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HERE WeGo App Review: Pros-Cons, Reliable? [2024]

HERE WeGo App Review: Pros-Cons, Reliable? [2024]

HERE WeGo App Review: When you want to go exploring but don’t want to use Google Maps, What is your next move? Because you simply can’t go around asking people on the road and shop owners for directions each time you’re lost.

When people were facing the aforementioned situation at the start, that’s when a new map and navigation app – HERE WeGo was introduced. It's similar to Google maps where you get a global map on your screen which helps you in navigation.

However, is it any good? What are its features and what tools does it have? Can it actually replace Google Maps? If you have such questions lingering in your mind, then our HERE WeGo app review mentioned in this article is extremely helpful for you! 

What is HERE WeGo App?

HERE WeGo is a popular navigation app here to guide you on multiple journeys – both in your locality and foreign country. It helps you enjoy an untroubled journey while reaching your destination fast and effortlessly.

HERE WeGo allows you to make collections including your favorite places – like restaurants, hotels, sightseeing destinations, etc. Also, while it has easy-to-follow walk guidance or turn-by-turn voice guidance – you can also find the parking spot at your destination. 

HERE WeGo App Review

Key Features 

Different types of Guidance

The HERE WeGo app provides you with walking, car, bike, and public transport guidance, along with car-sharing guidance so that you’ll know the estimated time you will reach your destination through every possible vehicle and way. 

Download Maps

The app allows you to save your Wi-Fi and mobile data — and also prevents you from facing network issues in low-network areas by downloading the entire map of a region, country, or even a continent to complete your journey without a network at all. 

Share your Location

In case you are the first one to reach the destination and all your friends or cousins are behind you – lost on the way, then the location sharing feature of the app helps in sharing your current and accurate location with them so that they can catch up to you soon. 

Pros and Cons


  • It offers additional services like hotel booking and searching for parking slots on the go – within seconds. 
  • It offers multiple tools to help you organize a trip and find places of similar interests. 
  • It comes with a simple UI to help everyone – even beginners to navigate around freely and easily. 
  • It has Android auto and CarPlay tools. 
  • It gives an analysis of real-time traffic jams.
  • It’s available for 100% free installation and use for both Android and iOS users. 


  • It’s not accurate and speedy when it comes to indicating traffic jams and calculating routes.
  • The app doesn’t have proper functionality for multi-point places/destinations.
  • AR and VR only offer basics. 
  • The 3D maps offer very small coverage. 

Google Maps vs HERE WeGo

Although there are many similar tools and functions in Google maps and HERE WeGo, there are still some main differences that can help us compare both popular navigation platforms.

The first point to talk about is that while the HERE WeGo app allows you to download nations, continents, and territories simultaneously, Google maps here allows you to download only a certain area.

Secondly, the HERE WeGo app allows you to download data for public transportation – whereas Google maps doesn't have any such feature.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is HERE WeGo used for?

The HERE WeGo app is used for navigation. It’s a map app that guides local people as well as foreigners in different countries.

How much does the HERE WeGo app cost?

HERE WeGo is a free navigation application that guides you through local and international journeys. It’s for both local people and foreign people. 

Is HERE WeGo a good app?

Yes, according to many user reviews, the HERE WeGo app is a good app – a good alternative to Google Maps.