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Uber App Not Working? Try These Steps Fix! [2024]

Uber App Not Working? Try These Steps Fix! [2024]

Uber app not working? – is the Uber app working on your device? – or is Uber down? – If there are hurdles which stop you to use the Uber app, just relax! Simply, go through the article and you will find the solution to the problem relating to your device.

Uber works as a taxi for you anytime, anywhere you need. It provides you with door-to-door safety to enjoy your ride. You just need to enter the location you want to go and a nearby driver will catch you and drop you at your location.

It may not work due to an unstable internet connection, older versions of the program, and many other issues. We will also discuss how to solve this problem.

Uber app not working

Is Uber down?

First, check the status of the Uber application at the down-detector. If it drops, relax and come back after a short time as Uber will solve the problem and provide a solution.

Why is Uber not working on my device?

There are many reasons why the Uber program may not work, such as a slow Internet connection, cache files, and many more, which are discussed below with the solutions.

Possible reasons

There are probably reasons why the Uber app doesn't work on your device. Just review the causes and find a solution to your problem.

Check internet connection

Sometimes a slow internet connection can be a hurdle when working with an app. So if you’re connected to your home network, just go through your mobile network and see if that helps.

Or check your Wi-Fi connection and turn off your router/modem for a while, then turn it on to fix the problem.

Clear cache files

Many times your cell phone's cache files act as a virus when you work with an application. If you want to compromise it, just clear your mobile phone's cache files from the settings or explicitly follow the steps below:

  1. On the Home screen, click Applications.
  2. Select Settings -> Applications -> Application Manager.
  3. Now select the Uber application from the list or select More -> Show System Applications.
  4. Select Storage -> Clear Data -> Clear Cache.

Update an app

An older version of the program may also be the reason why the Uber app does not work. If you are using an outdated version of the program, just update the program and see if it helps.

Reinstall the app

Many times important program files are deleted and this can affect program performance. So, you need to reinstall the program for it to work, and reinstalling it may fix your problem.

Restart your device

Restarting the device sometimes helps the program work because restarting the device can resolve issues with the internal system. So, restart your device to work with the Uber app.

Why is the Uber app not working on my iPhone?

There can be various reasons why the Uber app not working on iPhone to solve this, go through the steps listed above and hope it will solve your problem. The steps to clear cache files on iPhone are given below:

  • Open Settings.
  • Then go to General -> iPhone Storage.
  • Now, find the Uber app on the list and click on it.
  • After that, click offload App.  

Check server status

Now, check the server status of the Uber app at down-detector. If the down-detector is showing down, then wait for a few hours to get the solution for it.

Uber app will look after that problem and try to solve the problem in a short period of time. Else, if it is not down, the solution to it is to contact Uber customer support and ask them to solve it for you.

Contact customer support

Still, after trying all the steps provided above doesn’t solve your problem, you can contact Uber customer support to resolve your problem and can ask them to work after you. Simply, you have to go to help in the Uber app, then tap call support. To visit Uber help, click here.

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How do I clear cache in my Uber app?

To clear the cache of the Uber app, simply follow the steps listed below:
On the Home screen, click Applications.
Select Settings -> Applications -> Application Manager.
Now select the Uber application from the list or select More -> Show System Applications.
Select Storage -> Clear Data -> Clear Cache.

How do I refresh my Uber app?

To refresh to Uber app, click the green Update button on the screen located on the right-hand side. It will download the latest version of an app.

Why does Uber keep saying error?

At first, after you enter the pickup and drop location, the app will tell you about his availability in that area. If it is available in that area and keeps stating error, you can restart your app, reset network settings or reinstall the Uber app. regularly, check your software updates and keep the app up to date.

How do I contact Uber customer service?

Visit the Uber app and then tap call support or visit customer support on their website.