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Uber Eats vs Instacart: Which One is Best For Drivers? [2024]

Uber Eats vs Instacart: Which One is Best For Drivers? [2024]

Uber Eats vs Instacart: People say Uber Eats does not have enough features while Instacart is only for item home delivery. Then, which among the two is best for you?

If you wish to know which among the two, Uber Eats and Instacart are well suited for you, the answer is simple – they both are.

So, if you wish to order food online from a wide variety of online menus, you can go for UberEat. Or, if you want to order a good amount of heavy Groceries or other items from electronics or any other shop, Instacart would do your work perfectly.

Both applications are dedicated to what they do. One is solely for food while the other is for other items apart from food. Both are delivery service providers but work in different ways. If you wish to have both of them installed on your smartphone, you can go along with this idea too.

With Uber Eats, you can order food whenever you wish. By installing the Instacart application on your smartphone, you wouldn't need to go out of your house to buy small things all the time.

However, if you are curious what's the difference between both of them and which application is better than the other for different topics, the following article will give you all the answers to your questions.

Uber Eats vs Instacart – Overview

Uber Eats: Uber is a trusted name in the delivery service provider industry. While we have UberRides for traveling, we also have Uber Eats for ordering our favorite food online. ou can order the food within a few minutes.

Uber Eats allows customers to choose their favorite dish from their favorite restaurant and order it with the minimum amount charged for delivery.

The application is available on both the Apple Store and the Google Play Store. It is easy to handle and all ages of people can order from it. And opening an account is not necessary as only adding the address will be sufficient.

Uber Eats is the most famous online food d

elivery service provider in the world.

uber eats vs instacart

Instacart: Apoorva Mehta, Brandon Leonardo, and Max Mullen founded Instacart in 2020 June. Fidji Simo is the current Head of the company.

Instacart works in the states of America and Canada. With the help of this application installed on your smartphone, you can order Food Ingredients, Electronic items, Wooden items, etc from stores that are far away from your doorstep.

It has an online menu with 500 verified and trusted retailers' process connections. It is associated with over 700 local regional and national retailers. If you are searching for an item online in their online menu, you may find it.

With the help of Instacart, not only you and I, like consumers, are getting benefits by staying at home, but the company also gives opportunities for driving positions to the ones in need.

Installation of the application on your smartphone is like any other application. You can find the app on the App Store and Google Play Store for Android and Apple devices. You can also use it if you wish to check the availability of items in a certain store near you.

Uber Eats vs Instacart – Features

Uber Eats Features:

  1. As the name – Uber is famous in the whole world, you will find no problem in accessing the application in any area of the USA.
  2. Before confirmation of the order, the app will show you all the details along with the delivery fee and other charges.
  3. Uber Eats has a wide range of cuisines added to its online menu, including Indian, Greek, Italian, Chinese, and Thai.

Instacart Features:

  1. Registration is not mandatory for anyone. You can create your account with a few easy steps for better usage of the features or just add your address and go along with it.
  2. Easy returns and cancellation policies. You can return the delivery or cancel the order if anything goes wrong.
  3. There is an in-app tracking option. It allows you to track your order live's location.
  4. When your delivery gets a delivery person appointed, you will get all the required details of the delivery boy/girl along with the ratings and reviews are given by his or her past customers.
  5. The app has the feature of filtering search results and locations. With the help of this feature, you can receive accurate results about the item you searched for.

Uber Eats vs Instacart – How to use it?

Uber Eats:

  1. Download the Uber Eats application on your smartphone. You can easily find it on Google Play Store or Apple Store.
  2. Once it is installed, open it and browse through the restaurants on the homepage. You can also search for your favorite dish or restaurant with the help of the search bar at the top of the homepage.
  3. Once you add items to your card, enter the location when needed and place the order once confirmed.
  4. While waiting for the delivery to arrive, you can also track your order with help of the in-app tracking feature.


  1. First, you'll have to download the Instacart application on your mobile.
  2. Either you can choose to make an account or only at the address to track your location.
  3. Whenever you feel the need to order an item online, you can open the application, type in the item name on the search bar, and with the help of the filters, you will get the results of the item near you.
  4. Add the item or the list of items in your cart, have a look at all the details including the delivery fee then confirm it.

Uber Eats vs Instacart – For Drivers

Uber Eats and Instacart hire drivers who can deliver their packages to the customers. While they take a specific delivery fee from the customer, they give a stipend with a fixed rate to their drivers per task completed. In both cases, drivers can earn a minimum amount.

Uber Eats Driver's Requirements:

  • Be 18 years old or older.
  • Must obtain a driver's licence.
  • Able to pass proof that says he or she is living in the City.
  • Should not have a record of breaking any driving rules recently.

Instacart Driver's Requirements:

  • Have the ability to lift at least 50 lbs, with or without accommodation.
  • Must get a smartphone. He or she must have an Android 5.0 and above model for iPhone 6s and above Model.
  • Be eligible to work within the borders of the USA.
  • Be of 18 years or older.
  • His or her own vehicle.
instacart vs uber eats

Uber Eats vs Instacart – How to start?

Uber Eats:

  1. Uber eats drivers are asked to download the application for drivers on their mobiles.
  2. After opening the installed application, you can proceed to the map screen.
  3. On the map screen, there will be a status bar at the bottom, tap on it.
  4. At the bottom of the screen, you will see one more icon for settings. It will help you alter your driving preferences.
  5. The last step involves the driver tapping on the ‘Deliveries' to switch on the Uber Eats deliveries. Once you accept all the terms and conditions, you will start receiving requests for deliveries.


  1. The Shoppers of Instacart are asked to choose a batch that includes all the stories they can deliver from.
  2. Shoppers can either select the set of stores that is near their area or choose the ones they hold a liking for.
  3. They are asked to install an application through which they will receive the delivery requests.
  4. Once they receive their first request, they can either accept it if they like the task or reject it.
  5. After accepting a request, they are required to visit the store to first pick up the package and then drive all the way to the customer's house and drop the package on their doorstep.

If Shoppers own a car and they have a friend traveling along, they can take that friend along with them to all the destinations. If the package is heavy, the friend can help them drop it on the customer's doorstep.

Uber Eats vs Instacart – Payout

Uber Eats: Uber eats drivers can expect up to $15 per hour of work. The pay depends on the day they work and the time they have worked. If they are lucky enough, they can be paid for per minute work too.

Instacart: Instacart drivers are known as ‘Shoppers'. There are two types of Shoppers – one is called the In-store Shoppers and the other category is called the full-service Shoppers.

In-store Shoppers are the ones that help the store owners to handle the store. Full-service Shoppers are the ones that will pick up the packages from the store and deliver it to the customer's house.

In-store Shoppers have a fixed stipend according to the workload they share. The rate of their pay depends on the store they are working in. Full-service Shoppers get $5 for every task they complete. According to Instacart, full-service Shoppers can earn up to $10 for every service batch.

Uber Eats vs Instacart – Payout Time

Uber Eats: the instant cash payout gives your the authority to withdraw 5 times a day from your earnings. Uber eats pay immediately. While you are driving and completing the tasks, the amount you earn per task will be totalled and transferred into your bank account once every week.

Instacart: Shoppers get paid every week. They get the payment through a direct deposit method into savings or checking account. Full-service Shoppers have a benefit. They can withdraw the cash beforehand with the help of the Instant cash-out feature. The cash will be then transferred into the debit cards.

Uber Eats vs Instacart – Flexibility in Work

Uber Eats: Uber eats drivers have full flexibility. They can work any time of the day. If they want to work on weekends and only a bunch of hours on weekdays, they can go along with the schedule.

Instacart: In-app Shoppers are requested to work according to the store's schedule. They will mostly get the day shift. But, depending on the store type it can be the night shift too. Full-service Shoppers have full flexibility in work. They can work anytime they want. They can take breaks according to their private schedule.

Final words:

Uber Eats and Instacart are the best package delivery service, providers. Their Applications are easy to manage and ordering an item is no big deal.

If we are talking about the drivers of both companies, flexibility exists in both matters. You can work anytime you want and earn with hard work. If you are a dedicated driver, you will make no mistakes and earn a good sum within an hour. These are two of the best food delivery apps to work for If you are searching for a job.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Uber Eats vs Instacart Drivers?

Both the company's Drivers are given full responsibility for time. They are not obligated to follow a certain Timing. While Uber Eats drivers can earn up to $15 per hour, Instacart Shoppers can earn $5 for every task they complete.

Do Uber eats pay more than Instacart?

Yes. While Instacart Shoppers can earn up to $15 without tips, Uber drivers can earn up to $17 before tips.

Is Instacart like Uber eats?

No. Instacart is nowhere near uber eats. Uber Eats focuses on delivering online food while Instacart delivers packages from Grocery stores, Electronic stores, etc