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10 Best Sites like Gazelle to Buy/Sell Mobiles [2024]

10 Best Sites like Gazelle to Buy/Sell Mobiles [2024]

Are you bored with using Gazelle or do you want to try more options for websites to buy phones? In any case – you must have a look at our list of sites like Gazelle. But, before that let's understand what is Gazelle.

Gazelle is an internet company owned by ecoATM LLC. It is an e-commerce entity founded in 2006. It helps you donate all types of electronic devices like Mobile phones, Cellular phones, Smart tablets, Computers, and Laptops.

Gazelle is a private E-Commerce company founded in Boston, Massachusetts. James McElhiney, Israel Ganot, and Rousseau Aurelien are the founders of the company and its current headquarters are in San Diego, CA, United States.

So, how does it work? – if you wish to sell a used item on Gazelle – you are first required to find its value, to make sure that listing it on Gazelle is worth it.

At, you will find a full guide that will help you get through the valuation of the item process. After you find the value and you are sure that Gazelle is the best platform to sell the product, you can opt for listing the item on the website.

However, if the process is not of your liking, if the value is not what you expected, or if you wish to have more options – in any of the above-mentioned cases, you can have a look at our list of sites like Gazelle – the best websites to buy used phones in the USA– which also works in selling.


Backmarket gazelle alternative

Back Market is an internet-based marketplace for renewed electronic products that was founded by Quentin Le Brouster, Vianney Vaute, and Thibaud Hug De Larauze in 2014.

It is one of the best sites like Gazelle to buy used phones USA. Along with the phones – you can find other renewed devices like laptops, computers, and more on the website.


  • The quality of the products, although second hand at Back market is good. You can use the products for a good number of days after buying.
  • Back market has a hassle-free checkout.
  • Reasonable pricing.


  • At Back Market – buyers and sellers are required to be aware of the fraudsters, and along with being saddled, the possibility of violence is also high.
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Swappa apps like gazelle

Swappa is a C2C online marketplace where people buy and sell used products and new products. It mostly focuses on second-hand items.

Here, buyers and sellers can communicate directly on the website, and the items you want to sell as a seller are required to function completely.

Swappa is a private company founded in 2010. Its current headquarters are in Kansas City, Missouri, United States.


  • You get to connect with the buyer or seller without interruption from third parties including the website.
  • It is one of the best places to buy a used phone.
  • Apart from cell phones, it also has laptops and other common electronic devices on sale.


  • The initial listing time will only last for 10 days. After that – you are required to add additional settings for an extension of time.
  • The listing is not automatic. The staff of the Swappa website will review your listing request and it takes up to 5 to 6 hours to get approved.


Sellcell apps like gazelle

Just like the name suggests, SellCell is one of the best websites to buy phones. Along with cell phones, you can search for tablets and other types of mobile devices on sale.

It helps you compare the prices of the leading cell phone buyers and sellers in the USA. The opportunity will help you get the best deal on the SellCell website.


  • It is known as the No 1 website for selling and buying second-hand mobile in the USA.
  • Sellcell has a total number of 40 and more tech buyers who will help customers find the best price for their old products.


  • You do not find variety if you are a buyer.


uSell apps like gazelle

uSell is a trading company for public commerce that was founded in 2008. The company moves on with trading with the name OTCQB: PXHU.

And it works as an internet-based marketplace where citizens can buy and sell used tablets, textbooks, gift cards, and cell phones to real buyers.


  • The uSell website works on any browser and is easy to handle.
  • The prices are reasonable and worth it.
  • You can find a lot of shipping options.
  • A lot of options in payment modes are available.
  • Good at Transparency.


  • The customer care team is not helpful, and it has poor customer service.


Decluttr apps like gazelle

Decluttr is again the best site like Gazelle to buy second-hand mobiles in the USA. It is an app that acts as the marketplace for millions of users who need to sell or buy electronic items like DVDs, video games, books, cell phones, Tech, CDs, and more.

It is 100% free. The handling of the website is easy, and it works swiftly most of the time. And with just a few clicks – you will get an instant valuation of your item and shipping is for free.


  • It is known as the most convenient mobile app for a marketplace.
  • Pricing is done fairly each time – Although, if you miss the chance the offer may slip out of your grip.


  • Shipping is free but slow.
  • The processing of shipping and billing is slow.


EcoATM apps like gazelle

From the recent news – it is confirmed that with the help of ecoATM in industry, the recycling term for cell phones is reaching every land across the globe.

EcoATM is an internet-based marketplace where you can sell your used cell phones, tablets, and other devices in return for real-time cash. This all goes on smoothly because ecoATM has its automated kiosks in all the locations they cover.


  • The automated cabins by the company are in crowded places. Meaning – they won't be far away from you.
  • If you did not like the offer, you can get your device back.
  • They guarantee you will feel better for keeping your item away from a landfill.
  • Know your item's online value and sell it at the best price.


  • It will only accept tablets, cell phones, MP3 players, and other limited items.
  • You are required to be at least 18 years old or older to sell.
  • The risk of jumping into fraud is still high.


eBay apps like gazelle

eBay is a multinational E-Commerce company located in San Jose, California, United States founded by Pierre Omidyar in 1995. It works for both the C2C and B2C teams through its website.

Due to its easy functioning and working, eBay is known in almost every country of the world. It has a list of subsidiaries – eBay marketplaces GmbH, Den Bla Avis A/S, StubHub, GittiGidiyor,, and more.


  • eBay has varieties in every section. It is a giant online market.
  • The extra fees are lower compared to other brands.
  • You get shipping assistance.
  • If you are an honest seller or buyer – eBay is the trustworthy place for you.
  • The feature of the Auction can help you.


  • The risk of scams and fraud is high.
  • It is difficult to persuade customers in an Auction.
  • The scale of fees on eBay can increase depending on the value of your item.
  • Bad Customer Service.


Craigslist is known as the best-used cell phone store online that has been in business since 1995 after Craig Newmark Established the company. Since then, it has been successfully gaining people's attention and trust with its great quality.

Basically, it is an American classified website with a categories list including community services, gates, resumes, discussion forums, for sale, housing, devoted jobs, and items wanted.

The website is available in Dutch, Spanish, French, English, Italian and Portuguese language. Its headquarters are in San Francisco, California, United States.


  • Craigslist is the best website if you wish to sell large and heavy products.
  • It does not ask for money for listing or selling.
  • The listing process is easy and can be done quickly.


  • The buyers are not professionals and appear to be less reliable.
  • No enforcement for buyers to pay.


Nextdoor apps like gazelle

NextDoor Holdings works as a social networking service provider for different neighborhoods. The company was established in 2008 and can be found in San Francisco, California, United States now.

In the United States – Next Door Holdings established its franchise in 2011. Currently, it has covered the lands of a total of 11 countries across the world.


  • The urgent option in the app allows you to blast everyone in your area – who has signed up at Nextdoor with their emails.


  • Your feed will be clogged most of the time as there is someone who will list about 45 items in the general category.
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Amazon Renewed

Amazon Renewed apps like gazelle

Amazon Renewed is practically the best-used cell phone store online. Not only for phones – it has every type of electronic and other category product for you.

As the name suggests – While has all the brand new products for you, Amazon Renewed has all the renewed products – which are in good condition and can still be used.


  • The prices are reasonable according to the product.


  • You can come across fraudsters.


The above-mentioned sites like Gazelle were all the best websites to buy phones, tablets, and other related electronic products. We hope – you will get the best deal for your phone from them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I sell my phone?

You can sell your used cell phone at Amazon Renewed, Craigslist, uSell, SellCell or Nextdoor.