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Scam Shield Review: Is It Worth It? [2024]

Scam Shield Review: Is It Worth It? [2024]

Scam Shield Review: Do you receive prank calls and telemarketing calls daily? Are you fed up with endless calls from companies? If so, then installing Scam Shield sounds perfect.

Today, everyone is in a race to fight for competition. Competition prevails in every part of the world. From students acquiring the highest ranks to content websites hoping to arrive on the first page of Google results – who doesn't compete?

Boredom is the reason for many innovations and shocking events. You can learn to cook, start watching a genre which you hated, start dancing when you didn't even know what the D from Dance meant – all this out of boredom.

While the competition has led many companies to start marketing in different ways – it can connect to you eventually, how? Through telemarketing.

While boredom can lead some fellows to make a prank call to you. Telemarketing, Prank calls, Suspicious calls from con artists, and whatnot – many things can happen through a call.

To step out of this zone and protect you from unwanted events – we have Scam Shield. To know what Scam Shield is and how it can be of your help, read the following article below.

What Is Scam Shield?

Scam Shield is a free software for Androids and iOS devices that is developed for postpaid customers for both Apple and Android users.

The free app contains good features including – allowing you to check the scam calls you will probably receive and turning on the scam block, where the app will automatically block any phone number it finds suspicious – without informing you.

Scam Shield t-mobile is helpful for one more reason – with the help of it, you can not only block the company calls but can also bid byes to fraudulent, telemarketer, and Scam calls.

And it helps you protect yourself from unwanted problems that start from mere calls. Prank call or a con man calling for fooling you – with the automatic block feature of Scam Shield t-mobile, you can prevent these unpredictable events from taking place.

How does Scam Shield work?

The t-mobile Scam Shield text message algorithm is something only a few people are aware of. With this t-mobile camp Shield text message, whenever you receive a message from an unknown number, scam Shield will investigate if the message is coming from a real person, or a marketing company.

If the SMS is from a scammer or company, it'll add the SMS to a junk SMS folder automatically. From there, the SMSes will be sent to SPF and NCPC for collation.

To learn how you can make use of t-mobile scam shield for blocking a number, follow the steps given below:

  1. Install the T-Mobile scam Shield app on your device.
  2. Once installed, open the app and tap on the ACTIVITY option.
  3. Your call log will appear.
  4. Select the number or set of numbers that are supposed to be reported.
  5. Once you are done, tap on the REPORT button.
  6. In the drop-down menu of categories, choose the well-suited category that tells the accurate type of call you received.
  7. Lastly, tap on the SEND REPORT option.

Is it Legal and Safe?

Scam Shield is 100% legal and safe. Scam Shield is a call-blocking app and software that works according to the laws opposed. It has never been involved in criminal acts and such.

It is not associated with any scam or marketing company that would like to buy your data, especially your Phone number.

Scam Shield will never ask you to pass on your sensitive information or give permission to invade your privacy in any way. They will only ask for permissions for required apps and terms inside your device.

Thus, using the Scam Shield app is 100% safe and secure and the data inside your device will stay inside and safe.

Plans and Pricing

T-Mobile Scam Shield costs $2 a month. Scam Shield premium gives you additional call control features which are beyond the free services provided by the app.

Once you pay the T-Mobile scam Shield cost, you will immediately get access to the additional features that help you combat useless robocalls and handle nuisance calls.

Interface and Performance

Interface: if we are talking about the interface of the T-Mobile Scam Shield, just to let you know, the app is easy to manage.

You are not required to master anything while using the app. The app guides the users even if you are not a new member.

The helping guide is always present in the app and if you are still facing any problem or have a query, you can contact the customer care support services.

Performance: The Scam Shield app works smoothly. The services of the team are top-notch. The customer care support services will respond to you as quickly as possible.

On top of that, they will not mingle you in complicated procedures to resolve your issue. Instead, they will help with most of the parts and will stay connected with you until the issue is resolved.


  1. Get access to view the number of scam calls you are likely to receive.
  2. A feature in the app allows you to turn on the Scam Block, which will automatically block the call or text from scammers.
  3. With a few easy steps, you will be able to report fraudsters, telemarketers, scam callers, and more.
  4. You can report misidentified and unwanted phone calls.
  5. The software will allow you to switch on the inbound caller ID feature.
  6. You can view your outbound caller ID.
  7. A feature in the app will allow you to select a set of numbers to always ring through.

Is It Worth it?

Yes. T-Mobile Scam Shield is worth every penny you spend on its subscription. Your $2 every month will give you protection from con artists, telemarketers, marketing companies, and prank callers.

Final words: Scam Shield Review

To the people who can invest in protecting themselves and their time from nuisance calls – install Scam Shield and stay on the safe side. If you do not trust what we say – the internet has a good set of Scam Shield reviews for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the T-Mobile scam Shield reviews Reddit say?

“TMobile Scam shield is the best thing ever. Installed it just a week ago. I was losing my mind before this.” – are the Words by one of the Scam Shield app users.

Is T-Mobile scam Shield free?

You can enjoy the 7-day free trial from Scam Shield. After that, you are required to pay $2 every month.

Is shield a scam?

No. Scan Shield is not a scam. T-Mobile scam Shield is a 100% legitimate call-blocker app.