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7 Best Rover Alternatives For Your Dog! [2024]

7 Best Rover Alternatives For Your Dog! [2024]

Do you want to concentrate on your work and not think about what your pet is doing alone at home? Or maybe, you must leave for a business meeting when your pet has to stay alone in a locked house for a few days? 

In any case, we believe you want someone’s help to take care of your pet on your behalf. Who can it be? Maybe Rover, the organisation that offers pet sitting services can help?

About Rover

Rover is an internet-based platform which helps pet owners to connect with contracted pet sitters from the nearby areas to help them take care of their pet in their absence. The owner can choose to allow the pet city to visit their home or they can drop the pet at the sitter’s house before leaving for work. 

Rover sounds like the best choice right now. However, there can be Rover alternatives which can give a better result. In case you agree with us and want to know Rover alternatives, have a look at the article below.


DogVacay Rover Alternatives

DogVacay is known as America’s biggest platform consisting of 5-star rated dog walkers and pet sitters. If you are travelling somewhere far or have to pull a whole nighter — pet sitters for overnight pet sitting and caregiving are available at DogVacay. It is undoubtedly the best Rover alternative.

You can also choose an option where the sitter will visit your home to take care of your pet. The prices are reasonable and you will be charged any sum between $75 to $125 per night. The website is user friendly. It is affiliated with Rover and thus, the brand is more powerful than before.

Services: the brand’s services list involves — Dog boarding, pet sitting, dog daycare and dog walking.


  • You get to adjust your filters before browsing from a list of pet sitters in your area.
  • Once you have selected the pet sitter — you can move ahead with payment. Only online payment options are available.
  • All the pet sitters are animal lovers and know how to treat your dogs like family.


Wag! per care taker service

Wag!, similarly, to Rover, allows you to connect to sitters which are available on a specific day/date. The website offers similar services like Rover — Training and sitting are the main services following behind. 

Along with the same, the brand is Popularly known as a dog walking app. The brand does not allow just anyone to get listed on their website as a sitter. All the sitters are required to go through a thorough criminal background check before being accepted as an official sitter from the Wag! Brand. 

After being selected as a sitter, all the sitters go through training periods to be well educated in the sector.

Services:  They offer services like dog walking, drop-in, overnight sitting and wellness for your dog. 


  • You can select the caregiver according to the star rating they have acquired through past customers.
  • Every caregiver has to compulsorily pass an enhanced background check before being listed on the website.
  • The website services are insured and the customer support team is ready to help around the clock.
  • With the help of GPS, you can track your dog while he or she is on a walk with the sitter. pet care services is an expanded company running site to help fellow parents of kids and pets to meet with their caregivers. They have a user-friendly website which allows the users to connect with professionals in taking care. 

The services are performed with professionalism. The company assures you that your dog will be in the right hands. The company helps a fellow being connected with a caregiver every 3 minutes. They offer a good set of services. 

You can choose the person you want to trust from the list of available options provided by the company. They ask you to go through a procedure to know what kind of help you need, but it will be worth it. It is one of the best Rover Alternatives.

Services: Child care, Senior care, Tutoring, Housekeeping, Daycare and Pet care.


  • The brand is reliable. It has been featured by several big labels such as CNBC, USA Today, Real Simple,, Fortune, Bloomberg and many more.
  • Becoming a caregiver does not require anything in particular except the fact that you must have proof of what you know about the job you are applying for.
  • The website has an easy user interface.
  • You get to choose the person you want to hand the job over to.

Fetch! Pet Care

Fetch! Pet Care

Fetch! Pet Care is a well-known brand running a website to help you take care of your dog. The website, unlike Rover and other sites like Rover, does not pass you the right to select the caregiver of your choice. Instead, according to your needs and preferences — it will match you with the perfect sitter in your area.

In case you are hesitating to try their services, they offer a free consultation meet and greet between the client and the caregiver. The website has also acquired clients’ testimonials. You can expect updates on how your pets are doing through email, text or phone calls. 

Services: the brand offers a good list of services, such as — puppy sitting, dog walking, pet sitting, pet taxi, overnight care and pet medical administration.


  • You can choose the service you wish to use after visiting their website. Then, by adding your zip code, you will see the available options in your area. It is that easy.
  • All the pet sitters and dog walkers go through a background check. Only the ones you passed can become part of the company.
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HouseCarers pet care

HouseCarers helps you find the perfect match for the house sitter from your area. Unlike other websites, the sitter from this company will not only take care of your pet but will also keep your house in order. 

One of the main reasons to let house sitters work in the house is to make sure the house looks lively even when you are not present. This will directly keep the burglars away.

The working of HouseCarers does not end here. You will be able to keep the security of your house active while you are out and the sitter is inside your home. 

The listing of housing on the list is free of charge. You will be able to post a confidential ad and the responses will be forwarded to you automatically. 

You will get to browse through all the house sitter profiles before choosing the right one. You can decide if you want to accept the sitter matched with you or not. It is one of the best Rover Alternatives.

Services: Home Security, house sitting apps, House sitters by state, the house sits without pets, cat sitters and dog sitters are the services provided by the


  • The matching results are secured and confidential.
  • As for sitters, you can subscribe to receive the matching notification from clients.
  • They offer a secured messaging system to get you in touch with the house sitter of your choice.

National Association Of Professional Pet Sitters

National Association Of Professional Pet Sitters

National Association of Professional Pet Sitters – popularly known as NAPPS is a company running a website named where you can search for pet sitters in your area. It is the only national non-profit company.

Although you can not see the reviews of past clients, you can investigate the person with a couple of ways to know if he or she is trustworthy or not. It is one of the best Rover Alternatives.

The brand gives customer care service all time of the year — whenever it is applicable. They have all the professional sitters listed. You will rarely find a sitter with less experience.

Services: they mainly offer sitting services for pets.


  • You get to find the sitter in your locality by adding the zip code.
  • They offer a membership which gives additional benefits after joining.
  • You can browse through the list of professional sitters in your area and see what they master.

Pet Sitters International (PSI)

Pet Sitters International (PSI)

Pet Sitters International, known for its short-form PSI works like NAPPS and helps you find the pet sitters from their organisation. As soon as you enter your zip code, you will see a list of professional pet sitter’s list along with their details. It is one of the easiest and best Rover Alternatives.

In case you want to book them, you will be redirected to the company’s site or will be able to send them a direct mail mentioning the cause. You will be given a thorough answer to your question regarding the sitter’s experience, trained in first aid, etc.

Services: Pet sitting is the major service by Pet Sitters International.


  • The details will contain their name, address, age and important data to give you an idea about who the person is.
  • Almost all the sitters are bonded and insured to stay on the safer side.

Final words: Rover Alternatives

All the firms mentioned in the above content are well-known for offering pet sitting along with other services. You can stay carefree when the sitter is taking care of your pet and focus on work entirely. 

Frequently asked Questions 

What is an alternative to Rover?

DogVacay and PetCo are two of the leading and best alternatives to Rover.

Which is better Wags or Rover?

While Wags ask for 40% commission fees, Rover only asks for 20%. Therefore, in the case of earning money, Rover can be more helpful.