5 Best Chewy Alternatives: Online Pet Stores [2022]

Chewy Alternatives

Chewy Alternatives: Chewy is a good brand to shop for your pets. It might have everything you are looking for but — are the prices reasonable? Can you get the accurate items for your pets?

Chewy is known as a leading E-Commerce company dealing in the industry of pets. They have good quality products to help your pet have an easy life. From healthy foods to lovely toys, the brand has a good set of catalogs presented for each category they offer.

However, you might still want to look for other online stores like Chewy. The best place to buy dog food online. If that is the case, then you have come across the right page.

The article below contains — The top 5 stores to buy cheap pet supplies online, the best places to buy pet supplies online like Chewy along with the highlights of their brand and major categories they offer,


PetSmart is one of the world’s leading brick-and-mortar pet retailers. It has over 1650 in-real stores across major nations like the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, etc. You can find almost all categories of food for your pets on the website. They have a user-friendly site and it is easy to check out and surf the website.

PetSmart has one of the amazing features — they offer to ship free of charge to most places across the USA. If you have ordered items worth $49 and over, you are set to get free shipping.

Another major advantage of ordering from PetSmart is — that they deliver the food within a couple of days. You are not required to wait for weeks and days for your pet’s food to get delivered. It is one of the best Chewy Alternatives.

Another feature talks about how you can return the online ordered products to their in-real stores. They have a loyalty program that allows you to redeem your points and get advanced services and products. Many in-real stores of PetSmart have extra facilities like daycare, grooming salons, and training classes for pets.

Over everything — the brand is partnered with about 4000 non-profit and government institutes for charity purposes. They help to support animal-related events like neuter and spay clinics and adoption of the stray animals.

Categories: you get extra facilities in a few of the in-real stores like grooming, and daycare where your pets will be handled by professionals and training will be carried on.

The online website of the brand has a good collection of food like dry and canned. They also have the veterinary diet plans along with the food toppers, frozen food, and fresh food for your pets.

Special Points/Highlights:

  • They have more than 1650 physical stores, most of them being located in the city areas.
  • You will get multiple catalogs and thousands of options on their online store.
  • They offer a good set of options for delivery. They have an auto-ship delivery option along with the curbside pick up and same-day delivery — while they offer free standard delivery for eligible items of your order exceeding the amount of $49.


petco Chewy Alternatives

PetCo is again, one of the leading online pet stores. The physical store’s number of the brand has increased by 1500. They are present across the USA and Mexico. The brand has 100 and above physical vet clinics located in the best places.

PetCo mainly specializes in offering a good collection of dog food. From dry to canned, they also have fresh, veterinary diets and freeze-dried food for your loved one. The pricing of the brand ranges from reasonably priced food to all the way to premium ones. You get multiple chances to claim discounted offers which makes it relieving.

PetCo offers same-day delivery free of charge most of the time for items that are in stock. The policy is the same for curbside pick-up in specific locations. To always claim a discount, you have to enroll in repeat delivery and your food will then be delivered for free. This trick can be used as many times as the customer wants.

PetCo allows you to return the product you ordered online to their physical stores. This can avoid your spending on shipping. The brand has a special reward program that allows you to claim unique prices like birthday gifts for your pets and amazing discounts. PetCo can be called one of the best pet websites like chewy.

Many of the physical stores of the brand also have additional services like — training classes, self-serve dog washes, and grooming salons.

Categories: PetCo categories include — Pharmacy, Cat, Dog, new and Trending, fish, reptile, bird, small pet, farm and feed. The individual category further includes more subsections to make shopping easier and more accurate for buyers.


  • Their online store is user-friendly.
  • They offer free delivery on most of the delivery options.
  • They offer rewards for rewards programs and repeated deliveries.
  • They have more than 1500 physical stores.
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Allivet has been rated over 4.5 stars on Google. The brand is one of the most famous online stores which also has physical stores. They supply a variety of items to help you with your pets. You can either opt for curbside pick-up from one of their nearby physical stores or go for delivery from their official website.

Allivet offers a massive library of options. They are mostly open for 11 hours, the hours when you can easily shop for your pet while on the way to your work or while coming back. Allivet can be called the best animal online store.

On their official website, you get a set of categories like dog shop, pet pharmacy, horse shop, cat shop, fish and birds shop and farm shop. These major categories are further divided into subcategories to help you get on the correct page without wasting your time.

They have the best pet medics brand affiliated with them to give you all the medics at a discounted price. On top of that, you get to avail of amazing deals frequently and save money. You can always opt for contacting them through their updated contact information on their official website — in case you got stuck anywhere.

Categories: The list of categories you can find at Allivet includes dog care, horse care, cat care, livestock & farm care and lastly, Fish & Farm.


  • They guarantee that you will get the lowest prices available online on pet meds.
  • You get free shipping for orders worth $49 and above.
  • They have more than 3000 items available on the site in stock all the time.
  • They run a fully licensed pharmacy.


barkbox Chewy Alternatives

BarkBox, unlike other online pet stores, does not have an online website that allows you to serve anytime and anywhere and order the products you need. Instead, they have a unique way of doing business. One of the unique Chewy Competitors.

BarkBox has a special service provided to the customers —if they subscribe to the brand every month. With the monthly subscription, you get services, experiences and dog products. The brand serves more than 2 million dogs every month through their Super Chewer and Barkbox subscription, along with retail distribution.

The working of the brand is simple. Every subscription box will get you goodies worth $40 and over. The box will mainly include various toys and treats. The shipping of these monthly subscription boxes arrives in a maximum of five days depending on your location.

Categories: they do not have categories, instead — you get four different options in the name of monthly subscriptions on their website. The monthly subscription list includes Super Chewer, Bright, Eats and Box as options.


  • They offer a variety of monthly subscriptions. Each box contains different items for different experiences for your pet.
  • The new subscribers get one box free with the box they have initially ordered.
  • The box can contain items which you cannot easily find in the physical pet stores in your area or even online.


amazon Chewy Alternatives

As you already might have guessed, Amazon is an online place where you can get everything and anything you are looking for. The brand also has a good variety of items for your pets. For instance, the Amazon fresh deals will help you stock up on a good amount of food for your pet.

One of the best things about Amazon is, that the brand has a place where you can see honest customer reviews and ratings about the product. They help a lot in decision making and you might as well see the real product in photos.

The brand offers free delivery for a minimum worth order on most of the products. Deliveries usually don’t take longer than 3-6 days to arrive. You also get multiple promotions like cashback and discounts on eligible products. Amazon is one of the best places where you can find good quality animal supplies online at reasonable and lowest rates.

Categories: Amazon has everything you are looking for. From treats to toys, they have supplies to help you make a grooming salon at home. You can also find medics and houses on the website.


  • A massive collection of items.
  • They offer free shipping on minimum orders and free for prime members.


The above me list had the best Chewy Alternatives for the people searching for the best online stores to buy pet food. They also offer medicos and additional services in their physical stores — which is a straight-up advantage.

Frequently asked Questions

Where to do online dog shopping?

PetCo, PetSmart and Amazon are a few of the best places to get dog supplies online. They have a good collection of options in different categories.

Which are the best online pet companies?

Chewy, Allivet and BarkBox are a few of the best online companies if you want to shop online for your pet. From medications to treats, they also offer unique reward services and toys.

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