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6 Similar Games like Lioden You Should Play! [2024]

6 Similar Games like Lioden You Should Play! [2024]

Games like Lioden: You heard people praising a game named Lioden, which appears to be a game of pets. As a person who always wanted to get a pet but could not due to some personal reasons, you might have tried it.

Maybe it was what you imagined or perhaps you only liked the gameplay but the game overall did not suit your taste bud. What will you do now?

About Lioden

Lioden is the best game when you want to experience being a lion. It gives you an exact feeling of what a lion's aura feels like. The game allows you to defend your territory from enemies, breed cute cubs, and much more fun comes along the way.

Lioden is a well-known game but having a look at other games Lioden won’t hurt, right? If you are ready, then we are presenting you the list of the best games like Lioden in the article below.

Chicken Smoothie

Chicken Smoothie  Games like Lioden

Platform: Xbox and Browser.

Did you always want to get a pet but due to several reasons, you could not get one? If that is the case then the Chicken Smoothie game here will help you adopt your favorite pet virtually for free of cost!

It allows you to adopt a new pet every month. You can watch them grow up and take care of them as if they are present with you in reality. Moreover, you get to dress them up and ready them in your favorite ways. And in case you wish to try another pet from your friend, you can also trade pets.

What’s Special?: 

  • The pets won’t die if you ignore them for a while. However, they will contribute to growth accordingly.
  • The game can not be played unfairly as everything you do is recorded by the game’s system and they have a detector system that will detect unfair gameplay.

How to play?:

  • Start the game by adopting your favorite pet.
  • Watch it grow up and take care of it as if he or she is living with you in reality.
  • After a month you will be able to adopt a new pet and you can trade pets with your friends.


Wajas game

Platform: Browser.

Are you fond of wolves and always wanted to feel like one of them? If so, then Wajas here will be a good choice. 

It is one of the best games like Lioden which allows you to do a good set of things, becoming a wolf and experiencing what they experience.

You can create your imaginary world to your heart's content. It is a simulation game where you can collect different things, design yourself and your surroundings, breed words, and sell your grown-up and upgraded wolves to others on the platform.

What’s Special?: 

  • You can collect, design, breed, and sell in the game to your heart's content. Create a world with no limitations. 
  • You can sell your upgraded voice to other players on the platform.
  • The game is 100% free to play for newcomers and old members. You do not need to pay any bucks unless you want to.
  • Offers an upgrading stage that can increase your profile's features. However, the ones who do not wish to upgrade are on the safer side too.

How to Play?: 

  • You start by getting yourself a wolf (Waja).
  • Then start taking care of yourself (your waja character).
  • You can breed new wolves and do other things like breed dominance and such.


Goatlings game

Platform: Browser

Are you aging but still stuck on pet games? If so, then the Goatlings game here will be a good option to try out! The game allows you to virtually get a pet and take care of it. 

It is good for all age groups and offers multiple cute and fun elements. And it is the best Lioden alternative because they both offer multiple and similar options for pets.

You get to raise the cute creatures and train them accordingly. Play games with them, explore the virtual world, and find treasures to earn multiple in-game rewards for your pet. Make your pet a life worth your efforts.

What’s Special?:

  • There is a place inside the game called Shopping District where you can buy multiple things for your pet. 
  • Design your pet according to your style and ideas.
  • You get to train them according to your wishes.

How to Play?:

  • Adopt a pet of your choice.
  • Play games with the pet and earn points. You can choose games from the Arcade place inside the game.
  • The points can help you buy exciting things for your pet.
  • Explore what is in the city and collect rewards in multiple ways.
  • Buy upgrade tools from the in-game shop and upgrade your character.

Flight Rising

Flight Rising game

Platform: Browser

If controlling a whole clan including dragons was one of your mystery wishes, then playing at Flight Rising will give you the utmost satisfaction. 

It is a website that features multiple elements like dragon breeding, combat on special powers, collecting of special items for up-gradation and other benefits, and going on adventures.

It is one of the best games like Lioden because like Lioden, it also allows you to get yourself a pet and while you are focusing on your whole clan overall, you'll also raise and watch your pet grow alongside.

What’s Special?:

  • You get to communicate with other users and from a clan.
  • Your dragon will be updated and have options of upgrading whenever you reach new levels.
  • You get to earn a set of bonuses regularly if you complete the daily tasks perfectly.

How to play?:

  • Visit their website and create an account. Choose a cool username for yourself and your dragon.
  • Pick yourself a strong password to be used whenever you wish to play the game.
  • Choose your flight from the options list, which can suit you perfectly.
  • Choose a dragon that will go well with your attire. 



Platform: Windows PC.

Evosaur can act as the perfect genetic evaluator game when you want to try out dinosaurs. It comes with a beautiful and unique interface that grabs your attention. Also, it helps you customize the dinosaur which you want to create.

Evosaur is included in the list of one of the best games like Lioden because similarly to Lioden, it allows the customization of the virtual character owned by you. And you can change colors, different features, and more.

What’s Special?:

  • The background changer receives every bit of information from you. The sex of the dragon, the species, age, base, and eyes, you can decide on everything.
  • There is an option called Randomize which allows the website to choose the details mentioned in the above point. You will get a ready-made dinosaur.

How to Play?:

  • You can start by designing your Evosaur. You get a list of details you need to put in and then your dinosaur will be ready made. Otherwise, you can also allow the website to do the task for you.
  • Once you get an Evosaur, you must take care of him. Feeding him, and helping him go to sleep are a few of the essentials.

Torn City

Torn City game

Platform: Windows PC, Mac, other latest version PCs, and any other platform with a browser.

Torn, popularly known as Torn City is a multiplayer game played by several people at a time online. It is wholly virtual and the players are required to role-play their characters in the game. 

Torn is one of the best games like Lioden. Why? Because the leads in Torn are replaced with humans which is like Lioden and the theme of the game is dark.

The humans here are involved in violence, crime, and unclean business. It is one of the biggest text-based games with a huge community of players playing from several parts of the world.

What’s Special?:

  • As a human, you get to experience marriage, befriending, trading, and stuff like this virtually in the game.

How to play?:

  • The start of the game will ask you to build your town and earn points.
  • Up have to level up accordingly and cleanly customize the town.
  • While the city is filled with criminals, you are supposed to maintain its posture.
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All the games like Lioden mentioned in the above article have different gameplays, features, and specialties. None of the games is co-related and has unique ways of passing on entertainment to you. If you liked Lioden, we hope now you have another Lioden alternative in mind.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What type of game is Lioden?

Lioden is a popular simulation game, based on browsers. You get to become the lioness of the virtual world and see how a lioness acts like a queen of the forest.

Who created Lioden? 

Xylax is the main artist of the game and one of the creators of Lioden.

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