9 Best Loans Like CashNetUSA [Apps & Sites 2023]

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How much you save money, is still going to be less than what we expect it to be. And when going into a financial crisis, the budget comes in handy but not everyone is great at making the perfect budget fit or savings sorted out already. 

And hence when your finances are not sorted out, it can be a little complicated to maintain the rent payments, emergency medical expenses, losses to cover, and much more. 

And to solve the problem, there are banks and financial institutions that provide you with loans that can help you out with finances. CashNetUSA is the online lender platform that will easily lend you loans if you are facing problems with traditional loans. 

CashNetUSA offers many different kinds of loans for its customers namely installments loans, payday loans, and many other lines of credit.  It currently offers its services in more than 28+ states. And hence finding alternatives to the same becomes essential. 

In this article, we are going to talk about the 8 best sites like CashNetUSA namely 1F Cash Advance, Advance America, FreedomPlus, Avant, CashUSA, OppLoans, Speedy Cash, Check into Cash, and Amscot. 

By the end of the article, you will get detail about sites like CashNetUSA, their key highlights, loan available under their titles, loan amount and duration set, and installment options. 

1F Cash Advance

1F Cash Advance is a loan-finding service that goes above and beyond to make financial assistance fast and available to almost anyone. The company sets no minimum credit score requirements and partners with licensed direct lenders only. It uses smart algorithms to find the best possible deal for your current situation and ensure safe borrowing experience for people in any US state.

The service is known for its smooth and seamless loan process and fast funding times. You can apply online 24/7, and it will take you less than 5 minutes to complete a loan request form. Then, you’ll get an almost instant approval decision with a direct deposit on the same day or within one business day, depending on the time you apply.

Additionally, 1F Cash Advance has its money app, allowing you to access fast cash via your smartphone without paying any application or monthly subscription fee. Overall, it’s a great alternative for CashNetUSA that provides quick, accessible and hassle-free loan options for people with any credit.


  • 1F Cash Advance operates across the US and offers both in-store and online products and services.
  • The company has a customer-centered approach and offers personalized financial solutions based on borrowers’ needs.
  • The 5-minute application process can be completed via a convenient and user-friendly platform.
  • Lenders perform no hard credit checks, making it possible to get to send you a loan decision almost instantly.
  • Same day funding is available for applicants who get approved before noon on weekdays.
  • There are no hidden or upfront fees a borrower needs to pay. All the lender’s fees are outlined in a loan agreement.
  • Borrowers with bad and poor credit scores can qualify with ease as long as they have regular income.
  • The company is aimed at improving borrowers’ financial literacy, so it has its informative blog with smart and practical tips and articles on personal finances, investment, and borrowing.

Loans Available

  • Payday Loans
  • Title Loans
  • Installment Loans
  • Bad Credit Personal Loans

Loan Amount and Duration

  • Payday loan amounts are between $100 and $1,000, depending on the state.
  • Installment loan amounts are between $1,000 and $5,000.
  • Payday loan term is between 14 and 30 days.
  • Installment loan term in between 2 and 24 months.
  • An APR depends on the state, loan type, and loan term (between 36% and 495%).

Advance America 

Advance America  Sites Like CashNetUSA

Advance America believes in money today, and momentum tomorrow. It promises you to give many types of personal loans under their title within the same day or the next business day. 

It is a great alternative for CashNetUSA because it provides fast applications, instant approval decisions made by them, and also good credit or mandatory credit score is not needed. 

Hence even the new customers can use Advance America without worrying about credit score or loan eligibility and hence it is the best site like CashNetUSA. Advance America has been in this industry since 1997. 


  • Advance America has established 1400 physical stores across then continents. 
  • The second motto they follow is keeping their customers first always. 
  • It promises to give loan amount on the same day or next executive business day like CashNetUSA.
  • The approval time of Advance America is set to be instant. 
  • It allows the online application for the loan. 
  • They are known for running a full disclosure with a no-nonsense kind of business. 
  • There is a simple user interface for the users to depict how it is used to apply, loans corner, and rates and terms. 
  • It also finds a store for new customers who wants to visit the store themselves. 
  • It also has about us and the money tips corner where you can research them all in detail before applying for loans bout their genuineness. 

Loans Available 

  • Payday Loans
  • Title Loans
  • Installment Loans
  • Line of Credit and many more. 

Loan Amount and Duration 

  • The loan amount is set up to $1,000.
  • The duration of the loan is usually 2-4 weeks 
  • APR depends on the loan term (231-495%)


FreedomPlus loan credit offers

If you are new in the loan industry then Freedom Plus will be a great alternative to CashNetUSA. It believes borrow smart and breathing easy. 

It follows the simple motto of giving loans on no monthly fixed payments like rents. All you have to do is choose the amount of borrowing and click on the get my loan on their website. 


  • It offers the feature of adding co-borrowers for the one loan, and hence it can be a guarantee for the FreedomPlus and liberty for the loan takers to repay the loan. 
  • It gives its customers better rates with retirement savings like CashNetUSA. 
  • It also gives discount offers to its customers for a better percentage of loan proceedings or on direct payoffs. 
  • It may charge some origination fees for its customers for opting for Loans from FreedomPlus. 
  • It was founded in the year 2002 and offices are located in Tempe, Arizona, and San Mateo, California. 
  • It also provides debt solutions for improving its customer’s finances.
  • It reviews the applicant’s employment history,  income, credit score, and credit history. 

Loan Available 

  • Debt consolidation
  • Home improvements
  • Weddings
  • Large purchases
  • Travel or vacations 
  • Medical expenses
  • Moving or relocation expenses 
  • Automotive purchases and many more. 

Loan Amount and Duration 

  • You can borrow less than $7,500 from FreedomPlus. 
  • The loan gets sanctioned within a day or two business days. 
  • The maximum duration of the loan is kept for 60 months. 


Avant loan eligibility for loan

Avant always has been getting great reviews and points under its loan providing facility and hence it has made it in the list of best sites like CashNetUSA. 

Avant is known for providing the loan amount within the same day and flexibility with payment dates. It also has a soft credit check with pre-qualification made available for the customers. 

It needs a minimum credit score to be listed as 550 but doesn’t offer any direct payment options for its customers. 


  • It lest people borrow loans from Avant if their credit score comes in the range of 600-700 FICO and minimum to be 550. 
  • It works fully online and through virtual networks hence it is a great option for emergency loans like CashNetUSA. 
  • It will give you funds within a business day or three. 
  • It allows its customers to change the payment dates twice which is a great feature. 
  • It also reports the payment of customers with three credit bureaus to get its customers the best credit score like CashNetUSA. 
  • It discloses all the rates, fees, and terms on the website itself keeping it transparent for the new borrowers. 
  • It also provides a mobile application to track the loans for the customers. 

Loan Available 

  • Personal Loans
  • Emergency Loans
  • Business Loans and many more. 

Loan Amount and Duration 

  • The loan amount range is kept between $2,000 to $35000. 
  • The estimated APR is said to be 9.95-35.95%
  • The duration for the loans is kept under 2 to 5 years approx. 


CashUSA online personal loan

With the similar name, you must have got it why it is in the list of similar sites of CashNetUSA. CashNetUSA is said to be much faster than the traditional banks that offer loans. 

It is said to have the fastest loan approvals done and solved. It is promised to give you the amount you have asked for via your liked account within the same day with no offline hassles. 

CashUSA works the same as CashNetUSA. The best feature of CashUSA is sadi to be not worrying regarding paying every month installments in a physical store location. You can simply just pay online. 


  • It offers instant loan approvals for its customers like CashNetUSA. 
  • It also has everything virtually handled with no hassles of the offline physical store like CashNetUSA. 
  • It also doesn’t charge you any fees on payment procedures for the installments. 
  • It is the best choice for personal online loans. 
  • It offers security against any transaction made through CashUSA. 
  • It also offers an auto-pay option to pay your installments on time and hence it requires you to maintain the minimum balances. 

Loan Available 

  • Personal Loans
  • Payday Loans
  • Installment Loans and much more. 

Loan amount and Duration 

  • The loan amount range is kept between $500- $10,000
  • The repayment terms are stated to be 3-72 months. 
  • The APR Rate is set to be 5.99% to 35.99%


OppLoans online loans

OppLoans are a great site like CashNetUSA which offers huge loan amounts within a day or the next business day without any offline hassles made. It also has 600+ employees and 700,000 customers helped under its title. 

Hence their customer records genuinely mark their sincerity regarding keeping customers first and solving their financial problems. It has always proved best for emergencies and financial help which are solved immediately in a day or so. 

It is still new in the market since the year 2012 but has immensely won people’s hearts with its services. It has more than 1.8M loans sanctioned with an 85 Net Promoter Score and with an A+ rating from BBB. 


  • It has been approved with an A+ rating. 
  • It provides financial help within a day or so like CashNetUSA. 
  • It is a leading financial platform for providing loans to the needy. 
  • It is said to have more than 1.8 M loans sanctioned till now. 
  • It offers card and salary loans too. 
  • Many banks have partnered with them for being great financial supporters for customers worldwide. 
  • The best thing about OppLoans is it has no minimum credit score or maximum credit score to maintain for getting a customer’s loan request approved. 
  • Hence it can be a great choice for a beginner in the credit market. 

Loan Available 

  • Personal Loans
  • Installment Loans 
  • Short-term loans and much more. 

Loan Amount and Duration 

  • The loan amount range is kept to be between $500 to $4,000. 
  • The estimated APR is said to be b59.00 – 160.00%
  • The loan duration is said to be nine months to 3 years minimum. 

Speedy Cash 

Speedy Cash 

Speedy Cash offers its loan services in 27 states all over the USA. It is known for payday loans from Speedy Cash and hence it is a great alternative to CashNetUSA. 

It is said to be a little expensive compared to other loan providers but has word with giving its customers the best interest fluctuations, best services, and instant loan amounts. 

It has both the services made for customers under the online virtual network as well as stores at physical and easily available locations. 


  • It has plenty of loan options. 
  • It has both online stores and physical stores such as CashNetUSA. 
  • It has additional service offerings for customers with loans. 
  • The loans are approved instantly with same-day funding available. 
  • It has upfront potential costs. 
  • It doesn’t charge you hidden fees or payment processing like CashNetUSA. 

Loan Available 

  • Short term loans 
  • Unsecured loans
  • Payday loans and many more. 

Loan Amount and Duration 

  • The loan amount is kept to be between $50- $26,000
  • The loan duration is said to be 3-5 years. 



Amscot stands for Amscot Financial Services which has its headquarters situated in Tampa, FL. Amscot is also a great option for CashNetUSA because of its bests services and customer satisfaction. 

The main area of focus of Amscot is its PayDay loans which it provides best as cash advances for the people to help them out in a financial crisis. It has the lowest interest rates kept to benefit more people and keep them stress-free in the area of finances. 


  • It also offers estimates for flexible and personalized rates for the customers which is a great factor in the loan-providing institutions. 
  • It also offers easy approvals and instant rates for its customers. 
  • The user interface of amscot is kept very minimal and user-friendly just like CashNetUSA. 
  • It also offers monthly payment options and installment options as per the customer’s flexibility. 
  • It doesn’t charge you any hidden fees or loan fees just like CshNetUSA. 
  • It has kept them free from setting credit score eligibility for the borrowers to make new customers on daily basis. 

Loan Available 

  • Payday loans
  • Cash advances
  • Personal loans and many more. 

Loan Amount and Duration 

  • The loan amount is said to be up to $500 or up. 
  • The estimated apr is said to be 271.14% to 365%. 
  • The loan duration is said to be 3 months to 60 months. 

Check into Cash 

Check into Cash

Check into Cash is at the last but as it is the said save the best for the last. Check into cash turns out to be the best alternative to sites like CashNetUSA because it is directly availed by lenders, it has all the payday loans and title loans featured. 

It has no prepayment penalty or installments or deposits made compulsory for the customers. The only thing they ask for is the stability of monthly income to repay some sort of interest on the loan amount sanction. 

It is the financial providing sector since the year 1993 and has its headquarters based in Cleveland, Tennessee. 


  • It has a store locator, as well as online application approvals, kept open for the customers like CashNetUSA. 
  • It also offers finances on the same day or 1 -2 next business days. 
  • The borrowing fees and loan amount is said to be varied from state to state. 
  • It is available in more than 20 locations in most states. 
  • It just has an age limit for the customers to be at least 21 years old. 
  • It does require its customer to have an active bank balance and monthly income job. 
  • The fees may be charged up to your location of residence and hence cannot be said to be completely free. 

Loan Available 

  • Payday Loans
  • Title Loans
  • Personal loans and many more. 

Loan Amount and Duration 

  • The loan amount starts from $50 and hence anyone can avail of this facility. 
  • The duration is said to be from 3 months and so on. 


Here, we have tried our best to provide you with pieces of information for the loan providing platforms like CashNetUSA loans with their detailed information and research. 

Hence the 8 best sites like CashNetUSA are said to be Advance America, FreedomPlus, Avant, CashUSA, OppLoans, Speedy Cash, Amscot, and Check into Cash. Hope our information will try help you select the best loan providers available. 


Are there any sites like cashnetusa loans? 

Yes. In this article, you will find the 8 best sites like cshnetusa loans which is a perfect alternative of the same. 

Is Check into Cash free?

No. Check into Cash is not free but may charge you penalty fees, borrow fees, etc for the loans secured under their title. 

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