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Mr. Number Review: Is It Worth It? [2024]

Mr. Number Review: Is It Worth It? [2024]

Mr. Number Review: Are you being distracted by company calls and prank calls? If so, then Mr. Number will be one of the best options that will help you get rid of all the aforementioned.

In this world, people have found many unique and unpredictable ways to sway away from boredom. One of the many ways is – doing prank calls. Apart from prank calls, companies too can call you frequently to update you about their new launches and products – which will surely irritate a being.

You can easily get distracted by these phone calls. On top of everything, what if the call you are receiving is neither a company call nor a prank call – but something serious? to prevent anything bad from happening – how about you put a stop to all this beforehand?

But how do you do it? You can put a stop to these happenings with the help of certain apps which will help you block the unwanted caller-ID forever. Most of the apps are free to use while some have subscription plans.

Out of all the call-blocking apps, we have Mr. Number here, a well-suited and ideal app for you if you want to block all the unwanted people from your life.

In this article, we will give you Mr. Number review and everything you are required to know about it – which will help you decide whether Mr. number is worth a shot or not.

What is Mr. Number?

Mr. Number is an app that helps you block the area code, caller ID, or all of them. Mr. Number is the best and most comprehensive spam protection and caller ID protection service provider. Surprisingly, it has a good set of options to block calls as well as messages, whichever you want.

Reporting the spam number on Mr. Number is not a big deal. After you receive a call, the number will show up in the Mr. Number' call log. You can tap on the number, then scroll down to the bottom of the page to tap on ‘Report spam. It will ask you what type of call it was, and after you select an option, and leave a comment, you are all set.

In case, if you wish to remove your cell phone number from Mr. Number app, follow a few steps. In your iPhone settings, go to ‘Phone', then tap on ‘Call blocking' and Identification. Force quit the settings of Mr. Number and then uninstall it.

Mr. Number Review

How does it work?

To help yourself with Mr number on mobile, follow the steps given below:

  1. Install the application on your mobile.
  2. After installation, tap on the blue button that says ‘Get started.'
  3. Give Mr number all the permissions required.
  4. On your device, navigate to the contact list.
  5. Scroll down till you find the number or type in the starting numbers of the phone number in the search bar at the top of the screen. You can also search for the number in the recent calls or messaging app.
  6. Copy the number on your dial pad and then tap on the red button that says ‘Lookup'.
  7. If the user is someone you know or is familiar with, save the number or block them.


  1. With the help of Mr. Number app, you can block a specific number or a set of numbers by following simple steps.
  2. You can protect your phone number from spoofed phone number scams and fraud.
  3. Spam detection technology, an Industry-leading technique, is always in the background, working to keep you safe from robocalls.

Plans and Pricing

Mr. Number is a paid application that will give you a free trial of 7 days before giving you an option to subscribe if you feel like continuing using the services.

You have two options to pay for the Mr. Number subscription plan – you can either go for a monthly subscription that will cost you $2.99 every month or go for the yearly one which will ask for $14.99 every year.

Customer Service

If you wish to approach the customer service team of Mr. number, in case you have developed any queries about anything, you can dial their common customer care number which is 650 347 3357.

In case, you wish to approach them through email, the email details are always updated and present on their official website. Visit the website, scroll down till the contact details are visible, and then send them an Email mentioning your issue.

Mr. Number Alternatives

Mr. Number has a good set of alternatives. If Mr. Number is not of your type, you can go for its alternative, among which half of them are free to use for a lifetime. The list of Mr. Number's alternatives is listed below:

  • Nomorobo
  • Robokiller
  • Hiya
  • Truecaller

Is it safe?

Mr. Number is a well-trusted and tested call-blocker application. It is an honest app that is flexible and powerful and is not associated with any marketing agency to give your contact details to them for marketing and business purposes.

Is it Worth it?

Mr. Number reviews say that the app is worth a try. Although it asks for a subscription after 7 days, the features are worth $2.99  every month.

Mr. Number reviews also included the super-fast services of the customer care team of Mr. Number. They respond to you as quickly as possible with the easiest solution.

And according to the Mr. Number reviews, if you can spend on services like these – Mr. Number must be your first try.

Final Words

Mr. Number, with a low amount as a premium, is giving you a good amount of benefits. The techniques it uses are swift and safe. With Mr. Number on active mode on your cell phone – you must not stress about spam and unwanted calls.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mr Number safe?

Yes. Mr. Number is 100% safe to use and install on your mobile. It does not steal data from your device and instead, work to block all unwanted phone numbers.

Is Mr. Number still free?

No. Mr. Number is not a free service provider. It costs you $2.99 for a month or $14.99 for a year.