replace the other Voice over Internet Protocol programs. Users set up a dedicated “server”, where a large group of people can connect even though they don’t know each other. They can communicate through video, voice messaging and text-based chats.

Discord vs Clunhouse

Their live chat option is more oriented to webinars, CEO announcements, etc, as video calls are for everyone. This app is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, iPadOS, Linux, and in web browsers.

Clubhouse vs Discord: Comparison

Discord has 24/7 access to the same discussion spaces, so you can discuss anything in your active server. While, Clubhouse has temporary parties or panels at comic con, they only exist at a particular time and after that they’re over.

Unlike discord where you can invite as many members as you want to join your specific server, you can’t just simply download Clubhouse from the app store and create an account. You have to be invited to connect Clubhouse by a previously existing user. Even so there’s a limitation when it comes to send an invitation, as it allows you to add only two participants.

In Clubhouse, you can look out what discussions are happening and plan everything accordingly. Whereas, in discord there is no need to have any advanced plans, you can start conversations whenever you want.

The main focus Clubhouse is to have live chat rooms with a specialized social crowd such as Oprah, Drake, and Serena Williams, whereas the main focus of Discord is to allow users to chat while gaming.

Discord Nitro Vs Nitro Classic

Discord vs Clubhouse: Features

Discord Key Features:

Discord is full of features that many people enjoy to their fullest.

  • Trouble-free set up.
  • Text support including Images, files, videos, and GIFs.
  • Can use in any Voice over Internet Protocol app, Slack.
  • You can create and join servers.
  • Auto-encrypt chat with DDoS security.
Clubhouse Key Features:
  • It is only available for iPhone users right now.
  • You can create rooms.
  • High value conversations.
  • Invite only.
  • Audio-chat based app.

Conclusion: It is up to you to decide upon Clubhouse vs Discord, based on whether you want to type or do video chats or talk. Certainly, there is no cause that you can’t do both as both of the applications are compelling options.

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Is Clubhouse iPhone only?

Currently, Clubhouse is only for iPhone. You can’t sign-up to Clubhouse unless you get an invitation from already existing users as it is ‘invite-only’.

How does a Clubhouse work?

It is real time conversation app so make sure that your profile describes the worth you bring to the conversation.

Who is behind Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is developed by Silicon Valley Entrepreneur Paul Davison and an ex- Google employee Rohan Seth. This app recently received 12million dollars in funding from US capital firm Andreessen Horowitz.

Is Discord good for meetings?

Yes. Discord screen share is a perfect way to share your ideas and opinions with your team during meetings and webinars. Everyone on the voice channel can speak with one another.

How many Clubhouse invites do you get?

Clubhouse existing users have only two invitations available at first. Its users can’t just send an invitation to anyone who wants to join.

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