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5 Best Drudge Report Alternatives [Must Read 2024]

5 Best Drudge Report Alternatives [Must Read 2024]

Drudge Report Alternatives: Getting updated on the recent news and highlights of the day can be a little stressful as not all news aggregators are sincere nowadays. 

At times like these, we could hear the Drudge Report a lot. Is the website that good? Does it actually helpful or just comprise a bunch of headings, clearly copied from huge news aggregators? 

About Drudge Report

Drudge Report is a well-known news aggregator website in America since 1995 that covers rather far-right data. It aggregates the left-out stories from huge news aggregates such as NBC, The Washington Post, The Huffington Post, and many more. 

Although, this news aggregator appears to be a reliable and stable source of factual information, is it really the only one? How about you look for Drudge Report alternatives that can give off better news versions? 

In that case, we have the perfect list of the 5 best Drudge Report alternatives mentioned in the below article.


Whatfinger  Drudge Report Alternatives

Whatfinger is a well-known destination for conservative news. Its main topics to cover arrive from Comedy, Satire, and Humour genres. It is known to be one of the best Drudge Report alternatives. 

If you want to know what is going on in the comedy industry or which humor video is currently trending: just visit Whatfinger's website and on the homepage, you will see the content that will make you crack that instance.

Whatfinger is like a buffet of the latest news. So, if you feel hungry, visit their official website and they promise not to return your empty or even half-filled stomach. And it does the best work when it comes to keeping you updated.

Bias: the bias rating for Whatfinger is Right. So, it denotes the far-right bias. And their additional sparks of commentaries are said to drop mostly in the lanes of conservatives.

The firm mostly includes resources through left-leaning publications. 

Citizen Free Press

Citizen Free Press daily news

Citizen Free Press is the United State’s front-page offering political news. As soon as you enter the website, the impression may not be appealing as the homepage is the only page on the whole website.

Moreover, they do not have a menu, contact us like options. All they offer is the front and the last page which are filled with headlines from all over.

And according to the direct analysis, the firm seems to focus more on the harsh side of the world. For instance, you will mostly see headlines showing mass shooting events taking place recently, doctors dying mysteriously, and such.

The catch is that it does not have a good user interface and is not at all user-friendly. This can create problems when you visit the website. However, if you only want to get updates and do not care about the outlook, etc: Citizen Free Press will keep you updated for free.

We consider it one of the best Drudge Report alternatives because it offers accurate and quality news and is perfect for last-minute updates with an understandable tone.

Bias: The Citizen Free Press was rated with right bias and mixed reporting. The firm was rated Right based on the store selection from their side. And they have mixed factual reporting terms as they use poor-quality sources and do not offer transparency at all.  

The Liberty Daily

The Liberty Daily

The Liberty Daily is known to put forth the headlines from a conservative perspective. You will either read stories that were never heard or stories that were altered according to the seniors.

Similarly to the Drudge Report, The Liberty Daily mostly focuses on good quality news and they prefer accuracy over quantity. They would rather work professionally than fill in data that is far from true.

Furthermore, The Liberty Daily podcast talks about how the news pieces were changed by seniors with honest sayings from their experts about the topic. This way, you get to know what is the factual event and understand it in depth.

Bias: This news aggregator has been rated far-right for bias rating. The factual reporting of this aggregator is mixed. 

The reasons behind rating it poorly was: it lacks transparency, bad propaganda issues, collecting of data from poor sources, and more involvement of conspiracies than factual and important left-out events.

Gateway Pundit

Gateway Pundit trending news

The Gateway Pundit was originally formed into a blog website where the main motive was to work solely to inform the world about the latest highlights in different industries. 

Back then, it only did the work of writing introductions and liking the relevant highlights and keywords with big content producers. This all went on for a good set of years before the brand took the pace and started gaining audiences and staff for writing for them.

Based on the Alexa Rankings, the website is now one of the top 150 leading websites in the United States. And today, it serves its readers with the latest news, analysis, and commentaries.

Furthermore, it has understood how the newspapers are altering the points of the news and informing the readers falsely. So, taking this point into strong consideration, it looks forward to covering the news headlines which are mostly unsaid, altered, or left behind.

Bias: the bias rating for this new aggregator is Right. And the reason why it is on the list of Drudge Report alternatives is that similarly to Drudge Report, The Gateway Pundit believes in covering accurate and important news, rather than focusing on just fill-ins.

Bongino Report

Bongino Report

Bongino Report is your ideal Drudge Report alternative if you are in search of libertarian and conservative news stories of the day. It is a known news and media website run by Daniel John Bongino: an author, commentator, and radio show host from the United States.

The main highlight of this news aggregator is that: it presents the most complicated stores in an easy format to help you understand the cause swiftly.

Bongino Report has continuously gotten ranked in high media rankings. Although the website is not very famous, the fact that it narrates helpful information more skillfully drives in more audiences according to the newly trending topic.

As soon as you visit the Bongian website, with its good user interface, you will find it easy to look around the site and search for the interesting stories of the day. 

Bias: the bias report Bongino Report reported a Far-right rating which also comes with mixed factual reporting. It simply means the website is not doing sincere work as it should.

Failed fast checks, lack of transparency, propaganda, conspiracy, and right bias are the reasons it got negative ratings.

Conclusion: Drudge Report Alternatives

We hope by now; you are sure which website to visit for which news and industry highlights. Not all news aggregators are rated positively, but there is a good reason why they are still doing just fine in the market.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Which are the best sites like Drudge report?

Whatfinger, Citizen Free Press, and The Liberty Daily are a few of the famous news aggregates and best sites like Drudge Report.

Which is the best drudge report alternative?

Whatfinger or The Liberty Daily, any of the two can be called the best drudge report alternative.