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6 BNPL Apps like Bundll to Try Out [Australia 2024]

6 BNPL Apps like Bundll to Try Out [Australia 2024]

Apps like Bundll – Bundll is one of the popular buy now pay later services in Australia that let you buy something now and pay it later.

With Bundll, you can shop anywhere – online or in-store, snooze your payments for 14 days, create category spending limits, set notifications, view your transaction history, and even access instant digital Bundll Mastercard.

Although it doesn’t charge any interest, it charges a late fee of $10 and to snooze your payment for extra 14 days, it’ll charge you $2.50. However, if you refer Bundll to your friends and family, snoozing a payment is entirely free.

Fortunately, there are a lot of Bundll alternatives, which let you set a repay date and pay for your purchase in installments.

Apps like Bundll

Here is the list of best Bundll alternatives that let you buy now and pay later according to the repayment terms you choose.


Afterpay apps like Bundll

We have Afterpay taking first place in our list of the best apps like Bundll. Afterpay is an Australian fintech company that operates in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, and New Zealand.

With numerous stores and brands to choose from, you can discover a great shopping deal on a wide range of beauty, fashion, homeware, and more.

How Does Afterpay Work?

After you sign up and create an account, you’ll get a small spending limit with 25% paying upfront and the rest at the next four installments over six weeks, and never pay interest.

For instance, if you are purchasing something for $200, you’ll be required to pay $50 during the checkout and the remaining $150 in four equal installments fortnightly.

Late payments will not hurt your score and on-time payments will not build your credit score as Afterpay will never report your account to the credit bureaus

Sign up Process: First, you’ll need to download the Afterpay app on your device and follow the prompts to create an account and simply start shopping.

To be eligible to use Afterpay, you’ll need to be at least 18 years old, be a resident of the United States, have a valid email address, phone number, delivery address, and be capable of entering a legally binding contract.

Key Features

  • Access the latest offers from your favorite brands
  • Manage your payment plan easily
  • There are thousands of stores and brands to choose from
  • Browse all retailers and get all shopping you need
  • Get deals on a wide range of homeware, beauty, fashion, and more
  • Interest-free payment
  • Split the payment over four installments
  • Don’t forget to pay on time

Fees & Interest: Afterpay doesn’t charge any interest. And the only fee it charges is a late fee, which will be capped at 25% of the initial purchase and does not accumulate.

Afterpay Customer Service: If you need any help with Afterpay, you can email their customer support at or call them at 855-289-6014.


Zippay Apps like Bundll

Zippay is another Bundll alternative that is an interest-free payment solution, which is approved by over 26,000 stores across Australia.

You can manage your account and shop anywhere you want – in-store or online from one secure place and even find the best deals of the day, pay bills, buy gift cards, or get the latest online bargains.

How Does Zippay Work?

All you need to do is to create a Zippay account, apply for a loan, and request a loan. Once they approve you, you can either shop online or in-store.

To be eligible, you’ll need to be at least 18 years old, have a valid email address, phone number, bank account

You’ll need to pay $25 upfront or as a down payment that you can pay through debit or with a credit card. Also, you can view your repayment schedule that requires three further 24% payments over six weeks. Note that all these payments are interest-free.  

Sign up Process: Download the Zip Co app on your device and link your debit card to create an account. Once you are done with your shopping, use Zip at the checkout.

Key Features

  • Shop everywhere instore or online
  • Find the best deals, purchase gift cards, pay bills, or get the best online bargains
  • Interest-free payments
  • Browser over 26,000 retailers
  • Choose monthly, fortnightly, or weekly repayments
  • Discover all the things you love and find great new ones
  • Nothing to pay upfront
  • Scan and enter your instore code to complete your purchase

Fees & Interest: Every transaction you make with Zip Pay is interest-free always.  The only fee it charges is $7.95 monthly account fee. But, if you pay your statement closing balance in full by the due date, it will waive this fee.

Zippay Customer Service: If you are facing any issue, you can email their customer support at or call them at (02) 8294 2345. You can visit here and chat with their live agent.


Openpay-Apps like Bundll

Openpay is an Australian fintech that functions as one of the best “Buy Now, Pay Later” services and gives online financial services like post-purchase payments.

It is primarily created to let users buy now and pay for their purchases over fortnightly or monthly payments with plans for up to 24 months by using interest-free installments.

How Does Openpay Work?

Once you sign up, it’ll perform a quick ID check to whether your details are genuine or not. To use Openpay, you’ll need to be 18 years old, and provide a valid address, mobile number, Australian payment card, and a valid Australian ID.

Then, you can make a purchase either online or in-store and simply choose Openpay at the checkout. You can then choose the plan that suits you the best and pay your first installment during your purchase.

And the rest of the payments are scheduled for over weekly or fortnightly. Besides, these repayments are automatically deducted as scheduled from your connected Mastercard or Visa.

Sign up Process: In order to sign up, all you need to do is to download the Openpay app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and create an account.

To get started, you’ll need to be 18 years or old, give a valid email address, mobile number, and Australian payment card and provide an Australian ID.

Key Features

  • Browse retailers directly in the app
  • Discover the things you love and require
  • Longer payment times and pay smarter with its flexible plan options
  • Scan your exclusive code to shop in-store
  • Schedule payments that suit you the best
  • No interest and no hidden fees
  • Manage all your plans and payments
  • Simple and transparent pricing

Fees & Interest: Regardless of the type of Openpay plan you choose, remember that it will always be interest-free.

However, if you miss a payment, it might charge a late fee and some plans might also comprise a management fee. But you don’t need to worry about it because you’ll be told about this fee upfront if this applies to the plan you choose.

Its fee structure is like this:

For 20% deposit under $2,000

2 Months$0 per fortnight
3 Months$1 per fortnight
4 Months$2 per fortnight
6 Months$3 per fortnight

For 10% deposit over $2,000

6 Months$3 per fortnight
12 Months$4 per fortnight
18 Months$5 per fortnight
24 Months$5 per fortnight

Openpay Customer Service: If you are facing any issue, you can email their customer support at or call at 1300-168-359.

You can chat with one of their experienced agents by visiting this page and also Submit a Request mentioning the issue you are facing. 


LatitudePay-Apps like Bundll

LatitudePay is one of the best Bundll alternatives which allows you to spend up to $1,000 at the selected retailers with the 10% of the purchase price paid upfront and the remaining paid over ten weeks.

With the LatitudePay app, you can also manage your finances from one central hub.

How Does LatitudePay Work?

While making a purchase, choose Latitudepay in the online checkout from a wide variety of sellers – online or in-store. Then submit your request. Once they approve your application, you can make a purchase.

You can keep track of your repayments through the Latitude Pay app and can choose to set up your account to either make manual or automatic repayments.

Sign up Process: As a first-time user, you’ll need to sign up for a new account. For that, you’ll need to grab your ID (for example, an Australian Driver’s Licence or Passport), plus your Visa or Mastercard for the weekly payments.

Key Features

  • Manage your finances from one app
  • Track your balances, next payment due date, and available spend
  • View your loan balance, monthly repayment amount, interest rate, start, and maturity date
  • Check all transaction info
  • No interest and no waiting for your purchase
  • Payments are automated or get notified
  • Ability to change your payment day according to you

Fees & Interest: Latitude Pay doesn't charge interest on any of its purchases, but if you miss your payment, it charges a late fee of $10.

If you miss more than three payments, your spending limit will decrease. Besides, customers are asked to pay 10% of the product's price during the time of purchase.

LatitudePay Customer Service: If you are facing any issue, you can email their customer support at or submit a request here. Or you can also visit this page for more information.   


Klarna-Apps like Bundll

Klarna provides online financial services such as payments for online storefronts and direct payments along with post-purchase payments.

You can view your purchase history, process returns, and even track our shipments through the app. Besides, you can also create a wish list of items for future purchases or to share with family and friends.

How Does Klarna Work?

Once you download the app, you’ll get shopping tips customized to you and you’ll have to freedom to shop wherever you and pay how you want.

However, it’ll determine your spending limit by performing a soft credit check, personal information, and Klarna purchase history. Note that this credit check will not affect your credit score.

And once you make a purchase, you can choose from one of the three financing options – Pay in 4 or pay in 30 days or a 6 to 36-month loan with the 25% paid as a down payment during the time of purchase.

Its pay in 4 installments lets you divide your purchase into four payments, and these are automatically charged to your credit or debit card every fortnight.

Sign up Process: All you need to do is to download the Klarna app and sign up by providing your personal information and get new deals, new launches, and shopping info.

Key Features

  • Divide the cost of your purchase into smaller interest-free payments
  • Keep track of everything you want
  • Get a complete overview of all your purchases and finances
  • Browse online stores and pin your favorites
  • Activate push notification reminders
  • You can make early payments or extend your due date
  • Log in easily using Touch ID, Face ID, or PIN

Fees & Interest: It pays in 4 is no interest and doesn’t charge any fee if you pay on time. However, if you don’t pay on time, it might charge a fee. This late fee will be capped.

You will be charged a $1 late fee per late installment; this means the most you could be charged is $9.

Klarna Customer Service: If you need any help with Klarna, you can email at or call them at +611300000190. You can also send a message via the Klarna app, or even online chat is available on the Klarna website.


Splitit apps like bundll

Lastly, we have Splitit on our list of apps like Bundll. Splitit is an alternative payment solution that let you pay for your purchase now and the remaining later, interest-free.

Since it doesn’t require an application process, it doesn’t perform a credit check and it is only available with selected merchants – both online and in-store.

How Does Splitit Work?

When you choose Splitit as your payment option, it’ll either create automatic installment payments or you can select the number of interest-free payments that you’d like to make.

These payments can be made over 3, 6, 12, or 24 months with the first installment being paid on the day of your purchase and then each month on the same day for the number of installments you’ve selected.

Although it doesn’t require any application process, it does ask you to provide your email to set up an account with the support portal on its website, which you use this portal to check your installments and make payments.

Sign up Process: Unlike any other app listed in this article, Splitit doesn’t require any application process. This means you just need to use your existing card, so there’s no need to create an account.

Key Features

  • No application process and no credit check
  • Automatic installment payments
  • You cannot use Splitit to pay off your bills
  • Use Splitit if you have available credit to cover the complete cost
  • Interest-free payments
  • You can only shop at selected online stores and in-stores

Fees & Interest: Splitit doesn’t charge interest or any other fees.

Splitit Customer Service: If you need any help, you can email Splitit’s customer support at or contact them at +61-1800-957-440 or submit a request.

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Final Words: Apps Like Bundll!

All the apps listed in this article are the ones that allow you to buy something now with or without an upfront fee and pay the remaining amount later in installments.

Moreover, most of these apps are interest-free and come with no additional fees. Hopefully, this article may help you to choose the best Bundll alternative that meets your requirements.