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Favor vs Doordash: Is Favor Better Than Doordash? [2024]

Favor vs Doordash: Is Favor Better Than Doordash? [2024]

Favor vs Doordash: Although Favor and Doordash are separate companies, you might still be curious as to what's the difference between them and which is better in which terms.

Favor and Doordash are package delivery companies based in the USA. Whether you are an individual or starting a small-scale business in a street store, you might need help from both companies. If you think that both compete, they are simply not. But, they are the best alternatives for each other.

While both companies are good at servicing the consumers, they also help the ones who can drive and deliver packages for the companies. With flexible timing and good hourly rates, you can find a lot of drivers working for Doordash and Favor.

So, to understand the difference between the two and how they work, keep reading the article below.

Favor vs Doordash: What are they?

Favor: Favor delivery company is a famous package delivery App founded in San Antonio, Texas in 2013.

H-E-B is Favor's parent organization, which is under H-E-B in 2018. With Favor, it is easy to get your item delivered, even if it is in the next city, or to your doorstep.

When you are expecting someone special for dinner – you might want to order something different. But if you wish to cook tonight and there is something you are missing, you might find it online but there is no way you can grab it from the store which is in the next city. With the help of Favor, you can get the item within 24 hours and most of the time within an hour.

favor vs doordash

Doordash: DoorDash is a famous package delivery service provider that has completed 1 million deliveries successfully with 20,000,000 people using the brand. It has over 450,000 seller associates.

Doordash has its branches launched in Puerto Rico, Canada, Australia, and the USA. You can search for Seafood, Indian food, Greek food as well as a famous dish from a 5-star Hotel on the Doordash Food delivery application. The major highlight of the company is that their drivers have a specific name for them – called ‘Dashers'.

Doordash has a wide range of items, including juices, chocolates, groceries, alcohol, and evening snacks, and they are also affiliated with well known fast food brands like Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, McDonald's, KFC, Red Rooster, etc

Doordash swings both ways. Whether you are craving a sweet dish or want to cook yourself for dinner but few ingredients are missing. In both situations, you can ask for help from Doordash and it will deliver your package in a few minutes.

Favor vs Doordash: Features


  1. Favor will get anything you wish for. Let it be on sale on another town or farther away from it, Favor will get the item within an hour, but on the same day.
  2. On the homepage, you will find all the featured list of items. You can order any of them or add your favorite items from different stores to the cart.
  3. The application is easy to handle.
  4. It is available on both Androids and iPhones.


  1. Doordash works in over 4,000 cities across 4 countries.
  2. With Doordash, you have two options – either order the ingredients of your favorite dish or directly order it from a restaurant that makes it best.
  3. Dashers have the advantage of choosing the schedule on their own. Along with the timing, they can also decide on which days in the week they would like to work. They can either choose the weekdays or the weekend.
  4. If you are interested in taking the subscription plan of Doordasd, called a Dashpass, you will get free deliveries on all the orders you make.
doordash vs favor

Favor vs Doordash: For Drivers

Favor: Favor has a set of common requirements. To become a Favor runner – you are supposed to ace all these requirements or the company will not accept your application.


  • Be an adult.
  • Have an active driver's license from the USA.
  • Own a Personal Reliable vehicle.
  • Have a bank account to transfer the Revenue through the Direct Deposit Method.
  • Own an Android or iOS device.
  • Should not have any record of violating driving rules.
  • Be able to pass a criminal background check.

Doordash: if compared, DoorDash has a high pay for their Dashers. Along with the advantage that they can choose their own shift timing, they can also decide when they would like to get paid. By passing a few eligibility tests, they can become a Dasher.


  • Own a Bicycle, Car or Bike.
  • Must own a Bike or Car Insurance.
  • Have a clean driving history. He or She should not have violated any driving rules in the last 7 years.
  • Be an Adult.
  • Have a Smartphone.

To become a Dasher – your first step requires you to provide information like your full name, phone number, email address, and the vehicle type you own. The last step involves you adding pictures of some legal documents, including insurance, registration, and driver's licence.

Once you submit all the required items, they will move forward to do a background check on you. If you pass the background check successfully, they will send an activation kit, which includes the uniform, and a red card – which you can use to pay when you pick up a package from any store or restaurant.

Favor vs DoorDash: How to use the app?

Favor for Consumers:

  • Step 1- visit or install an application from Browser for any app store.
  • Step 2- on either of the platforms – you can tap on the search icon on the screen to brown your favorite restaurant, dish, or store.
  • Once you are sure about the order, you can place it.

If you wish to try something new, Favor delivery will have a list of featured recommendations every day for you.

Favor for Drivers:

  • Open the Runner app for Favor and you will see the Delivery zone.
  • When you are ready to deliver – tap on the ‘Clock in' button at the bottom of the screen to indicate you are ready to go.
  • Whenever you save an order, the Runner app will notify you of the store's or restaurant's location.
  • After you have picked up the item, tap on the ‘Safe Prize' to let the person know what price they have to pay.
  • Take a pick of the receipt with the list of items visible and tap ‘Save'.
  • After you have checked all the items are good, hit the ‘Submit' then ‘Leaving store' options before leaving for delivery.

Doordash for Consumers:

  1. Download the Doordash application on your Smartphone.
  2. Create an account with your general information or only track your location and add your address.
  3. On the homepage, the customer can surf items available or search for items in the search bar present at the top of the screen.
  4. Customers can add the items to the cart and go for placing the order.
  5. After looking at the delivery fee allowed and other information, customers can place the order. They can pay through cash on delivery or online payment too.

Doordash for Drivers:

  1. Install the Dasher application on your smartphone.
  2. Switch on the application and login into your account.
  3. The available deliveries will be shown on the screen.
  4. Dashers can accept or reject the request.
  5. After accepting the order the Location of the Stores and Customer will be visible on the screen. With the help of the same, the Driver is supposed to Deliver the Package.

Favor vs Doordash: Pay for Drivers

Favor: Favor pays its runners 35% of the delivery fee and they can keep all the tips from the customers. According to Favor, runners can earn up to $9 to $10 per hour. But with busy areas and peak times, the earnings can increase up to $12 to $18 per hour.

Doordash: Dashers can earn approximately $7 to $25 per hour. The average from the same is $20 per hour. Dashers can earn in three ways – Base fee behind every delivery, tips from the customers, and promotions for completing extra or hard tasks.

Favor vs Doordash: Pay Time

Favor: Favor uses an automatic system that will transfer your earned money to your account every week. If the Runner does not want to wait, with the help of the Instant pay application, they can deposit the earnings into the debit card every 2 days.

Doordash: Doordash has decided to pay Dashers every week on Wednesdays. In Emergencies, Dashers living in America can withdraw cash once per day through Fast pay.

Favor vs Doordash: Flexibility

Favor: Runners decide their own timing. Favor company does not interfere with the schedules of Runners. So, they are free to choose and alter schedules according to their preferences.

Doordash: Dashers are their own Heads. No one controls the schedule for Dashers. They can work whenever they wish. Weekdays or Weekdays – 8 in the morning or 7 in the evening, everything works with Doordash.

Final words

Favor and Doordash are the best food delivery apps that are known for their systematic and on-time services.

Comparatively, Doordash has more to show with its online menu, while with the help of Favor's both – application and website, you can make use of your Desktop or Mobile for ordering the item.

Also, Doordash has a better overview of career opportunities, a positive business outlook, and compensation and benefits topics. Favor is a step ahead of Doordash in this case. Favor has the best rating overall, including senior management, culture and values, CEO approval, and Work-life balance. They both are the same when it comes to recommending a Friend.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is delivering with Favor worth it?

If you are thinking about becoming a Full-time runner, then that might not be suitable. But, a runner job is worth the shot if you're looking for a great Part-time or Hourly job.

Does Favor pay better than Uber?

Yes. Favor pays better than UberEats. While UberEats Drivers can earn a sum from $8 to $12 per hour, Favor guarantees a sum between $9 to $12 per hour

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