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Madfit App Review: Features, Plans, Legit? [2024]

Madfit App Review: Features, Plans, Legit? [2024]

Madfit app review: Do you want to start working out anyplace and anytime? You are unsure whether Madfit is worthwhile or not? Check out our review of the Madfit app to find all the answers to your questions.

You can use this app anywhere, at any time, to help you achieve your fitness goals. You will receive personal guidance from fitness coach Maddie Lymburner on your phone as she leads you through one-of-a-kind workouts that are intended to produce results. Additionally, this app offers personalised nutrition guidance depending on your exercise objectives.

Both experienced users and newcomers who are new to exercise can benefit from this software. Our app offers world-class, carefully created training regimens that are tailored to your physical and nutritional needs.

In this article, we are going to talk about the Madfit app review which has a lot of variety on the MadFit channel. From dance workouts to focused muscle groups, you can definitely find something that suits your workout mood any day of the week.

By the end of the article, you will get a detailed review of the Madfit app in its key features, plans, pricing, etc.

Madfit App Review


  • The app helps you find a personal fitness trainer.
  • 8-week program intended to sculpt the body of a dancer. This regimen works on mobility and flexibility as well as building long, lean muscle.
  • 12-week program intended to help you define your muscles, gain strength, and lose weight. The program is created with a different body part in mind for each day.
  • Complete body exercises can be performed at home.
  • There are video and audio cues to help you during each workout. Each exercise comes with a thorough explanation of how to do it correctly.
  • Each program includes the ideal amount of relaxation time in between workouts.
  • The app shows the time needed to finish each workout as well as the approximate number of calories burnt.
  • This app focuses on eating a balanced diet with a variety of foods that is tailored to your fitness objectives. By selecting your diet type, you can quickly filter recipes.
  • There is a tracker to measure the fundamentals as well as nutrition.
  • Provide a way for you to store pictures as you go along with your training.
  • It is easy to sync the app with a variety of different apps, including Apple Music.

Pricing and plans

  • Monthly: $19.99 USD per month.
  • 6 months: $119.94 USD per 6 months.
  • Annually: $239.88 USD per year.

What we like?

  • This is a great workout that you can do during your lunch break, right after you wake up, or if you need to fit in a fast workout in the middle of your day because it only takes 30 minutes and is quick and simple.
  • It's great that the warm-up and cool-down videos are included. It's all in this video! This indicates that the workout is 30 minutes in length and not 30 minutes plus additional warm-up and cool-down that you must locate another video for or complete on your own.
  • Maddie mixes up the exercises to keep the training interesting. The exercises don't repeat and aren't your standard push-ups or burpees.
  • We enjoy a good countdown clock. It's simple to determine how many seconds of that workout are left by using the timer in the top left corner. Maddie will preview the next movement for you between exercises so you may begin on time and complete the entire set of exercises.
  • Videos, where the teachers are really performing the techniques, are our favourites. These kinds of films, in our opinion, are better suited for beginners or people with little prior experience working out. This allows you to check your form and make sure you're performing the exercises in the same manner as the trainer by looking up.
  • If you're in a position where you can't see the screen, you are still being walked through the workout and may be audibly cued through it because Maddie is vocally directing you through it in addition to vocally doing the movement.

What We Didn’t Like

Nothing! This workout is amazing. But occasionally its lengthy workout bore us.

Is the MadFit app worth it?

Yes, one of the best fitness applications is definitely this one. This workout is perfect for people of all fitness levels since you can change the exercises to make them more beginner-friendly or increase the intensity to make the workout more challenging.

Final Words: Madfit App Review

The Madfit App Review with its main features, plans, pricing, etc. concludes here. With no additional time off and without any equipment, it is a fantastic app to serve as your at-home trainer for fitness and workouts.

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Is the MadFit app good?

This really is one of the best fitness apps I've seen. As far as offering variety and a list of exercises to do and amount of time to do them. It's been great for my lifestyle right now which offers quick workouts that really work you out!

What do you get with the MadFit app?

Choose from a variety of workouts varying in length and difficulty level, all guided by Maddie. Work towards achievement badges in the activity tab, engage with other MadFit users in the comments of each video, and save your favorites by liking the video so you can easily find them each time you open the app!