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Flo App Review: Cost, Is Flo Legit? [2024]

Flo App Review: Cost, Is Flo Legit? [2024]

Flo App Review: Today, you can probably find 5 to 7 popular period trackers, who track your period cycle and seem to offer more advanced tools. But, can they be trusted? If not, then which among them is safe to use?

The answer to the formation question is – the Flo period tracker app. Flo app is the most famous and leading period tracker which not only gives you predictions about your period cycle on the next date, but more information and helpful tools are unblocked.

But, does it actually work? What are its key features and price for the paid version? If you are here to know all these answers, then our Flo app review mentioned in this article might just be for you! 

What’s a Flo App?

Flo is a female health and well-being guide with a community of more than 250 million women worldwide. It’s a period tracker app which also focuses on your pregnancy and other related topics – to give you thorough insights about your current body condition.

Flo is the No. 1 period tracker app with over 100 well-known health and medical professionals and medical institutions. Overall, the app is helpful for all your life stages, whether you’re going through a period or pregnancy stage.

Flo App Review

Flo App Highlights 

Almost Accurate Period Predictions

The Flo app has almost accurate period predictions – and sometimes even on-point assumptions about your period. It tells you when your next period will arrive, if it’s regular, and more expert analysis about the same.

Consult with a Professional 

Since the platform is filled with hundreds of professionals, you get to consult with a professional who knows exactly what’s up with your body, and there are experts for various issues.


The Flo app is filled with multiple articles and videos to help you explore more about the issues you’re facing. For instance, if your periods are irregular or you have a PCOS problem, then there are enough videos and articles to give you an introduction about the issue and what you can do to prevent it. 

Check your Baby’s Growth

The Flo app tells you how your baby is growing according to the week of your pregnancy. For example, you’ll know what part of your baby's body is growing in the 7, 8, and 9 weeks of pregnancy. 


The Reminders feature from the Flo app alerts you that maybe today you’ll get your period. So, even if it’s just a prediction, you can at least be ready for it.

Flo App Cost

The Flo has a free version, where you can use all its primary functions. However, if you want to go in more depth and use its premium features, then you’ll have to pay for its subscription plans and they’re as follows:

  • Monthly subscription plan – $7.99
  • Yearly subscription plan – $39.99

Does Flo App really work?

Based on the customer reviews – many of them stated that they prefer the Flo app over other similar apps. For starters, the UI of the app is pretty simple, best for a beginner, and the app offers more personalizations than many of the similar platforms.

Overall, the app is simple to use and you can easily log your data about periods and cycle length along with symptoms. Also, although many in-depth features are behind the paywall, you can give it a shot through the free trial and the paid version is just as much worth it. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is the Flo period app free?

The Flo period app is not entirely free. Yes, it does have a free version, but if you want that data and insight about your body, then you’ll have to go for its premium version. 

Can Flo app be trusted?

Yes, the Flo app has over 200 million users globally, and it promises to keep your information along with identity safe. Additionally, you can also opt for the anonymous mode where your identity will be kept unknown.