Discord Nitro Vs Nitro Classic: Difference [2022]

Discord Nitro Vs Nitro Classic Comparison

Today, we bring the comparison between Discord Nitro Vs Nitro Classic to paid services by Discord, Discord is one of the most popular chat application for gamers. Discord Nitro is one of their premium service, it comes with various advanced features to enhance the gaming experience of the users.

What is Discord Nitro?

Discord Nitro is an upgradable premium subscription service for getting some additional features in Discord. It has universal access to custom emojis, animated avatars and server boosters from all the channels that you’re a part of. It is available with two variants Discord Nitro ($9.99 per month) and Nitro Classic ($4.99 per month).

Discord Nitro Vs Nitro Classic

There are also some essential discounts for yearly subscription, with Nitro costing $99.99 per year and Nitro Classic at $49.99 per year.

What is Discord Nitro Classic?

Discord Nitro Classic is lower and cheaper premium subscription version of Discord Nitro. However, it has some limited features and restrictions.

It offers several features such as GIF avis, higher quality screen share, nitro badges, customized username, 1080p live streaming quality, supped-up file caps and much more.

Discord Nitro Vs Nitro Classic: Comparison

Server Boosting

The main difference between both subscriptions is Server Boosting. There is no any server, boosting included in Nitro Classic. However, Discord Nitro users can boost by two boosters. There are also 30% off in server boosting.

Uploading Size Limit

The file size uploading limit is another difference between both services. Discord Nitro users can upload the file up to 100 MB while Nitro Classic users has 50 MB upload limit.


Discord Nitro is available for $ 9.99 per month and Nitro Classic is available for $ 4.99 per month.

You can also buy an annual subscription at a discounted price. Discord Nitro’s annual subscription price is $ 99.99 per year and the Nitro Classic price is $ 49.99 per year.

Discord Nitro Vs Nitro Classic: Features 

The standard Discord has all the significant features such as communicating with your teammate, creating a server of your own, participating in channels and much more. However, these paid versions offer various advanced features that are not available in free Discord version.

GIF Avatars

Discord Nitro users can change their avatar in the animated GIF.

High Quality Live Streaming & Screen sharing

Discord Nitro users can share their screen with high video quality such as 720p, 60 fps and 1080p, 60 fps during live streaming.

Custom Tagging

Nitro users can change their username into any numbers, unless that username isn’t already taken by someone else.

Large File Uploading

There is an Upload limit of 8 MB on free Discord version, with the Discord Nitro and Nitro Classic tier subscription, we can upload up to 50 & 100 MB.

Global Custom Emojis

Discord Nitro users can use custom and animated emojis on any server. It can be also used while chatting. Nitro allows people to use any emoji they have in their library on any server.

Nitro Badge

Discord Nitro users also get a special Nitro badge on their profile.

Server Boosting

Nitro users get two extra boots in their favorite server.

Screen sharing

You can be able to share your screen with your friends or with your community in up to 720p at 60 FPS or 1080p at 30 FPS.


Is Discord Nitro Worthy?

There are many advanced features available on the Nitro. If you’re using Discord just to chat while playing games with your friend, then you shouldn’t go with Discord Nitro. However, if you are live streamer or a full-time gamer, then you can go with the Discord Nitro.

How to Get Discord Nitro for Free?

There is no any easy way to get Discord Nitro for free, but here are the some ways to get it for free.

Giveaway Servers

Giveaways are the best legit way to get Discord Nitro service for free. There are some special Discord server, which arranges giveaway of Nitro & Nitro classic subscription.

Ask your Friend

You need to ask your rich friend for gifting Nitro Premium, they can share a gifting link of Nitro pass.

Is Discord Nitro Free?

No, Discord Nitro is a paid service by Discord. You can read the above methods to get Discord Nitro for free.

Is Nitro Boost Permanent?

No, Nitro boosts are not permanent. This will end when your Nitro subscription ends.

What is the Gifted Nitro link expiring time?

You must use this link within 48 hours and you can only use it once.

Can I get free games with Nitro?

Yes, you will get some Discord Nitro games with Nitro membership.

Can I get a Refund for Discord Nitro?

No, as per Discord Nitro Policy, you will not get a refund after purchasing a subscription.

Can I Buy Discord Nitro On Mobile?

Yes, you can buy Discord Nitro subscription with PayPal balance.

Can I Buy Nitro with a PayPal balance?

Yes, you can also buy Discord Nitro from the mobile version of Discord.

So, here is the detailed comparison between Discord Nitro Vs Nitro Classic, you can also comment your favorite service and feature of Discord in the comment box below.

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