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Blind App Review: Is It Legit?, Explained [2024]

Blind App Review: Is It Legit?, Explained [2024]

Is the Blind app the only app in your mind to share your reviews about the place you work? Is the app good? Is it safe? Is it free? 

To get all the answers to the questions dancing in your mind, we suggest you read our Blind app review mentioned in this article.

What is Blind App?

Blind App Review

Blind is an application for anonymous professional networking from the United States with a South Korean startup. It has recently gained attention from workers and it is like a community for the workspace. 

The main motive for creating the app was to make a space where professional obstacles and hierarchy is broken down. All that remains is peace for all the workers working peacefully.

You can install the app for free on your iOS and Android devices including tablets and iPads. It is mostly used for personal affairs and is totally text-based. 

Moreover, it is used by over 5 million users from across the world and is a safe and stable place where you anonymously share stuff about your work.

The main highlight of this workplace community is that you can share your honest reviews about the company, salary, and other elements with other workers. 

Not only that, but you can also share interview experiences without anyone knowing who you are. Similarly, the person or group of people listening to you from the other side will not tell you their identity.

Although the website does not restrict you from going around disclosing your identity, the application is all about sharing reviews and honest opinions anonymously. That is why it is best to keep silent about your identity and be honest about your workplace.

How does it work?

All you have to do is to create your account on the app and share your interest in topics and fill in other details. After this, it'll group you with others based on the company, topics, and other expandable points. 

In case you are scared that you will end up meeting a non-professional among others, just to let you know the app verifies the users registering on their app. 

So, it verifies the user with the help of their work email and if they are untraceable, they will encounter issues in using the app further.

Key Features 

  • The website is 100% free to use on apple and android devices.
  • It is stable and a reliable website.
  • On the website, you'll see people posting about different topics and you will see how many people have viewed the post and when it was posted.
  • Scrawling down on the landing page, you will also see the post ranking from the most viewed in descending order.

Pros and Cons


  • There is a part of the post which says where every user is from. If you do not wish to add your real location, you can type anything else.
  • Before clicking on the post only by looking at the heading, you will be told where the user is from. For example, if the user who has posted is from the tech industry, the tag will be available at the very top of the post.


  • You must be aware of the scammers. The app only verifies the users and their profession. However, the app is not responsible for checking if the user has posted something true or false.

Pricing and Plans

There are 3 plans available when you want to step ahead of your free version of the app. The plans list is as follows,

  1. 20 B for $3.99.
  2. 60 B for $9.99.
  3. 130 B at $19.99.

Is Blind App Legit?

All the mentioned information in this Blind app review is true and gathered together from trusted and official sources. This automatically proves that Blind App is a legitimate app. 

It is safe to download on your device and is not associated with any harmful viruses and fraudsters.


We hope the above-mentioned blind app review has given you answers to all your questions. The app is taking the majority of the responsibility as the head. 

As a user of the app, you'll have to keep certain rules and awareness points in mind before and while using it. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Blind app safe?

Yes, Blind app is a safe place to share your honest reviews of different aspects of your workplaces.