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Amazon Flex vs Uber: Best for Side-Hustles? [2024]

Amazon Flex vs Uber: Best for Side-Hustles? [2024]

Amazon Flex vs Uber – both are the two top-most brands that hire drivers to deliver your packages. So, which among the two will be the best option for you? To find out that, keep on reading!

Amazon Flex and Uber are well-known brands across the globe. The two companies are respected and looked upon by many startup companies and brands.

While Amazon Flex is a part of, the world's largest online shopping, Uber is a trusted name for rides and food. With both being at the top levels, which driving opportunity can you choose?

Both firms offer driving opportunities to people who need a part-time job and money. Although the earnings can waver according to the day and time you worked – they still guarantee that you will not return empty-handed.

In this article, we will present to you the battle between – Amazon Flex vs Uber, to help you decide which one you should work for.

Amazon Flex vs Uber: Overview

Amazon Flex: are you looking for an opportunity that can give you a side income while you pursue the goals of your life? Amazon Flex, in this case, sounds interesting.

amazon flex vs uber

Amazon Flex is a subsidiary company helping drivers like you to deliver packages and earn in return. The major requirements will ask you to use your vehicle and a valid driver's license.

It is known to be the most popular shopping brand in the world. With Amazon Flex giving you full freedom to choose your shifts and income rates – The driver's role at Amazon Flex sounds incredible.

Uber: Uber is a multinational company popularly known for scheduling rides between customers and drivers. From bikes to SUV 8-seaters, all types of rides are available at Uber for rent.

Uber Technologies, Inc is a USA-based mobility providing service to consumers. Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp founded it in March 2009. Dara Khosrowshahi is its current CEO.

Uber is currently active in about 72 nations and 10,500 cities worldwide. It is initially based in San Francisco, California, USA and its subsidiaries include Postmates, Car Next Door, Drizly, and Uber eats.

Uber Driver's app is best for drivers of all kinds. You must have your own vehicle, the better the model and condition, the more convenient it is for the customer. A valid driver's license is a must along with other common requirements to make you eligible for Uber driver's position.

Amazon Flex vs Uber: Features

Amazon Flex Features

  1. Amazon Flex drivers get payouts every week. You can track the timing and management through your Amazon Flex Driver's application.
  2. Book any slot available in the week. The settlement of blocks is completed on a first-come, first-serve policy. If you could not make it on time and get the slot of your choice, it is nobody's but your mistake.
  3. They ask you to book slots and work according to them. Every slot is completed within 4 hours after its start.
  4. There is no working schedule appointed. You can work whenever you wish. It can be morning, afternoon, or evening.
  5. Earnings depend on three things – the time you picked for deliveries, the day you worked and the country you are living in.
  6. The work is easy and worth it. All you have to do is pick up and deliver the packages and all the contact and location information given prior.

Uber Features

  1. You decide who to pick up and from where to pick up. You can choose the locations you want to get customers from. You can either accept or reject the request according to your preferences.
  2. Points are added for the driver's behavior. If you are gentle and kind with all your customers, it will eventually lead them to vote you 5 stars and give you feedback which can add points for you.
  3. A manual will be dispatched with different riders.
  4. You decide your shift timing. Uber does not allow you a certain set of hours as working hours. You can take breaks whenever you wish and work whenever you are ready.
  5. Drivers are allowed to make customer requests on their own.
  6. If a rider likes your service, he/she can add you as the ‘Recommended driver'. The action will make you stand out and more people will choose you on-demand over other drivers.
  7. A summary report is regularly sent to drivers. The report will include your earnings, total tips, running km, and log-in hours.
uber vs amazon flex

Amazon Flex vs Uber: Driver's Requirements

Amazon Flex:

  • Be an adult.
  • Should at least have a two-wheeler bike or scooter.
  • Have a valid driver's licence.
  • Must have an original and valid PAN card.
  • Allow the company to go through the background and review it according to the verification policy.
  • The drivers with a four-door Sedan, Truck with a covered bed, or Van is preferred.
  • If the driver is living in the USA, they must have a social security number.


  • Be at least 18 years old or older.
  • Have a clear background.
  • Must have proof of residing in the city, state, or province.
  • Must have a pan card as proof.
  • Have a valid driver's license.
  • Have a registered vehicle along with the vehicle permit.
  • Own a vehicle with insurance.

Amazon Flex vs Uber: How to use the apps?

Amazon Flex:

  1. The initial step requires you to install the Amazon flex application on your smartphone.
  2. Log in with your driver's ID and set up the account according to your preferences.
  3. Amazon flex drivers are asked to reserve a block.
  4. When the day of your block arrives, travel to the location of pickup and pick up the packages.
  5. After you have picked up every package, you will deliver the packages to the respective addresses.
  6. Drive to all the addresses and deliver the packages accordingly.
  7. After you are done with all the deliveries, you will get paid through the direct deposit method twice a week.


  1. Install the Uber application for drivers and log in with your driver's ID.
  2. When you are ready with your vehicle to ride, open the application and tap on the option that says GO.
  3. When someone requests a driver near you, you will get a request along with the destination and fare. Fare and destination must not change once agreed upon by both sides.
  4. If the location and fare are of your type, you can accept the request and drive to where the rider is.
  5. Once you have picked up the rider, take him/her to the time and place.
  6. After you reach, and the payment is done, you can leave for your next ride.

Amazon Flex vs Uber: Payout

Amazon Flex: earnings of Amazon flex drivers depend on the location they are working in, the tips received, how long they are taking to deliver packages, and other multiple factors.

According to the survey by Amazon flex, a driver can earn up to $18 to $25 each hour delivering the Amazon flex packages. The amount can waver based on different elements.

Uber: the amount you earn on average can differ at different times and on different days. You cannot expect a certain amount to be received every time. The amount differs according to the location you are driving in and other factors.

According to the latest survey, Uber drivers in the USA can earn up to $36,270 per year with $18.60 an hour on average. The new driver's group can earn up to $34,125 per year whereas experienced drivers can earn up to $47,515 every year.

Amazon Flex vs Uber: Payout Time

Amazon Flex: after you have completed tasks, i.e., deliveries, it'll record the amount under your name automatically. But, transferring the money will take 5 to 10 business days to process.

Its built-in feature allows you to track the timings and management of your payments. This feature will help you know when your next payout is.

Uber: your income is calculated in a week cycle automatically after you complete your deliveries. The weekly cycle will begin at 4 a.m. on Monday and end by 3:59 a.m. on the upcoming Monday.

At times, because of the issues in the bank you have chosen, the payment can delay. Nonetheless, in usual times, you will receive payments on the regular schedule.

Amazon Flex vs Uber: Flexibility in work

Amazon Flex: the flexibility of time is good. You can work as per your own schedule and decide to work on any day of the week and any week in a month.

However, as every delivery boy is required to select a certain block in a week to deliver the packages, the driver is supposed to complete the task within the time allotted. Delay in the work can give the driver negative points. This can be one of the major disadvantages of drivers at Amazon flex.

Uber: Uber drivers are free to work according to their private life. They can decide when they wish to take a break when they want to have lunch, when they want to go home and when they want to drive.

Uber does not control the working time zones of its drivers. All they do is act as a bridge between the consumer and the driver. As long as the payments are reaching their pockets, Uber does not care when the drivers are ready to work and when they are logging off.

Final words

In the debate between Amazon Flex vs Uber for drivers, we will now come in with the results.

Starting from the reputation – both the countries are well known in the world as millions of consumers trust them across the globe.

Paying attention to the features, again, both of them have the best features for their own categories.

Using the applications is not the problem as basic information about how to use a general application is only required.

Coming to the requirements, both require you to pass more than half of the terms of the requirements for becoming a driver. If you cannot pass the required test, none of them will allow you to work for them.

The average rate per hour expected by both the company's drivers is similar. However, the payout time for Uber drivers takes a bit more time compared to Amazon flex. It requires more than just a week to process the transfer whereas, with Amazon Flex, you can receive the payment schedule every week.

In flexibility at work, Amazon flex is seemingly a step behind Uber because of its block policy for drivers. To conclude in the battle of Amazon flex vs Uber – none won and none lost. They both are the best options for drivers out there.

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Frequently asked Questions

Which one is better Uber or Amazon Flex?

Amazon Flex has seen to acquire the 1st position by paying 26.56% more compared to other brands including Uber.

Which is better Doordash or Amazon Flex?

Amazon Flex gives a more flexible job as in a Doordash, you have to visit multiple restaurants to pick up different packages. In the Amazon flex driver job –  you get to pick all the packages from one place and then deliver it to different addresses.

Which Delivery company pays more?

Amazon Flex seems to pay 26.56% more than others, Uber in the 2nd position pays 5.02% more and Lyft which has obtained the 3rd rank pays 3.15% more than other package delivery service providers.