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Athlytic App Review: All About The App! [2024]

Athlytic App Review: All About The App! [2024]

Athlytic App Review: Did you know? There’s this app that tells you about your today’s recovery by analyzing your health. How? It calculates a good number of things like exertion, heart rate, net energy, total energy, and more. 

This app is called the Athlytic app, specially designed to sync with your Apple Watch. It’s made to be integrated with all the Apple Watches that support its program. It has received a good response from the users, but the question is – is it any good for you?

If you are here to know more about the Athlytic app with its key features, and if it’s any good for you overall, then our Athlytic app review mentioned in this article is here to assist you! 


Athlytic acts as your personal fitness trainer and is here to tell you how good and recovered you are on a specific day, and how you should be approaching your sleep and training accordingly.

The working of the app is easy – it analyzes your health statistics including heart rate variability, heart rate, and sleep to calculate your current recovery stage along with how much labor your body has been through on that day. 

The Athlytic app has all your health data available any time to review with appealing colorful charts and graphics for Vo2Max, Macros, and more such things.

Athlytic App Review

Key Features

  • HRV measurements

In the start, the app used to offer HRV measurements for 2-3, but with the new update in the app, it offers HRV measurements for almost every hour. 

  • Sleep Analytics

The Athlytic app is able to give you feedback on your overall sleep stages through data provided by Apple – which seemed to be scientifically proven. This way, you can get accurate sleep feedback. 

  • Health Stat

Unlike other similar apps, the Athlytic app doesn’t only give you a list of all the health stats but also makes you focus on the primary sections which need your attention right now.

Tidbits Highlights

  • Recovery stats

The recovery stats and the score by the Athlytic app show you if you’re fully recovered or need more recovery, and if you’re all set to live the day with your max. 

  • Exertion stats

If you have recently worked out or done some physical activities – the Athlytic app will give you the exertion stats, a score that will tell you if you have exhausted your body more than it could handle. 

  • Restorative sleep time stages

The Athlytic app is good in providing you with sleep stages with accuracy. It tells you if you need more sleep today, or you have slept enough.

  • Sleep goals

If you have set some sleep goals, then the Athlytic app will tell you if you have reached the goal, was about to reach it and now have sleep debt, or have passed the ending line. 

  • Health Analysis Trends

The analytic app is quite precise when it comes to overall health analysis including the summary of a good bunch of titles like respiratory rate, wrist temperature, RHR, HRV, blood oxygen SPO2, and more.

  • Continuously developing

The best part about using the analytic Athlytic app is that the app is continuously developing and the team is removing bugs and glitches, solving issues, and improving the tools efficiently. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Athlytic any good?

Yes, the Athlytic app is a good recovery app for Apple Watch users. It’s an AI fitness coach that received a positive response from users.

How does Athlytic app work?

The Athlytic app analyzes your daily recovery stages and other things like heart rate, energy burned, sleep, energy consumed, SO, macros, and more to give you an idea of your body state. 

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