6 Trendy Stores like Rue 21 for Best Clothing [2022]

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Rue 21 is a fashion brand that comes to our minds when we talk or think about trendy outfits at reasonable prices. The quality of stores like Rue 21 is not compromised and they give a fresh vibe for a long while. But, is Rue 21 the only online store you wish to visit for the rest of your life? 

About Rue 21

Rue 21 is a speciality retailer of men’s and women’s casual apparel and accessories in the United States. The main motive of the brand is to design clothes for those people who wish, feel or desire to be 21. The brand is capable of giving you a good online shopping experience for clothes.

Rue 21 has the latest designs in trends. They make trends and invent new ideas for unique outlooks. The quality of the items is high and their list of items is the best place to get inspiration from. Shop new outfits and buy accessories to go well with different looks. Rue 21 here has everything a man and woman would want in fashion.

Rue 21 is a great brand, no lies. But, what about other stores like Rue 21 which works similarly and can offer more variety? Don’t you feel like other brands can offer better deals? To get you to your best Rue 21 alternative — we have mentioned a list of other stores like Rue 21 in this article, along with their highlights.


Boohoo stores like Rue 21

Boohoo is a clothing brand serving both males and females. The brand has a vast sea of clothing items and accessories to go well with all kinds of outfits. Whether you are in search of an elegant dress for an evening party or maybe it is about the proposal night with your girlfriend — you can find every type of outfit at Boohoo.

Boohoo is one of the best stores like Rue 21 because the fashion sense of both the brands is similar. Although both have different designs and patterns to follow — the overall vibe from both is similar. You will find utmost comfort when you wear Boohoo and the outlook has to get positive feedback from people.

The brand offers products under Dresses, Tops, Occasion Wear, Beauty, Sustainability, Shoes, Accessories and Summer (the title can change when a new season arrives) categories. 


  • Their online store has more variety than their physical store.
  • Each day, the brand has about 100 new updates in all the categories they offer.
  • New styles and inspiration material is uploaded regularly.
  • They offer a special category for plus-size clothing.
  • Every time you visit their website — you will be greeted with offers and deals.

Pricing and Quality: the pricing is surprisingly Low and entirely affordable for middle-class people. As for the quality, it is top-notch.


Kohl’s clothing store

Kohl’s is an American department store company owned by Kohl’s corporation. It is the largest department store chain in America according to the record of 2021 December. The brand has over 1,162 stores operating in every state of America leaving Hawaii. It is one of the best Rue 21 alternatives.

The brand has fashion categories like Clothing and shoes to offer along with lifestyle categories such as home decor, bedding, kitchen appliances and more. Along with the same, the website offers a good bunch of benefits like free shipping and easy returns regularly.

The brand offers products for Women, women plus size, young women, males, men’s big and tall, shoes, toys, kids, baby, outdoor living, bed, bath, furniture, decor, beauty, jewellery, accessories, active, wellness and back to school like categories.


  • The brand offers to ship free of charge all the time, irrespective of the area you are staying in. 
  • In case you got a defective piece or the wrong package, the brand offers easy returns every day. You can return the package without any hassle. 
  • The brand offers fast and free pick up from their physical stores.
  • They offer free shipping for orders worth $49 and more.

Pricing and Quality: the pricing is very low and with the quality — there is no way you will get such great deals anywhere else.

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TJMaxx clothing stores

TJ Maxx is a United States-based department store chain. The brand is doing business by selling items at lower prices compared to other similar stores. It has launched over 1000 physical stores across the United States and is one of the biggest clothing retailers in the nation.

The official website of the brand offers a good bunch of benefits for the customers. It is one of the best websites like Rue 21 because both the stores offer similar categories to their customers.

TJ Maxx here deals under categories like Dresses, Women, Man, kids, baby and Home. These categories are further subdivided into many more accurate categories accordingly.


  • It offers free shipping on all days for orders worth more than $89.
  • They offer free returns at the nearest local store to the customer.

Pricing and Quality: the quality of the brand, as mentioned in the feedback of the customers is good. The material feels comfortable and soft to wear. The outlook gives off a good vibe. As for the pricing — it is lower than anyone can expect for such good quality items.

Forever 21

Forever 21 store

Forever 21 is a fast-fashion retailer brand in the United States. If you are in search of clothes that can give you an exclusive outlook, then Forever 21 has multiple options for you. The range of the prices starts from very low. With its amazing quality — you can wear the outfit of your choice and shine all the time.

Forever 21 is one of the best stores like Rue 21. At the brand, you will meet with offers and discounts all the time and there is no stopping them. From comfy joggers and jeans to graceful dresses — the Forever 21 brand here has everything for you. You will get a huge list of categories under major categories like Women and Men on the website.


  • The collection they offer has plenty of items to choose from.
  • They got a beautiful user interface for their website and it is user friendly.
  • The prices fall under low amounts with designs being unique with every new season and festival.

Pricing and Quality: the quality of the items is no joke. The pricing starts from a very low price which is best for middle-class people. 

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Fashion Nova

Fashion Nova store

Fashion Nova is a fast-fashion retailer in the United States. The brand mainly focuses on its online website along with handling its 5 brick and mortar locations. From sexy club dresses to comfortable jeans, Fashion Nova has different patterns in skirts, bodysuits and many more categories.

The brand offers affordable clothing items which can do most of the work if you want to fill most parts of your closet. It is one of the best stores like Fashion Nova because these brands have similar objectives. The brand serves the customers with two major categories — Men and Women and actual categories are further added under each name accordingly.


  • The brand offers a good set of deals each time you visit their official website.
  • They have a vast sea of collections available. You will not run out of ideas and instead get inspired by their designer items.

Pricing and Quality: the quality is never compromised if it is about the material the brand uses to manufacture clothing items. The accessories are made to last longer than just a few months. As for the prices — most of the items stand under affordable amounts for middle-class people.

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Torrid plus size store

Torrid holdings is a famous women’s clothing store company in the United States. It was previously known as a Hot Topic. The store specialises in offering plus size women’s clothing along with accessories with sizes ranging from 10 to 30.

Torrid is one of the best stores like Rue 21 because similarly to Rue 21, it offers fast-fashion products that give you a piece of style and comfort altogether. You get to shop for good quality products like Jackets, shoes, chic outfits, tops, swimwear, lingerie and many more at affordable prices.


  • The brand specializes in offering plus size clothing for women. Unlike other companies, it pays 100% of its attention to manufacturing new and unseen designs under the plus-size category.
  • They offer a special category for sales and clearance and it offers a huge number of products from all the categories. 
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Final words: Stores like Rue 21

All the above-mentioned fashion brands are reliable and stable. All of them offer great quality items at affordable prices — best if you want to refill your closet with trendy outfits. The fine pieces from them will make you look no less than a fashion queen.

Frequently asked Questions 

Is Forever 21 and Rue 21 the same store?

No. Forever 21 and Rue 21 are two different fast fashion brands. None of them is near another and they are not affiliated in any way.

What stores are like aerie?

Smash + Tess, Free People, Province of Canada, Project Social T and Madewell are a few of the top brands to shop your favourite outfit from if you love shopping at Aerie.

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