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Epix vs Starz: Which Is Better For You? [2024]

Epix vs Starz: Which Is Better For You? [2024]

Does watching the regular shoes bore you now? Do you wish to grab something more exciting? Or, are you stuck between the two leading cables – Epix vs Starz? If so, then our comparison between Epix vs Starz might be of your help.

In this generation, who watches regular Tv shows and dramas? Do they even excite people anymore? They certainly don't, to more than half of the population of his world.

Do you wish to buy a new premium cable but are unaware of which one in the market is best? For this, we can help you.

Our comparison between Epix vs Starz in the below article can give you enough information to choose the best premium cable for yourself.

Epix vs Starz: What are they?

Epix: Epix is a leading premium cable and satellite television network. At Epix, you can access 1000s of TV Shows, Movies, and more entertainment with no limits.

Epix vs Starz

It works 24/7 with a scheduled line-up of Original streaming of the content. You can opt for streaming with Epix through any device and connect it with streaming platforms like Amazon and Roku.

Starz: Starz is the same as Epix – a premium cable and satellite television that mainly focuses on streaming theatrically released motion pictures along with the Original First-run drama series.

Starz includes Original Content, Movie Information, Schedules, and On-demand content, Starz Play bans Extras, Online Videos, and many more things.

Starz vs Epix

Epix vs Starz: Plans and Pricing

Epix: Epix has a single monthly payment for you. Although it is free for regular use, you can update to Epix NOW with premium, which will cost you $5.99 a month for 4 channels. And you can download the videos offline.

Starz: Starz also has a single monthly plan option costing $8.99 for 17 channels. And they do not have a free version but a 7-day free trial.

Epix vs Starz: Experience

Working: You can use Epix's free version. Whereas for Starz, you are required to opt for the free trial if you wish to check the services before paying for the subscription. Both work smoothly as long as the device is compatible and your network connection is good.

User Experience: Epix cable is easy to manage and use. It won't show bugs often and works smoothly if the device is not old. For Starz, its app, alongside the website, makes it easier for different users to use their cable.

App Usage: Epix app can be used on all general devices and is easy to use. Starz's app is similar to its website. So, it is easy to manage and does not require the user to have prior experience.

Device Compatibility: Epix app is available to download on iPads and iPhones, Android phones, Apple TV, Roku and Fire TV, and tablets and TVs. Starz is compatible with Apple devices, Xbox, Android TVs, Amazon items, Amazon fire TVs, Android Tablets and smartphones, LG TVs, Samsung TVs, Sony TVs, Apple TV devices, and Roku devices.

Customization: Epix now and Starz – both can be customized at some point according to the user's needs. You can look for customization options on the settings or Profile Page.

Account: Epix allows you to stream its content on 3 different screens at a time with one subscription. Starz will allow only one screen streaming for one subscription.

Settings: You can find the settings on your profile or account page, where you can get general information about your profile and account along with other personalized options.

Epix vs Starz Features:

Epix now –

  • You are allowed to stream TV series and movies live or on demand.
  • You can cancel the subscription anytime.
  • The subscription will give you access to ad-free content.


  • It gives a free trial for 7 days.
  • The HD quality can rise to 1080p with an ok speed of internet.
  • You can stream any episode and movie through the website and the app.

Channels: Epix, Epix 2, Epix drive-in, and Epix hits are the 4 channels from Epix. Starz Edge, Starz, Starz Encore, Starz West, and Starz Cinema are a few of the 17 channels provided by Starz.


We hope by reading our Epix vs Starz comparison, you can now find it easy to select the best Cable and Satellite Television Network that suits your preferences.

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Frequently asked Questions

Epix vs Starz which is best?

In our comparison article of Epix vs Starz – Epix won with the thought that it provides a free version of itself. And, if you wish to update your account, you can opt for Epix Now which costs $5.99 for 4 extra channels.

Is Epix part of Starz?

No. Epix is not a part of Starz. They both work independently.

What is Starz and Epix?

Starz and Epix are two of the leading Premium Cables and Satellite Television Networks.