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Mad Muscles Review: Cost, Plans, Legit? [2024]

Mad Muscles Review: Cost, Plans, Legit? [2024]

Are you too busy to work out? Need a reminder to get moving? We know the post-pandemic era has changed the way we approach exercise. Fitness apps are excellent tools for managing, tracking, and getting ahead of your fitness goals.

Mad Muscle is a fitness app that acts as your training partner or a virtual personal trainer to keep you motivated and accountable.

Irrespective of where you are in your workout journey and no matter how less time you have to exercise, Mad Muscle can help you reach your fitness goals.

However, if you are wondering whether it’s legitimate, what is its cost, features, etc., keep on reading the mad muscle review to know more!

Is Mad Muscles Legit?

Yes. The positive reviews and 5-star rating under the app on the Apple store and Google Play Store are proof that Mad Muscles is a legitimate app. It works to show you the effects of transformation in yourself.

However, some users are disappointed with the app, and some say it doesn't give the liberty to choose which day they'd like to work out, and most users suggest that it's a scam and a total waste of money. And according to the Mad Muscle review on Reddit, it doesn't completely offer a custom program.

Cost: Is Mad Muscles Free?

For starters, to download the application on your cell phone, you are required to pay $1.99 on the Google Play Store and $4.99 on the App Store. Furthermore, there are four options for you to select on the Mad Muscles app. They are as follows:

  1. 1-Month Meal Plan – the cost of this plan is $9.99. It is a onetime payment and you will be able to view the version History and What's New.
  2. 1-Month Workout Plan – this plan will cost you $19.99. It is a non-renewable subscription plan.
  3. 3-month Workout Plan – this plan will cost you $29.99. It is a non-renewable subscription plan.
  4. 6-month Workout and Meal plan – this plan will cost you $39.99. It is a non-renewable subscription plan.

What is Mad Muscles App?

mad muscles review

Mad muscles is like a gym application that will help you transform your body into something better. You can download this app on your iOS and Android devices from App Store or Google Play Store respectively.

If you are someone who leads a busy life and wants to gain or lose weight or wishes to stay in shape, Mad Muscle offers valuable information which can help you reach your weight goals and help you gain the composure you deserve, and give your body a well-deserving shape.

Not only your weight goals, but it can also assist you in transforming your diet with its nutrition information. And to fit your needs, you can customize the program with a certain requirement.

So irrespective of your dietary needs, you can customize your profile to meet your requirements. Moreover, it also determines your caloric needs by considering your weight, height, and your target weight.

How does it work?

To get started with Mad Muscles, all you need to do is to download the app and enter your email and verify using the code.

Once it is done, Mad Muscles will help you in transforming in three ways: you can lose weight, build muscles and you can improve your stamina.

Then, it'll ask you to choose a place for your workout (Home or Gym), and based on it, you'll get a personalized program. From the home screen, you can explore various options like Assistant, My Program, Meals, Explore, and more.

There is also a section called the ‘Me' section which is the settings page. So, Mad Muscles will help you achieve your goal with the help of workouts set by experts in gym and diet plans.

Key Features

  • You can see effective results.
  • It does not recommend you consume any tablets or medicine to lose or gain weight – it uses organic methods for transformation.
  • You will notice your strength and stamina increasing while doing regular chores.
  • The application has workout and diet plans for all people who are at least 12 years old.
  • Offers post-workout exercises.
  • Ability to track your progress and swap exercises that you don't like.

Interface and Performance

According to the reviews, the application is advanced in both interface and performance. It works smoothly and the connections between the experts, workout sessions, diet plans, and users run in a swift flow.

Pros and Cons


  1. You will witness effective results.
  2. The methods of transforming are natural and organic.
  3. The workouts and diet will be set according to the current trends.
  4. The handling of the application is straightforward.


  1. The meal planner is not according to everyone's liking.
  2. There is no option to lessen or increase the number of rest days.
  3. There is no free version.
  4. You can't choose which days you'd like to work out as it automatically chooses for you.

Is Mad Muscles Worth It?

Yes. According to the reviews by the customers – Mad Muscles is a legitimate app. It has a simple way of understanding and works smoothly with everyone's liking. People have seen results as expected and they are happy they chose the Mad Muscles app.

However, it doesn't let you view videos without starting a workout, this means if you want to understand a certain exercise, you may end up wasting time and messing up your calorie tracking. And it doesn't offer a feature called ‘Meal Diary' which sends notifications.

So, even though it is a helpful app, the features they offer and the money they charge are not really worth it. Nonetheless, you can hope for the future when they might lower their cost.

Conclusion: Mad Muscles App Review

This Mad Muscles review has over 60% of the information based on the reviews of the current and past users of the Mad Muscles app. The idea of Mad Muscles review is to give new users hope that Mad Muscles can actually help them with their bodies.

How much do Mad Muscles cost?

You have 4 plans to choose from. A 1-month plan for a diet will cost you 9.99 USD. A 1-month workout plan will ask for 19.99 USD. A 3-month Workout Plan will cost you 29.99 USD and the last one – the 6-month Diet and Workout plan will cost you 39.99 USD.

Is Mad Muscles free?

No. You are required to pay to download the app on both the Apple store and App Store along with paying for the plans of diet and workout in the app.

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