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Uber One Review: Is Uber One Worth It? [2024]

Uber One Review: Is Uber One Worth It? [2024]

Uber One Review: Uber launched Uber One – a platform that brings together the best in grocery/food delivery, rides, etc. Want to know if it's worth a shot by our Uber One Review?

Uber has been in the business for a good set of years – and is currently one of the richest and most famous companies running across the world.

From Uber rides that help you reach your destination on time to uber eats – that help the best when you are craving something but do not want to step out of the house just to get it – Uber has helped the world in more than just one way.

Now, with new technologies and skills, Uber has launched one more subsidiary company named Uber One.

From the overview, it looks like Uber One will not focus on one thing. In this article, we are going to present you with the Uber One review.

Uber One review will contain its overall image, its goal, and other important aspects like its working, cost, benefits, memberships, and more. To know more about it, have a look at the Uber One Review below.

What is Uber One?

What is Uber One? – Uber one is a special place with unique offers for customers. At Uber one, you will find amazing offers on all the services of Uber around the world. In short – Uber one will give you the benefits to experience the special features of Uber at Uber One.

On November 17th, 2021 Business Wire for Uber – San Francisco announced the launch of Uber One. It aims to provide the customer with special priority services which will give them more attention and lookout from Uber.

It has different plans and pricing for Uber. Unlike other Uber companies, Uber One will not go with the same pricing method. With Exclusive Perks, Uber One customers will receive additional Benefits.

The Uber One idea will help customers go through their daily life with easy means. On one app, with a few setups, they will manage Uber One with the easiest method where they will get discounts and exclusive offers on both Uber Driving and Uber Eats.

How does it Work?

To get the Perks of Uber One, Customers will have to follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. On the website, go through the benefits, terms, and conditions one more time before choosing the plan.
  2. You get two options to choose from – A monthly Plan and a Yearly Plan for $9.99 or $99.99.
  3. Once you select a plan, sign up with a few details and pay for the subscription of your choice.
  4. Once paid, you can start using the services of Uber One.

If you have chosen the monthly plan, the subscription will be renewed every month automatically and the same will happen with the yearly subscription until you cancel it yourself.

uber one review

Uber One Benefits

There are a good number of benefits Uber One members will receive. The list is as follows:

  1. 5% off on eligible rides and food delivery – Uber One members are guaranteed to get 5% off on orders that are eligible for the discounts. This Benefit can be experienced on both Uber Rides and Uber Eats.
  2. $0 Delivery Fee – Uber One members will get unlimited free delivery for grocery orders costing more than $30 and food orders costing more than $15.
  3. Best drivers for rides – The priority services will focus on giving the Uber One members the best drivers to reach their destination along with utmost member support.
  4. Uber One Promise – Uber One puts up a deal – if they couldn't reach your place on the estimated time (which was allotted after the order was placed), they'll give you $5 back in cash.
  5. Exclusive Benefits – Uber One will allow you to access many special benefits for Uber One Members only.

Uber One Cost

There are two options at Uber One Cost for customers to choose from, they are:

  1. Monthly Plan – Monthly Plan will ask for $9.99 every month with all the benefits mentioned.
  2. Yearly Plan – the total cost per month equals – $99.99 for all the benefits mentioned.

Uber One vs UberEats Pass

Uber One vs UberEats Pass – both are from one company but can not be compared as Uber One is here to take over all the responsibilities from Uber Eat pass.

Uber One has the same cost – $9.99 per month as UberEats Pass. The benefits at Uber One are for both Uber Ride Drivers and Uber Eat Pass customers.

But, Uber One will take over Uber Eat Pass and Uber Eats Pass will be replaced. From the next billing, UberEats Pass customers will be automatically directed to use Uber One.

Is Uber One Worth it?

Yes. Uber One has been with their customers for years – helping them to order different varieties of food and groceries when needed at your doorstep. While Uber Rides is still on the run to help several beings in the world to reach their home.

With easy handling and management, customers can access the services of Uber One too. Uber One is a part of Uber now. With it coming forward as a replacement, customers will have no choice but to use it. But, it is not a bad thing as it has been receiving positive responses from the customers.


Uber One is the replacement of Uber Eat Pass and acts as a new side for Uber Rides. Uber One cost is like Uber Eat pass but instead, it gives benefits to Uber Riders too.

The main goal of the company was to give its customers a chance to use additional and advanced services with the launch of Uber One.

According to the Uber One Review by its current customers – the app is doing well so far and is useful in daily life. It helps in both reaching the Destination on time and ordering discounted groceries to fill your fridge and discounted priced meals to fill your stomach.

With the additional feature of Uber Promise – which returns the customers their $5, customers are loving the membership of Uber One.

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What is Uber One Membership?

Uber One Membership is the main term of Uber one, the newly launched Subsidiary to replace the UberEats Pass and Give extra benefits to Uber Ride customers.

With the help of this plan, costing at $9.99 a month and $99.99 a year – you will receive Priority services mainly focused on Uber Rides customers while the Uber Eats Pass customers will get Free Deliveries on food orders with more than $15 and Groceries order worth more than $30.

How much is Uber One Membership?

Uber One Membership costs you $99.99 if you pay the yearly plan and $9.99 if you pay for the monthly plan. If you were an Uber Eat Pass member before, Uber One costs will not make a big deal for you.

How is Uber One Customer service?

If you wish to contact the Uber One customer service support team, you can do it with the help of the contact information present on the homepage of the official website of Uber One.
The emergency hotline number for customer care is 800-353-8237 or you can call on 800-353-UBER. This hotline number can help the Uber Ride Customers and Drivers in need of support.

Which is the Good Uber One vs UberEats Pass?

Even if you like UberEats Pass more than Uber One, you will have to go for Uber One as Uber One was launched to replace the Uber Eats Pass subscription.

In the next billing, after the launching of Uber One, customers will be automatically redirected to use Uber One and pay for the subscription to that software. You will no longer have any trace of the meaning at Uber eats pass.