11 Best Stores like REI to Buy Outdoor Gear! [2022]

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Stores like REI: Do you want to know which are the best outdoor stores that sell the best quality products? When it comes to outdoor activities, especially the risky ones like biking, camping, hiking and such, thinking about buying cheaper items from small brands tends to put you at utmost risk.

When you want to buy such goods, why won’t you try big brands that sell top quality products but at reasonable prices and whose products are made to last? REI is one such company that represents its brand proudly for manufacturing well-made and excellent quality products. But, is it the only company with such skills?

About REI

Recreational Equipment Inc, known as REI in short is an American-based Corporation and one of the well-known outdoor stores to buy outdoor and recreation services. The brand deals in products like camping gear, travel equipment, sports equipment and clothing.

REI is also invested in providing outdoor-oriented courses and vacations. The brand has owned over 165 retail stores in about 39 states. Apart from accepting orders through in-store engagements, the brand also accepts them through their internet-based website and mail.

REI is a great choice but you must also look forward to REI alternatives. Why? Maybe because they might have better options of your liking than REI. In that case, we have presented a list of stores like REI in the article below — along with the important details you must know.


Moosejaw Stores like REI

Moosejaw is a brick and mortar retail specialist in outdoor recreation apparel, rock climbing, hiking, camping and gear for snowboarding. It is entirely based on the internet and famous for its nonsensical marketing known as “Moosejaw Madness”. It is the best place to buy outdoor clothing and is one of the best REI Alternatives.

The website of the brand comes along with a store locator, to help you track the nearest store to your location. They claim to hire the staff team which are the best advisors in this field. You get sales and clearance offers and discounts all the time on their website. 

If you buy jackets, clothing or outdoor gear with a total exceeding the amount of $49 then you get free shipping. They offer a program called ‘Moosejaw Rewards’ where you can earn points with every purchase and these points will help you in future by saving a heavy sum. 

What do they carry?: the brand offers Jackets, Clothing items, Footwear, Climbing equipment, Bike essentials,  Water sports tools and hiking & camping materials. 

Shipping: Moosejaw US Shipping,

  1. 4 to 6 days (Standard shipping) – $4.95 — if your order total exceeds the sum of $49 then you get free shipping or if the Moosejaw item is costing above $12.
  2. 3 days – $12.95 — this shipping mode is not available for oversized or big orders.
  3. 2 days – $18.95 — this shipping mode is not aviator freight or big orders.
  4. 1 day – $28.95 — this shipping mode is not available for big orders.


  • They offer 4 different types of shipping services.
  • They have the ‘Moosejaw Rewards’ program to save additional amounts for you.
  • They provide quality with a guarantee.

Dick’s Sporting Goods

Dick’s Sporting Goods store

Dick’s Sporting Goods, Inc is a USA-based sporting goods retailer. The company has acquired 854 physical stores and is America’s biggest sporting goods retailer. It is also listed on the Fortune 500. It is one of the best options in stores like REI.

Dick’s sporting goods website is updated as per changes in seasons. They are always ready to give you updated items according to the mood of the climate. With the brand, you get to meet with a wide collection of Equipment, Apparel, Footwear and Sports gear. On top of that, you get to buy from the leading brands in this industry at amazing prices.

Creating an account on their website is not required. On the contrary, if you did make an account, you will get free shipping if you bought items worth $49 and above at once. The website comes with an in-site store locator to help you track down the nearest Dick’s Sporting Goods store.

What do they carry?: they sell products under categories like Sports, women, men, kids, Golf and outdoor.

Shipping: For residents staying within the borders of the US, they will receive their package within 3 to 5 business days. As for international delivery, it may take a couple of weeks for the completion of delivery. 


  • They offer an option of express shipping in case you are in a hurry to receive your parcel. 
  • Creating an account on their website will give you free shipping with order totals exceeding the limit of $49, whenever you shop from it.
  • They offer items according to the climate. Their website is fast to update when seasons change. 

Enlightened Equipment 

Enlightened Equipment outdoor sports store

Enlightened Equipment is known as the best outdoor store that suits all seasons. At the Enlightened equipment store, you get to buy from a wide range of options. They offer quality and finely made tools to keep you on the safe side. It is one of the best stores like REI.

The brand has been voted no.1 for the sleep system by the PCT. They offer quilts and sleeping bags in different colours. You can view the colour options available at the bottom of the item post you are viewing. Along with colours, they have also worked in providing the customers with different sizes and shapes with every model, to give you the utmost comfort and satisfaction while using the item.

The brand allows you to compare their items. The comparison helps you understand which item can be best suitable for you and which you need. You can have a look at the description where the best uses of the item are mentioned along with additional details. The brand serves customized apparel items and has the majority of the items stored in its warehouses with 10% to 20% discounts.

What do they carry?: The brand carries products under Quilt, Sleeping bags, accessories and apparel categories.

Shipping: The items in stock usually take 1 to 2 business days to ship and 2 to 6 business days to get delivered. All the domestic orders take 2 to 3 business days to arrive at your doorstep.


  • You get free shipping if your order total exceeds the amount of $50.
  • They offer an easy and 30 days return policy.
  • They have a special section named ‘warehouse’ in the list of the categories they offer. If you order from that category, most of the products will be sold over 10% and 20% discount offers.


Campmor store

Campmor is an American outdoor recreation retailer. The company deals in products like camping equipment, travel, backcountry, backpack, tents, hiking boots, clothing, outfitters, sleeping bags, outdoor camping gear, etc. You get to shop items from your favourite leading brands at shocking prices! 

Campmor provides the best quality items. They use top quality material for production and offer a huge library of options to shop from. They have vanity and options to go well with anyone and everyone. The brand helps its customers save by dropping several discounts and offers. They have one of the best discount outdoor gear websites.

What do they carry?: The brand carries categories like equipment, men’s, women’s, kids and footwear to shop from.

Shipping: 99% of the orders are dispatched on the next business day from the date of order received. The orders usually take 6 to 7 business days through standard delivery to arrive at your doorstep. They may also arrive a little bit earlier than the estimated delivery time. 


  • They offer multiple promotions and coupon offers that help you save as much as $60 in a single purchase.
  • You get shipping free of charge if your order is worth more than $49.
  • Creating an account on the website is not necessary. However, if you wish to receive additional offers in the name of the rewards for joining their community, you must sign up.


Backcountry sports store

Backcountry is an internet-based retailer selling outdoor recreation gear and clothing items for mountain biking, rock climbing, rafting, winter sports, fly fishing, kayaking, road running, trail running, hiking, camping, etc.

Backcountry’s main objective is to provide the people with the best quality equipment. They use fine raw materials for the production of their items and make them last longer. You get to choose your favourite item from a vast library of options. Backcountry is a stable brand that is trusted by thousands and thousands of people.

It is one of the best professional stores like REI. The brand offers clearance and sales multiple times in the year which helps you save a good sum. The prices are comparatively lower than other brands selling items of similar quality. 

What do they carry?: The brand carries products for Men, women and kids which are further subdivided into more accurate categories. You can also shop from different categories like activities, brands, exclusive brands, sales and new arrivals on their official website.

Shipping: Orders which were placed before 3 PM MST will be shipped on the same day. As for orders which were placed on the weekend or public holidays, they will ship on the next business day. Orders arriving through standard shipping will take between 4 to 6 business days from the date of shipment to arrive at your doorstep.


  • Your order will be dispatched the same day if it is a business day and placed before 3 pm MST.
  • They have a large number of items to offer under every category.


CampSaver outdoor equipments

CampSaver promotes quality outdoor equipment to give you a mind-blowing experience in outdoor activities. The brand deals in outdoor gear, camping tools, and hiking essentials like products. It works to give its customers better quality products at reasonable rates. It is one of the best brands like REI.

At CampSaver, you get to choose your ideal site of items from hundreds and thousands of options under each category. They give you several options so that you can choose the one you like and is of your liking without compromising your taste. Whether you are a casual camper who is still new to this topic or a professional outdoor enthusiast — CampSaver has items to serve either of your needs.

What do they carry?: the brand carries items under — Climb, Run, Snow, Travel, Paddle, and Footwear are items for men, women and kids as well. You can also look for all the items altogether by tapping on the ‘All brands’ option in categories.

Shipping: through the brand’s value shipping option, you can receive the parcel within 5 to 10 business days. However, you can expect the parcel 14 days after the date of the order placed. For faster shipping purposes, the brand also offers express shipping options.


  • The majority of the items sold on their website are rated higher overall.
  • You can shop through their outlets if you do not have a specific item in mind.
  • The ratings and the number of people who rated the item are mentioned on every listed item post. This helps a lot while Decision making.


Evo sports store

If you need top-quality essentials for mountain, street or water, you must try Evo. Evo is an online retailer leading in the outdoor gear and fashion apparel industry. They provide you with the best items and quality has to be high, as they make products that last and be the best in use.

Evo is one of the most professional stores like RIE. It may not be in the headline for positive feedback all the time, but the brand has everything a mountaineer, street hero or water rider needs to have a safe and pleasant experience. Along with the aforementioned categories, the brand deals in a few other categories like Ski gear and accessories.

What do they carry?: the brand serves men, women and kids with categories like Ski, Snowboard, bike, surf, wake, skate and camp. They have a different section for accessories and you can also shop for top brands.

Shipping: the majority of the items will be dispatched on the same day. When the item is not stocked, it may take 2 to 4 days to reach the shipper. For bikes, they need assembly so they can take up to 10 days to dispatch.

The shipping estimated time depends on where you are residing. However, standard shipping will mostly take up to 7 days to deliver your parcel.


  • Their website has a good and simple user interface.
  • Their website is user-friendly.
  • The website comes with a store locator located at the top right corner of the home page.

Steep & Cheap

Steep & Cheap

Steep and Cheap is here to sell good quality outdoor clothing and gear to help you have a pleasant experience in productive activities. The brand covers the aforementioned categories for both men and women. It has all types of essentials you will need to go hiking, trekking, etc.

Steep and Cheap is one of the best companies like REI when it comes to variety and quality. Both the brands work with a similar goal — to provide their beloved customers with top quality products at prices which can stay within their budgets. 

What do they carry?: they offer products under clothing, footwear, accessories and activity like categories for men and somewhat similar options for women and kids. You can shop by the brand if you are not on the website to shop for a specific item.

Shipping: for standard shipping, the orders will take up to 4 to 6 days to be delivered. As for economy shipping, the orders can arrive between 5 to 10 business days from the date of dispatch.


  • They allow you to match the quality and other basic factors of their item, if you found a similar item with a lower price somewhere else.
  • They offer confident quality and price match guarantees.
  • The brand offers many discounts and deals at once.

Eastern Mountain Sports

Eastern Mountain Sports

Eastern Mountain Sports is an American outdoor equipment and clothing retailer. EMS is your most trusted go-to store whenever you need outdoor gear, apparel or guidance. They have the best items and pieces of wisdom for an excellent experience in different adventures.

EMS is one of the best companies and sites like REI. They offer items from top-notch brands like Adidas and such. The pricing is cheap and starts from as low as $7.97 for short tees. They drop sales frequently which helps you buy more or save more — shop everything while staying within the limits of your budget. 

What do they carry?: they carry items for all men, women and kids. You can shop under the aforesaid categories or through — shoes, camp, hike, climb and car racks like categories.

Shipping: Standard shipping rate is fixed at $7.99 for residents within the American boundaries. These packages will take 3 to 7 days to arrive, counting the days after the package entered the transit.


  • Their website has a unique user interface which is easy to handle. The website is user friendly.
  • You get to meet with huge sales ranging as high as 70%. They offer you multiple chances to upgrade your gear.
  • Their website has an in-built store locator.


Sierra sports stores online

Sierra Trading Post Inc, generally known as Sierra working under TJX Companies, is an online retailer and brick and mortar for off-price merchandise. It is one of the best outdoor stores selling high-quality items at affordable prices. 

At Sierra, you get amazing deals and offers to buy the top quality equipment for hiking, yoga, biking and such outdoor activities. Sierra is one of the best stores like REI. With categories, they also offer a vast collection of products from epic brands. 

What do they carry?: they carry categories like — women, men, gear, shoes, kids, home and pets. 

Shipping: for different types of shipping options provided by the brand, you will be charged according to the following data,

  • Orders under $89 — standard = $9.99, express = $19.99, expedited = $26.99.
  • Orders above $89 — standard = $14.99, express = $24.99, expedited = $31.99


  • They offer a category named ‘Spotlight’ where all the highlights of the brand are situated.
  • They have a huge collection of items being sold under the clearance category.
  • You get free shipping if you sign up for the newsletter.


Amazon sports products

At Amazon, you get all sorts of things. From expensive to cheapest, this marketplace sells every type of product. Included in the list of categories is equipment for hiking, camping and biking like activities. While it provides you with a good inch of filter options to get your desired result, the product quality is mostly good.

Amazon is one of the best and cheapest stores like RIE. It is trusted and has the majority of the merchants verified. You get to see the reviews and ratings along with the real product’s picture and video through this section — which helps a lot in decision making. You get a vast sea of options and many of them can be customized to some extent before buying, like the size and colour.

What do they carry?: Amazon has clothing, tools, essentials and everything you need to have a pleasant experience in any outdoor activity.

Shipping: you get free shipping on millions of items. Delivery time depends on where the package is coming from. Usually, it will take 3 to 8 days to arrive.

Amazon offers other types of shipping options than standard delivery,

  • Same-day delivery
  • Morning delivery
  • One-day delivery
  • Two-day delivery


  • It offers an option of cash on delivery.
  • Deliveries are barely delayed and at times, they get delivered before the estimated delivery date.
  • Easy returns and exchange policies. You can request a return within 5 minutes with a bunch of easy steps.


We hope by having a look at our list of best stores like REI, you now have ideal outdoor stores or a store to shop from. REI is a good choice, but in case you wish to try new brands, the above-listed brands will help you a lot.

Frequently asked Questions 

Which are the best stores like REI but cheaper?

Amazon and EMS, also known as Eastern Mountain Sports are two best stores like REI but cheaper. Although they sell items at mere dollars, the quality is well-maintained most of the time.

Which are the best camping gear companies?

Moosejaw, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Enlightened Equipment and Steep and Cheap are a few of the best camping gear companies.

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