Starz vs Cinemax vs Showtime vs HBO: Which is Best?

Starz vs Cinemax vs Showtime vs HBO

Are you confused – which television network will give you the best entertainment shot to kill your time? Starz vs Cinemax vs Showtime vs HBO, who among these will suit your taste?

In the Market of Entertainment, Showtime, HBO, Starz and Cinemax are the leading competitors in the USA. All the Three Premium Cables have different stories to tell and unique experiences to provoke.

While we pay attention to the Entertainment, other Topics like Pricing and Plans, Help centres, Subscriptions and Deals also matter – as long as you do not want to waste your time on something you do not prefer.

Apart from all the mentioned Topics – one is most important, Your impression on the channel. When it comes to Entertainment, no compromises should be made. Thus, the channel you choose must be of your type. It must stream as you wish, it must be handled easily by you, and must have subtitles whenever you want.

To solve the questions and doubts and help you select the best premium channel to watch movies and series, we have brought the below article for you. It contains all the topics you need to cover for deciding which Cable to choose.

Starz vs Cinemax vs Showtime vs HBO – Introduction

Starz: Starz is a USA based Premium cable and Satellite Television Network. The brand is owned by Lions Gate Entertainment. It is a Flagship Property of its Parent company – Starz Inc.

John J. Sie founded the company in 1994 on 1st February. Santa Monica and California have their origin headquarters. Theatrical Motion Pictures and First-run originated Television series is its Specialities.

Starz is one of the best premium channels in the world. Although the company does not showcase Popular genres like Romance and Horror, the stories their Productions have are no less.

Cinemax: Cinemax is a well-known American-based Cable and Satellite Television Network. New York has its Official Headquarters. It is one of the best premium channels to watch movies.

Cinemax was founded in 1989 on August 1. Original Action Movies, Theatrically motioned Movies, Documentaries along with the Special BTS shots Genres can be found at Cinemax.

The official handler of Cinemax is Home Box Office, Inc. The brand is owned by Networks Group and WarnerMedia Studios. If you are a fan of Action, then stories at Cinemax might catch your attention.

Showtime: Showtime is a Premium Television Network based in the USA. It works under Paramount Media Network. Showtime has a Parent company, its Premium Network called Showtime Networks.

Showtime was founded in 1976 in California. It has headquarters in New York. The streaming on the website is accessible in every country on the map.

Dexter, Yellowjackets, Your Honour, Shameless, and Billions are a few of its Series Creations. The Movie list produced by Showtime includes – The Kingmaker, Jailbreakers, XY Chelsea, The Take of Sweeney Todd and Love, Cheat & Steal.

HBO: HBO, Popularly known as Home Box Office is a United states based Television Network. It was founded on 8th November 1972 by Charles Dolan.

WarnerMedia and WarnerCommunications are the Parent Organizations for HBO while its Premium Unit – HBO Max works as its Parent company.

HBO has a variety of Entertainment Shots to stream. You can search for the recently released movie or the Series that has your favourite Actor as the male lead. From old to new – HBO has it all.

Starz vs Cinemax vs Showtime vs HBO – Plans and Pricing


  • The monthly plan will cost – $8.99.
  • The Free Trial length is – A week (7 days)
  • The No of channels offered – 17


  • The monthly plan will cost – $9.99.
  • The Free Trial length is – A week (7 days)
  • The No of channels offered – 8


  • The monthly plan will cost – $10.00
  • The Free Trial length is – A month (30 days)
  • The No of channels offered – 11


  • The monthly plan will cost – Basic Plan = $9.99 ; Standard Plan = $15.49 ; Premium Plan = $19.99
  • The Free Trial length is – (No Free Trial allowed)
  • The No of channels offered – 7

The plan and channel topics can differ According to the Locations and other terms. If we measure the best channel according to the Premiums – Starz is the best option with the lowest Subscription rate and more channels. But, the channels may not be everyone’s Liking so other Brands still have a chance to grab your attention.

Starz vs Cinemax vs Showtime vs HBO – Experience


The working of all the Four Cables is similar. Once you pay for the Channels, they will be available for you to stream your liked Movie or Series. Whether you add the channels to your cable or receive a Standalone Service, it is up to you. In most cases, you can also get Live Performances streamed on your device.

Experience by User

Starz Website contains Recent Hits as well as Old Hits. The brand showcases all the Original series. If Users like to have a look at the Cast and Crew along with the other Movie or Series Details, Starz allows the same. The Missing, The Girlfriend Experience, Da Vinci’s Demons, etc are hitting at Starz.

Do you wish to find your ultimate Movie? Visit Cinemax. It is a Place with Narrowed Variety but it can act as a Golden Point for those who are searching for something specific. A Fan for Action, Classic and Critical impactful effects in Films can find Cinemax Interesting.

At Showtime, you can use a wide range of streaming platforms. You can stream on streaming providers like – Amazon, Armstrong, Antietam Cable, Adams Cable Service, ALLO Communications, Ashland Home Networks, etc. It is a commercial-free service for those who are not interested in paying.

HBO is a Free Entertainment Service Provider with a premium unit called HBO Network. The application contains Schedule information, Exclusive video Shots, Episode guides, Series,  Movies with original stories, and more to stream.

App Usage

If you want to hear about the Performance of the Starz app – with a small difference in Network Connection, the app can start slowing down, resulting in Continuous Glitching and Lagging of devices. If you were thinking about connecting the Channel through Chromecast, you might not have a pleasant time.

Unfortunately, there is no application for Cinemax on mobile either it is an iPhone or an Android for now. The company has not yet announced the actual reason why it bid byes to the Max Go app. Also, no hints can be seen of the Application returning.

Showtime can do well if visiting the Application with the help of Desktops, but the Mobile app experience won’t be worth it. While the Starz application lacks Glitches and Lagging of devices, Showtime does not have good playback controls. To put it simply – you won’t be able to skip the opening song and credit short of any series or movies.

The HBO app goes well with the mobile as long as you have a Wi-Fi connection. Because for only one hour of streaming HBO requires 1GB of data. With the HBO subscription, you can use the application on three different devices with the help of one account. If you are thinking about streaming through HBO Max on mobile, the quality of the content will be compulsorily 4K and it will take up to 7.2 GB of data per hour.



  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Amazon Kindle Fire Phones
  • Amazon Kindle Fire Tablets
  • Android Phones and Tablets
  • Android TVs
  • LG TVs
  • Roku Devices
  • Apple Device
  • Apple TV Devices
  • Xbox
  • Samsung
  • Sony


  • iPhone and iPads
  • LG
  • Roku Devices
  • PlayStation
  • Samsung
  • Fire Tablets
  • Echo Show
  • Chromecast
  • Android Mobiles and TVs
  • Fire TV and Fire Stick
  • Windows
  • Xbox


  • Apple Devices
  • Apple TV
  • Chromecast
  • LG Smart TVs
  • Oculus Go
  • Oculus Quest
  • Amazon Phones and Tablets
  • Android Phones and Tablets
  • Amazon Kindle Fire Tablets and Phones
  • Amazon TV Devices
  • Portal TV
  • Xbox
  • Samsung
  • PlayStation
  • Roku Devices


  • Xbox
  • Samsung
  • LG
  • Song
  • PlayStation
  • All Androids, iPhones and PCs
  • Apple devices
  • Chromebook
  • Chromecast
Starz vs Cinemax vs Showtime vs HBO


All Four Cables allow Alterations according to the User’s preferences till a limit. More options for Alterations are present on the Apps instead of the Websites and other platforms.


Starz – Starz allows one person = one account. The option for Wishlist is not available and you can not Personalize the recommendations.

Cinemax – At Cinemax, one Subscription gives only one Account for use. As the Application for Mobiles is not available, Users are asked to go for Website or Desktop App.

Showtime – Showtime allows 5 User Profiles per Subscription. It has better opportunities and more options for Recommendation Personalizations.

HBO – HBO Max Application has more Movies and Series than the official website to stream. With its Account, one can stream for as long as he wants.

It is certain that these applications, unlike Netflix, do not give you the privilege to use one subscribed account on more than one device. However, if you are using one account on one device and want to login with the same on the other one, the first device will not get access to the account after you sign in with the same on another device.


Starz has special features like Parental Guide and Control on the Settings page of its Application.

Cinemax app settings contain common options like – Your account plans and details for the same. The Details about your subscription along with other customisation options will be presented.

Along with the Parental Guide option, other general options like – Chance your Password, Account details, Subscription Details and such can be seen on the Settings page.

HBO Settings contains Options like ‘Change Email or Password’. One of the options also allows you to Verify your Email for better usage of the same on the app. The Streaming and Devices accessibility features will be enabled too.

As all of the cables are from one origin and serve the same industry, the settings of their applications will likely have similar options. the common options like forgetting the password, changing the username, changing the plan and cancellation of the same will be present in all the applications



  1. The streaming quality ranges up to 1080p.
  2. On-demand content is available.
  3. Free trial available for 7 days.


  1. Quality ranges up to 1080p.
  2. The channels are available to stream on other cables like Amazon Video Channels, Apple TV Channels, HBO Max, etc.
  3. Apart from English, Spanish can be found with the SAP option from the menu.
  4. The broadcasting is available Nationwide.


  1. Supports HD quality up to 1080p.
  2. With English, the Spanish language can be enabled through the SAP option.
  3. Available to stream Nationwide.
  4. It has a wide variety of Genres including Comedy specials, Boxing and Martial Arts Matches, Made-for-TV movies, etc.


  1. HBO has 10,000 hours of content.
  2. Supports 4k streaming.
  3. With English, the Spanish (Latino) language can be enabled.

All the Channels support HD qualities. But, the quality may fluctuate according to the User’s network connection. In case you bought the high premium to stream in HD quality, but are unable to do so please, check your network connection before complaining about the website. Many times, the user’s network connection is the main issue behind lagging and slowing down of the website streaming.


Starz: Starz Cable stream channels like Starz Edge, Starz Cinema, Starz Encore Action, Starz in Black, Starz, Retro Plex, Indie Plex, Movie Retro and more.

Cinemax: Cinemax Include Channels like Outcast, Hunted, Banshee, Jett, Trackers, The Knick, and more.

HBO: DISH Network HD, Verizon FiOS HD, Cox Communication HD, Charter Spectrum HD and more are added to the channels list of HBO Premium.

Showtime: Showtime Cable stream Channels like Showtime 2, Showtime Family Zone, Showtime, SHO Women, Showtime Showcase, SHO Next, SHOxBET and more.

Final words

The conclusion is simple – in the battle of Starz vs Cinemax vs Showtime vs HBO, no one won. The best premium channel to watch movies and series for you can be anyone among the four mentioned. As we have mentioned all the best premium channels above, all you have to do is compare them and choose the one that suits your taste flawlessly.

Although people will mostly decide to go for the cheapest cable, it is recommended to have a look at the details of the same thoroughly Beforehand. Why? Because we have seen people regretting afterwards, only because they went for the cheapest one. The cable they chose didn’t have channels of their liking. Thus, go through the article, read every detail Before making a decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better: Showtime, Cinemax or Starz?

All the three are best in their own ways. If you would like the one with more channels and less premium rate, go for Starz. The one with more device compatibility will be Showtime. And, if you wish to use a streaming provider for streaming, Cinemax will work the best.

Which Premium channel is best for movies?

Starz, Cinemax, Showtime and HBO, are all are best for streaming Movies as well as Series with 100% originality assured in most.

What’s better: Starz or HBO?

According to Premium, Starz is better because it costs you less. HBO is better if you want streaming without any interruptions because of the network and such.

Is Showtime better than HBO?

No. The only thing that makes HBO Max better than Showtime is that – it offers more Entertainment from different Networks.

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