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5 Best Games like Wolvden Worth Playing! [2024]

5 Best Games like Wolvden Worth Playing! [2024]

Have you played Wolvden but are fed up of watching just one wolf grow up? Do you wish to raise some other kind of pets like dragons, goats, etc?

About Wolvden

Wolvden is a browser-based game. It is available on its official website. You get to do a good bunch of things as the leader of the bank like managing your pack, discovering and locating new homes for your pack, creating a Dynasty that will travel for ages, etc.

Wolvden is a good game but have you ever wondered about other games like Wolvden? Do you wish to get pets other than Wolvdens? If yes then you must have a look at our list of best games like Wolvden, that will help you get other species than Wolvdens as pet, in the article below.


Games like Wolvden

Platform: Android and iOS

Lioden is like a revolutionary twist inspired by the SIM game experience. You, the player, will get the role of the king of the jungle. 

You will get to see your own pride of lionesses, defend your territory, battle with other lions for supremacy and territory and read the best cubs. 

It is one of the best games like Wolvden because you get to live the life of a lion according to your will. The game will guide you through certain missions and situations but it will be up to you how to handle them.

What’s special?

  • You get to experience exploring as a king while everyone else is following in your footsteps.
  • You will get to use exclusive random game items like an eye applicator, forest partridge, etc.
  • It is free to play. All you have to do is visit the website, add in a few details and start playing immediately. It does not ask for a single penny.
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How to Play?

  1. Visit their official website.
  2. On the homepage, scroll down till you see the login box. Put in your username or email along with the password. Then tap on the login button.
  3. If you do not have an account, you will be redirected to create one automatically.
  4. After login, you will be inside the game.
  5. After adjusting the default settings, start the game or you can also learn the basics from the guide present in the menu.
  6. After you are done learning, opt for missions and guide your back to the right path. Make logical decisions.

Chicken Smoothie

Chicken Smoothie Games like Wolvden

Platform: Web browser and Xbox

Chicken Smoothie is a web based game that allows players to adopt free virtual pets every month. In the game, you do not play a certain role but will be given choices to choose your pet. You can change your current pet with another or get one more added to your collection each month.

You will be responsible for these pets and you will have to take care of them. You will see them grow, do a bunch of fun activities like dressing them up, playing with them and you can also trade them with friends.

It is one of the best games like Wolvden and lioden because you get the full authority of the pet and you can do whatever you want with him or her.

What's Special?

  • While you can experience free virtual adoption, the game also offers paid pets from different developers. For instance, their latest update has brought in a new set of unicorn pets available for purchase.
  • As you are allowed to dress your pet according to your wish, you can also take part in dress-up challenges. The stages of challenges are updated frequently and you can win exciting prizes.

How to Play?

  1. Visit their official website or you can start the game with your Xbox controller.
  2. After switching on the game, adopt a pet of your choice.
  3. You will watch it grow and you have the responsibility of taking care of them according to your well.
  4. After one month, you can trade your pet with another or you can adopt a new one and take care of both of them.


Wajas Games like Wolvden

Platform: Web browser

Wajas INC, a pet wolf simulation game is an online platform that allows you to collect the different types of species, and design them according to your liking and breed. You can also sell your handmade virtual Wolvden to others who would like to try and buy them.

It is one of the best games like Wolvden and Lioden because you get the complete responsibility of collecting, designing and breeding. You can connect with other players and create different types of world species to your heart's content.

What's Special?

  • It is free to play.
  • They offer a good collection of breeds with hundreds of markings and patterns.
  • The inventory offers thousands of different items to help you customize your wolf.

How to Play?

  1. Visit their official website.
  2. Scroll down a bit until you see the username and password blanks.
  3. Add your username and password. If you do not have an account, signup and me one.
  4. After going in, if you are a new player then adjust the default settings according to you.
  5. Start by choosing a Wolvden from the choices presented.
  6. Start taking care of your character by feeding him, etc.
  7. You can breed new Wolvdens and create your own family.


Goatlings Games like Wolvden

Platform: Web browser

Goatlings is a virtual pet site for all age groups. It is free to play and you get to own a lovable sidekick by adopting a goat. In the game, you will get to raise them, train them and name them.

You can play games with them, find treasure and explore more in the game. You can also meet with other residents, interact with friends, open the shop and run it with your pet alongside, start a collection, make your mark in the Goatlings world and challenge unruly baddys.

It is one of the best games similar to Wolvden because it allows you to take responsibility for your pet entirely. While you are raising him, you get to have a different kind of fun from activities in the game which makes it already exciting.

What's Special?

  • It is free to play.
  • You get to buy different treasures for your pet shop inside the game.

How to Play?

  1. Visit their website.
  2. On the left hand side corner you will see options for register or login. If you have not registered yourself, opt for it first before logging in.
  3. Once you are inside the game, adopt a pet.
  4. From the arcade, choose a game and play it with your pet to earn points.
  5. The points can be helpful when you wish to buy something for your pet.
  6. Explore the city and collect the rewards from different ways.
  7. You can upgrade your tools and your pet with the help of an in-game shop.


Evosaur Games like Wolvden

Platform: Windows PC

Evosaur is a genetic evaluator. Entering the game you will get to own a dinosaur of your choice. You can do a good bunch of things like changing the background, selecting species like Carnotaurus, Dire Wolf, Dilophosaurus, Albertosaurus, Allosaurus and Bambiraptor.

It is one of the best games similar to Wolvden because you get to raise and randomise your character in the game. You can also invite your friends to the game and play along with them.

What's Special?

  • The genetic evaluator will help you customize the dragon entirely. You will be able to choose their species, age, sex, base, and eyes and also add markings accordingly.
  • If you do not have a certain design in mind, by choosing the randomise option the system will give you a ready-made dragon as a pet.

How to Play?

  1. Visit their website.
  2. On the left-hand side, you will see options under genetic evaluation which will help you design your dinosaur.
  3. You can start by adding the species and then opt for age.
  4. The sex, base and eyes feature are available too.
  5. Lastly, you will have to add markings of your own. You can add up to 10 markings.
  6. If you are satisfied with everything, opt for the green option that says preview or tab on the clear option and decide to redo everything.
  7. Once you get your dragon, go on with the game and raise him or her well.

Final Thoughts

Wolvden is a good game. It is one of the best simulator games that allow you to choose the pet of your choice virtually and raise him. Along with the fun activities that you can do, you can feel as if the bet you have is in reality.

However, if the pets from Wolvden did not amuse you or if there is any other reason you did not like the game, all the other games similar to the world mentioned in this article can be of your help.

All those gains are web-based and free to play. They do not ask for a single payment throughout the game. You can play whenever you want and have a good time with your bed.

We hope by reading our list of best games like Wolvden article, now you have a good set of pet simulator games you would like to try after Wolvden.

Frequently asked Questions 

What is Wolvden?

Wolvden is a pet simulator game that allows players to get themselves a pet and raise him. Get it to some other bunch of things like raising them, feeding them, etc.

Which games are similar to Wolvden and Lioden?

Evosaur, Goatlings and Wajas or few of the best games similar to Wolvden and Lioden. Every game is a pet simulator game and allows you to get yourself pets of different kinds.