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9 Best Conservative News Apps [2021]

5 Best Conservative News Apps

In this article, we have mentioned 9 Best conservative news apps. Conservatives are far less likely to go for a single source, or they select a narrow-band of news sources. It is important to know about both sides in every possible way and check facts and better understand the issue properly.

Journalists these days are utterly lacking integrity, basic knowledge of science and show complete disapproval and disregard for their audiences. There’s plenty of false propaganda that going around these days. However, few news outlets are actually reporting facts. These conservative news apps report facts and link back to the original source.

Best Conservative News Apps

9 Best conservative news apps that you want to use and we have mentioned all of them below.

  1. Fox News
  2. NPR News
  3. The Daily Caller
  4. The Limbaugh Letter
  5. Newsmax
  6. CNR: Conservative News Reader
  7. CNBC Business News
  8. Breitbart
  9. One American News Network

Best conservative news apps

Fox news

Fox News is one of the best conservative news apps in the United States of America which presents live-streaming, news articles, videos, etc. It is possessed by the Fox Entertainment Group and can be downloaded through the Android App Store, iOS App Store, and also through web browser.

Its notification banner is designed to provide you with breaking news and live event notifications as you use the application. You can simply browse to discover the most important Fox News videos and stories.

Currently, Fox News is not charging anything for the application and can be downloaded through Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Make sure you are connected to any internet connection such as Wi-Fi connection or cellular connection to get access and download content.

Price: Free

NPR news

NPR news is one of the best conservative news apps available. It has everything from political news to enterprise coverage. NPR app offers up to date news with headlines, breaking alerts, and live streams from member stations. You can read, listen or create a playlist of your favorite NPR stories and share it with your friends.

 It has a full listing of every NPR programs that are present under the ‘program’ tab along with a button alerting the users when of the program is going live. There is another button which allows users to find a station that is streaming the program; this feature is very useful for navigating time zone.

You can get NPR News app for iOS and Android from their respective app stores. It has expanded its reach beyond the smart phone to smart speakers and other newly connected devices.

Price: Free

The Daily Caller

The daily caller is a self-governing, right-wing news outlet in America which was initiated by Fox News host and veteran journalist Tucker Carlson and former chief policy consultant to vice president Cheney Neil Patel in 2010. It is a 24-hour news publication which provides its audience with original reporting and thought-provoking news.

It is a member of the White House press pool. The Daily Caller non-profit arm describes itself as a ‘customer research education organization’ those main aim is to provide ‘customers news and research to mainstream customers.’

Price: Free

The Limbaugh letter

“The Limbaugh letter, America’s No.1 political newsletter, written by Rush Limbaugh”

The Limbaugh letter is America’s best conservative news app that shows exclusive interviews, social commentaries and analysis of recent events by American talk show host Rush Limbaugh. The Limbaugh letter is available on both Android and iOS App Store.

This is an amazing place for people to get up to date news on contemporary American politics without spending a lot of money and time. These letters can make you laugh, shake your head and sometimes get absolute enraged with the nonsensical politicians around the world.

Price: Free


Newsmax is a conservative American news and opinion app which is founded by Christopher Ruddy in 1998 and it is operated by Newsmax media. It has described as influential and a potent force in American conservative circles by The New York Times.

It has a website which is divided into four chief sections: Newsmax, Newsmax World, Newsmax Finance, and Newsmax Health. Recently, it has been greatly benefited from a segment of the conservative base that has been annoyed at Fox News.

Price: Free

CNR: Conservative News Reader

CNR is one of the best conservative news apps for right-wing interviews and news. You can enjoy the live updates about what’s going on all around the world. There are several solid conservative writers which will make you think. Furthermore, this application includes Republic party news and views, Election 2020 president race results reviews and polls, Biden cabinet picks and presidency news and more.

However, you may find that a substantial portion of the news shared with you can only be summarized and not quite biased, but relatively, some of the articles evidently display a pretty noticeable bias towards one candidate or another.

Price: Free

CNBC Business News

CNBC Business News gives you access to the world of Wall Street with incredible breaking news alerts, global market data, watchlists, and CNBC TV. You can be able create your own customized news feed by choosing your favorite topics and save stories so that you can read them later. With its watchlist feature, you can add up to 100 watchlists, each with up to 100 quotes.

It has numerous features that includes personalized news alerts, “For You” news, customizable news section, quotes, iPad Multitasking with picture in picture, advanced search, podcasts and live audio with CarPlay, and much more. It also permits you pre-market and after-data exchange data together with the charts with indicators, styles and customizable time frames.

Price: Free


Breitbart is an American far-right syndicated opinion, news, and commentary website and app which is founded by an American conservative commentator “Andre Breitbart.” Some sources have defined it as a conservative news channel or as a part of the alt-right. It features original news reports, commentaries on recent events, and a large source of analysis.

Its journalists are extensively well-thought-out to be ideologically driven, and some of its articles has been called misogynistic, xenophobic, homophobic, and racist by liberals and many other traditional conservatives alike. Its reliably conservative editorial places overlap with the philosophical positions for far-right European political parties.

Price: Free

One American News Network

One American News Network is also called as One America News (OAN) is a far-right channel which is founded by Robert Herring Sr. and owned by Herring Networks, Inc. its prime-time political conversation shows have a conservative perception, and it has defined itself as one of the greatest supporters of Trump.

In 2014 August, OANN has launched a show named “On Point” with Tomi Lahren. Several clips from this show went viral, and thus by 2015 Lahren has grown extensive attention for her commentaries.

Price: Free

Written by Veditha

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