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Waitr vs Doordash: Working, Who Pays More, Better? [2024]

Waitr vs Doordash: Working, Who Pays More, Better?  [2024]

Do you think Waitr has more features than Doordash? And DoorDash pays more to its Dashers when compared to Waitr? Who do you think is the best? Waitr vs Doordash.

In the run of life, one cannot think only about himself/herself. And, to think about family, a man has to find over one job to keep up with the pace.

When talking about part-time or hourly gigs, they have a lot of regulations to follow. For customers, would you like it if the order instructions given by you are not followed?

Waitr and DoorDash, two famous delivery service providers are here to help you. The companies are well known in the lands of America and connect you with your desired store or restaurant.

So, Waitr vs Doordash, who do you think is the best? With both the companies in competition, you can easily choose one but which will suit your taste? Do you know that?

To solve your problems with both these topics, and help you decide on your ultimate brand – in the article below we are presenting you the comparison for both the companies.

Waitr vs Doordash : What are they?


waitr vs doordash

Waitr is a famous American online delivery service provider that works both ways – for food delivery and item delivery. Whether you wish to get your favorite dish from your favorite restaurant – or all the items for your favorite dish to make for dinner tonight, you can get everything at Waitr.

You can download the Waitr app on your smartphone. The app acts as a bridge between the restaurant or store and consumers. So, without the help of Waitr, it is hard to order food online.

Chris Means is the founder of Waitr and Lake Charles, Louisiana is its birthplace. They launched it in 2008 and McNeese State University is the main supporter of this Business.

The company works more in the southern states of the country, including Hawaii, Florida, Georgia, Texas, the Dakota's, Carolina, and 17 States.

Carl Grimstad is the current CEO of the company and it is under Fertitta Entertainment mainly. It serves the states of the USA. Homer Logistics, Bite Squad and Delivery Dudes are its Subsidiaries.


Doordash is another delivery service provider that has over 450,000 users as its merchants. According to the records, about tens of thousands of people are Doordash's customers and it has completed over 1 million deliveries.

From local restaurants to 5-star brands of hotels specializing in cuisines – get every type of menu at DoorDash. The online application of the company gives you all the menus you can order from in your location. The food menus contain – Evening Snacks, Juices, Candies, Chocolates, Groceries, Alcohol, etc.

Apart from the restaurants, DoorDash also pays equal attention to famous brands like LFC, Subway, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, McDonald's, Red Rooster, etc.

Moreover, Doordash has franchises launched in Australia, the United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada. The highlight of the brand is that they call their Drivers ‘Dashers', a name for all the drivers who work for them and deliver their packages.

Waitr vs Doordash – What are their features?

Below are all the Features explained about Waitr and DoorDash.

Waitr Features

  • You can search by three terms – Restaurant, Item, or Cuisine.
  • You can handle Waitr through the app and the web.
  • The payment method is secured and the company offers a good bunch of payment methods.
  • In-app customer care support is available.
  • After the order is accepted and the driver is allotted the task, customers can track the live location of the package.
  • Do you stay with your family? Ground ordering is a special feature at Waitr.

Doordash Features

  • Dashers can select the time span of their schedule, can make changes in their working hours as per their private schedule, and can take breaks in the middle for emergencies.
  • Doordash works in 4,000 cities in Total.
  • With Doordash, you can order your favorite meal and other food materials. For instance, if you want to cook a special meal for yourself – the Doordash delivery man can stop by the doorstep and deliver your package of ingredients.
  • Dashpass, the subscription plan of Doordash can help you get free delivery on unlimited orders.

Waitr vs Doordash: For Drivers

Waitr for Drivers

Waitr hires drivers to deliver their packages. All Waitr drivers get a benefit – they will get free delivery on their orders. Waitr appreciates the hard work of their drivers – thus, this is an action of Gratitude.


  • Be an adult. Minors are strictly prohibited.
  • Must possess a driver's license.
  • Have insurance for the vehicle they will be using.
  • Possess any type of Smartphone.
  • Should not have rule-breaking records and such. Clean records are mandatory.
  • Must have an insulated bag.
  • Owning a car is preferred.

Waitr drivers are sole contractors. They are requested to use their own vehicle, gas, and insurance, and buy an insulated bag. The company receives new driver applications through the statistical logistics contractor.

Doordash for Drivers

Doordash hires people ready to work as Dashers. Although they are required to pass some eligibility tests to become a dasher, the pay is nice compared to other delivery service providers.


  • Have a bicycle, car, or bike.
  • Must have a clear history of driving. He or she must not have violated any major driving rules in the past 7 years.
  • Pass a criminal background check.
  • Have a Social Security Number if residing in the USA.
  • Have a valid driver's license.
  • Possess car/bike insurance.
  • Be of 18 years.
  • Have an Android or iPhone.

To sign-up for Dasher, you are required to pass on some general information about yourself, such as email address, full name, phone number, and vehicle type.

doordash vs waitr

The next step will involve you adding pictures of legal documents, including a driver's license, registration, and insurance. Last, go for a background check request.

If you pass the background check, you are selected. Doordash will then pass you the activation kit and a red card. The Activation kit will have items like your uniform and you can use the red card to pay for the orders in the stores and restaurants.

Waitr vs Doordash – How to use?

Waitr for Consumers

  1. You can either install the application or visit the website of the brand.
  2. Then, you are required to type in your accurate address for the system to track your location.
  3. Based on the customer's search and location, the menus will be shown.
  4. Choose the desired item or meal and order it.
  5. You will be notified of the updates when your order is accepted when you get the delivery man and the status of the order through the mobile app.

Waitr for Drivers

  1. To start taking the orders – Swipe the ‘Start Driving' option at the bottom of your screen.
  2. When you receive a request, you can have a look at the details and accept or reject it accordingly.
  3. If you accept the order, you will have to pick up the order and deliver it to the address.

Drivers are supposed to check the orders according to the receipt before leaving for delivery. It also advises them to swipe the ‘Stop driving' option to sign off from the job.

Doordash for Consumers

  1. The first step involves you downloading the Doordash application, opening an account, or only typing the address to track the location – is the customer's choice.
  2. After the consumer surfs on the online menu and adds items to the cart, they can opt for ordering.
  3. While Ordering, it asks you to accept the delivery fee and tip allotted.

Doordash for Drivers

  1. Login to your account as a Dasher.
  2. The delivery opportunities currently available will be shown on the screen.
  3. Accept the request if you are ok or reject it.
  4. After you accept the delivery, you are supposed to pick the package and deliver it to the person's doorstep.

Waitr vs Doordash: Driver pay

  • Waitr: the average income per hour of a Waitr driver is $17. According to the company's Statistical methods, it is proved that the driver can earn from $5 to $21 depending on the tasks.
  • Doordash:
    1. Base fee
    2. Tips
    3. Promotions

Dashers are given 100% of the delivery fee and Tips from the customers. For every delivery you make, they will pay you a minimum amount as a base fee.

Dashes can earn up to $7 to $25. $20 is a sum they can earn on an average per hour. The base fee ranges from $2 to $10. It is based on the estimated time, popularity of the order, and the distance covered.

Waitr vs Doordash – Payout time


Waitr has three plans for payments. All the Payments are accessed through Hyperwallet. You can choose the daily plan and get your pay daily at 6:30 pm CDT / 5:30 pm CST. For weekly payments – the day is Thursday at 6:30 pm CDT / 5:30 pm CST. Bi-weekly payments will pay you on the 1st and 15th of every month by 6:30 pm CDT / 5:30 pm CST.


Dashers get paid every week on Wednesdays. The payments are transferred into their bank account through deposits. For this purpose, you are supposed to provide the bank account details beforehand.

At times of emergencies, Dashers from the USA have an option to withdraw the money once per day. The withdraw mode must be fast pay and it charges a fee of $1.99 per transfer.

Waitr vs Doordash: Flexibility of job


The decision of the driver's schedule is in the driver's hands. They can decide when to start working and when to start. They can take breaks whenever they feel like it.


Dashers are allowed to choose their schedule of work. They can make changes in the schedule according to their schedule. If they wish to work for 5 hours on Monday and only 2 hours on Tuesday, they can do it.

Waitr vs Doordash – Key Points to More Earnings


  1. Choose the hour of your free time so that you won't be messing with your daily schedule.
  2. As the Miles covered do not count, you can go for short-distance orders mostly.


  1. To get more tips – Choose large orders.
  2. Ignore the high-traffic areas as they will only waste your time.
  3. If possible, use a bicycle to save petrol.
  4. Accept deliveries during busy hours.
  5. Be kind and smile often to customers for a good reputation.

Final words

We are sure by reading the above context; you have a good idea which among the two is best – Waitr or Doordash. Both have similarities in providing services for customers and drivers. Waitr vs Doordash vs GrubHub – all the three can be compared too and you will find a lot more similarities.

So, with keeping the Key points in mind – to maximize both parties, you can earn a good sum from either of them as a Part-timer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who pays more Waitr or Doordash?

The earnings depend on the work and certain terms. But, Compared to Waitr, Doordash pays you an extra $3 per hour on average. So Doordash pays more.

How much do Waitr Drivers make?

Waitr drivers can earn up to $17 per hour. If the work is hectic, they can as well earn a bunch of dollars more.

Does Waitr or Doordash pay more?

Both of the Food Delivery companies pay good amounts on average. You can earn $17 from Waitr and $20 from Doordash per hour.

How much do Waitr Drivers make an hour?

Waitr drivers can earn up to $17 on average per hour. But, the sum can increase if the workload is more and decrease if it is less.

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