UberX vs Comfort: Quick Comparison [2021]

uberx vs comfort

UberX vs Comfort – If you are new to the Uber ride-sharing service, you might find that some options and terminology are pretty confusing. You’ll get to see terms like UberX and Uber Comfort. 

Wondering what the difference between UberX and Comfort is? In this article, I’ll show you a brief comparison between UberX and Comfort.

Uber is an American company whose services include food delivery, couriers, ride-hailing, freight transportation, and package delivery. 

You might by now know that you can use Uber to request an on-demand ride. However, you may not know that there are various Uber services to select from, each with a different rider capacity, different purpose, and a different cost.

UberX vs Comfort: What are they?

Among all other Uber services, the most common Uber services you’ll see in your city are UberX and Uber Comfort. 

Check out the article below on UberX vs Comfort, which explains what both services are, how much they cost, and which to select the exemplary service for the perfect circumstances.



UberX is a standard Uber car service offered to users. It is one of the most prominent car services provided by Uber. 

UberX offers low fare, private rides in standard sedan or other vehicles which can hold at least four passengers.

All you need to do is to open the Uber app, enter a destination without changing any of the default settings, and then an UberX ride is what you’ll get. 

UberX driers are supposed to undergo a background check and DMV check, so you can be sure that you’ll be safe and secure during your ride.

Furthermore, it’ll even ask you to rate your driver once your ride finishes. This will confirm that your driver is responsible for their conduct. 

Keep in mind that drivers can also rate you as a passenger.

Uber Comfort

Uber Comfort is one of the services available in the Uber app, which allows you to be matched only with experienced drivers. 

It has a new high-end product with several customization options. It allows you to make your trips more pleasant, and you can select your preferred temperature inside the car and whether you choose to chat with the driver or wish to have a silent ride.

Uber Comfort is specially designed for all riders who would like extra comfort en route at a reasonable price. 

It also offers a chance to stay creative while on a trip to work, wind down and relax while leaving work, or enjoy a bit extra comfort in your everyday trips.

UberX vs Comfort: Differences

Number of Passengers

UberX has seats of four passengers, and its cars are usually sedans such as Prius, Toyota, Honda Accord, Mazda3, Ford Escort, and more. UberX drivers are not professionally livery drivers, and a commercial license is not really needed; however, some UberX drivers have one.

Whereas Uber Comfort has four seats in a larger vehicle with more legroom and headroom than a standard UberX vehicle. Full-size SUVs and sedans qualify for Uber Comfort, and few markets also need Comfort vehicles to be newer models.

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Both UberX and Uber comfort prices depend on various factors. Uber uses an algorithm to determine the price of your ride. 

It usually charges a standard base along with the cost per mile and cost per minute.

We can say that for a regular UberX ride, the price is $23.97 and for the same ride, Uber Comfort will cost $31.16.

How to Ride

From both UberX and Comfort, you can enter your destination and then confirm your pick up. Once you’re matched with a driver, you’ll be able to see their picture and vehicle details and can track their arrival on the map.

Then, you can check the vehicle details and also request a specific route. After your ride, you’ll be automatically charged via a payment method on file, and you’ll be asked to rate your driver to help keep UberX and Uber comfort safe and enjoyable for everyone.

Final Words: UberX and Uber comfort provide Uber services to users who want to travel to desired destinations in different cities conveniently. 

I hope the above article on UberX vs Comfort has helped you find everything you wanted to know about UberX and Comfort.

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