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6 Best Fox News Alternatives to Read News! [2024]

6 Best Fox News Alternatives to Read News! [2024]

Are you looking for Fox News Alternatives? Wondering which app will offer the best features? Here, we’ll help you with that! This article will show you the six best Fox news alternatives.

Fox News Channel Broadcasts both local and international news, a global television network based in New York. It has a staggering 2.5 million daily viewers and is broadcast in more than 86 different countries. Fox News is available in over 87 million US households.

A 24-hour continuous news service, FNC is committed to providing breaking news, as well as political and business news. FNC has been the most watched news channel in the nation for more than 10 years and is the most dependable television news source in the nation, per Public Policy Polling.

Although Fox News is an amazing channel, there are several other Fox News alternatives that are worth using. So, here is the list of the 6 best alternatives to Fox News.


Fox News Alternatives

The Cable News Channel CNN is a basic cable and satellite television provider in the United States. On Android phones and tablets, the CNN Breaking US & Globe News app lets you stay up to date with the most recent news from the US and the rest of the world.

You can not only privy to the latest news in article and video format, but news as it unfolds by the minute, through breaking news alerts as well as live videos. It is called the best alternative to Fox news.

It offers comprehensive international, political, business, entertainment, sports, health, science, and weather coverage, as well as live coverage and analysis of breaking news, as well as topical in-depth interviews. Its total daily viewers are 1.316 million on average.

Key Features

  • It is a multinational cable news channel.
  • Users have access to the most recent articles and videos, including live coverage.
  • Daily news, in-depth reporting, professional comments, and more are provided.
  • CNN's primary benefit is that it uses artificial intelligence to automatically identify significant elements without human intervention.
  • It also gives a 10-minute preview of live CNN coverage each day.


BBC News

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)'s business section BBC News is one of the best Fox news alternatives in charge of gathering and broadcasting news and current events in the UK and around the globe. The department, which is the largest broadcast news organization in the world, generates 120 hours of radio, television, and online news each day.

On it, you can watch video reports, listen to live radio, and read the most recent updates wherever you are. It features breaking news, business, politics, entertainment, technology, the arts, and sports, all clearly segmented into several categories.

Through the international TV news channel BBC more than 260 million viewers and 150 million listeners are reached by BBC News as a global news source. More than 364 million people watch it every week worldwide.

Key Features

  • It broadcasts news and information online, via radio, and on television.
  • More than 2,000 journalists work for BBC News.
  • Radio broadcasts from the BBC World Service are available live.
  • View or hear the most recent news headlines.
  • Available outside of the UK in all nations.
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ABC News

ABC News

The best Fox news alternative is ABC News, which is the top news station in the United states with the most recent breaking and real-time news reporting. You may stay informed about what's happening around the globe right now with the help of this free-to-air 24-hour television news station that is built for all digital platforms.

The channel offers a modern, ongoing news service that upholds its reputation for excellence, dependability, and independence and seizes all the advantages provided by digital technology.

It offers specialized programming in the fields of business, politics, sports, and global events as well as in the fields of health, rural concerns, and the arts. ABC News is accessible on mobile devices as well.

Key Features

  • ABC News 24 provides continuous live news coverage throughout the day as well as coverage of important holidays and special occasions.
  • Get tailored news notifications on the stories that matter most to you.
  • ou can stream news headlines from anywhere.
  • You can also keep up with US and global news.
  • Watch the news whenever and wherever you choose.
  • Start the day with your morning news report and end it with your nighttime news summary of the day's happenings.

NBC News

NBC News

NBC News where you can see the most recent breaking news, popular stories, and live news. This Free news channel offers exclusive reporting, in-depth stories, real-time news alerts, and articles from respected journalists on current domestic and worldwide news.

You can get your daily news fixed with coverage of business, sports, entertainment, tech, science, opinion, politics, and health. Also you can get updates on regional headlines, local news, and weather.

Key Features

  • You can always get live coverage of events.
  • Get push notifications and breaking news alerts sent directly to your mobile device for quick news updates.
  • You get access to headline news and top news from the United States and throughout the world, as well as national and international news reporting.
  • Local news, community news, and local weather updates.


CBS News

The CBS Corporation's news and information division, CBS News, is committed to delivering the best quality journalism in accordance with the standards it established.

The CBS Evening News, CBS Mornings, news magazines CBS News Sunday Morning, 60 Minutes, and 48 Hours, as well as the Sunday morning political affairs show Face the Nation are all CBS News television programs. Numerous radio stations receive hourly newscasts from CBS News Radio, which also manages CBS News podcasts like The Takeout Podcast.

Key Features

  • 24/7 CBS News live stream gives anchored coverage, current reporting, and news conferences and hearings on the day's most important issues.
  • Push notifications that direct users to breaking news, current events, and other hot subjects.
  • The most recent MoneyWatch business news and analysis.
  • Documentaries that go deep into the issues that are shaping the world's discourse.



MSNBC is the best alternative to Fox news which is based pay television cable channel. MSNBC is the go-to source for in-depth examinations of every day events, perceptive political commentary, and well-informed viewpoints. With a nationwide audience of more than 95 million homes, MSNBC provides a full schedule of live news coverage, political commentary, and award-winning documentary programming, seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

MSNBC is a news and political commentary outlet that has drawn controversy on numerous occasions. It has been charged with having a variety of biases in its news coverage as well as more general ideas of a liberal bias by academics, media leaders, political figures, and watchdog groups.

Key Features

  • 24-hour cable news channel MSNBC.
  • The day after they premiere on television, watch the most recent episodes of new MSNBC programs.
  • Live streaming and scheduling are accessible around-the-clock when logged in with your TV provider.
  • For you to pick up where you left off later, the app saves your position.

Final Word: Fox News Alternatives

All the Fox News alternatives mentioned in this article are great and have more viewers. They offer a 24×7 hours news service. So, we hope the above article on the Fox News alternatives has helped you select the best news channel.

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What is the most watched news?

Overall, Fox News Channel drew an average prime time audience of 2.337 million viewers for the month, which was down 6% from August 2021. MSNBC was second overall with 1.299 million viewers, up 5% from one year ago. CNN finished a distant third with 733,000 thousand viewers, down 11% from 2021.