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6 Best Stores like BoxLunch To Make Way For in Your Wardrobe! [2024]

6 Best Stores like BoxLunch To Make Way For in Your Wardrobe! [2024]

Teenage and Trends- Both go hand in hand. Trends are 90% followed by teenagers. And when it comes to fashion, teenagers are always found of new styles, trends, etc. Hence if you are looking for stores that match your fashion sense and also have reasonable pricing. 

Then this article is perfectly curated for you. In this article, we are going to talk about the 6 best stores like BoxLunch namely Hot Topic, Newbury Comics, Spencer’s, Funko, GameStop, and ShopDisney. 

If you have no idea about BoxLunch and here you go- BoxLunch is a great clothing brand that has global markets to let buyers buy their trendy fashion clothes in the categories of Women, Men, Kids, and also has unique styles like Pop culture, Back to School, Halloween, etc. 

Hence BoxLunch is a great one-stop destination to buy any trendy clothing item with accessories, bags, toys, and collectibles and also home decor items under the genre of a bedroom, decor, games, kitchen, office, outdoors, puzzles, etc. 

By the end of the article, you will get to know about the key highlights of the 6 best stores like BoxLunch with their little description attached. 

Hot Topic 

Stores like BoxLunch

Hot Topic was started back in the year 1988 and stands headstrong even today for the unique fashion trends and clothing items to look for. Hot Topic also has music shows and other shows tickets availability and much more. 

Hot Topic has music inspired clothing hubs where you can find anything related to the music industry. Every coolest clothing trends and items are simply available here with merchandise etc. Hot Topic is mainly known for band-related apparel and their original shows with HT Reservations. 

Key Highlights of Hot Topic

  • Currently hot Topic offers band-related apparel and accessories for more than 50 different bands to look forward to. 
  • Customers will easily get apparel and accessories namely Bauhaus, The Cure, TSOL, Depeche Mode, etc. 
  • They also offer rock line clothes namely Lip service and Serious to shop for kids, guys, and girls online without their website or mobile application. 
  • Hot Topic also has clothes related to SpongeBob, Superman, Care Bears, South Park, and many other pop icons in their clothing line. 
  • Hot Topic has more than 600 stores located at different locations on the globe all around the world. 
  • Hot Topic is said to offer licensed merchandise and has everything original and authentic to shop without worry at reasonable prices. 
  • The store also offers free pick-in up from the stores where you can easily order online and then pick it up from your favorite locations. 

Newbury Comics

Newbury Comics Stores like BoxLunch

Newbury Comics is also known for music related clothing line which offers merchandise clothing apparel related to music icons, pop, and rock culture, old bands, etc. It is a great alternative to the stores like BoxLunch for music and anime-related clothing. 

Newbury Comics is known to have the best icons and categories genres such as Thor, Music Merch, Venom, Anime and Manga, Kpop, Doctor Strange, Moon Knight, Newbury Comics Merch, etc to explore. 

Key Highlights of Newbury Comics 

  • It has an easy user interface to log in and shop with a checkout facility. 
  • The online store also offers a store locator for the locations and different countries to visit. 
  • It also offers great deals such as sales options., record store day, gifts under $20, and much more. 
  • Newbury Comics store has different categories for their customers namely Music, Manga, Books, Clothing, Collectibles, Gifts, Home, Pop Culture, Featured, etc. 
  • The clothing category to be specific has genres of Men's and women's fashion, hoodies, robes, streetwear, fashion accessories, bags, wallets, hats, beanies, pins, etc. 
  • For collectibles, they offer funko pop, super7, plush toys, action figures, blind boxes, squash allows, and much more. 
  • For gifts and home, Newbury Comics offers games, puzzles, gifts, toys, mugs, glassware, home décor, blankets, keychains, lanyards, stickers, patches, and a unique category for the smallest gifts option. 
  • Talking about the pop culture category, Newbury Comics offers a collection of The Office, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Naruto, Pokemon, The Golden Girls, Marvel, DC Comics, and much more. 


Spencer’s Stores like BoxLunch

Spencer’s is a well-known established brand in Canada and the United States with more than 650 stores in physical locations which offer free pick-up services to their customers. Spencer’s is a great option to keep your fashion game up and hence it turns out to be a great store like BoxLunch. 

Spencer’s is a great destination for people who want entertainment, excitement, and fun. With 75 years in the market, they offer clothing and apparel for pop culture, TV shows, film, video games, etc. 

Key Highlights of Spencer’s 

  • Spencer’s offers 20% off on new signup with single item checkout made early after creating an account with their online store. 
  • Spencer’s store has a huge establishment for their online store. 
  • It has everything from a live chat option to store locators, order status option, The Inspo Spot, and much more to look forward to. 
  • Spencer’s offers their collection of clothing and accessories in Back To School, Graphic Tees, Body jewelry, and much more. 
  • Spencer’s also offers a shopping experience for Room and Décor, Gifts and Humor, Sex and Wellness, Lingerie, DrinkWare Etc. 
  • Recently, they are celebrating their 75th anniversary by giving away over 1000 gift cards, and many more giveaways coming nearer. 
  • They offer shopping options in the fashion categories namely slippers, backpacks, bottoms, boxers, face masks, hats, beanies, jewelry, keychains, pajamas, socks, ties, wallets, and tank tops. 
  • For the gifting options, they have a huge collection in every location such as bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, birthdays, funny gifts, gags, games and puzzles, toys and figures, etc. 
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Funko Stores like BoxLunch

Funko is a leading store in the category of a pop culture lifestyle brand. They provide you with products such as vinyl figures, action toys, plush, apparel, board games, NTFS, and accessories with housewares. 

Funko is a company that powers Loungefly, Mondo, Funko Games, and Digital Pop! To explore more options. The user interface of the online store gives you goosebumps with cute animations and easy navigation. 

Funko has a huge collection in terms of merchandise and bands and hence it is a great alternative for a store like BoxLunch in every sense. 

Key Highlights of Funko 

  • Funko also offers 10% off with your first Funko order. 
  • The store also offers free shipping over orders worth $50 and more. 
  • It also offers free products as gifts when you spend more than $65. 
  • They also have a store locator to find you a walk-in store nearby your location. 
  • Funko has divided the shopping category into Heroes and Villains, Animation and Cartoons, Movies and TV, Icons, Sports and More, And also has a shop by type category. 
  • The store also has a menu for finding new releases, exclusive collectives, best sellers collectibles, back-in-stock collectibles, and the coming soon category. 
  • And for the fun category, Funko has Pop Yourself Corner, Fun TV, and Funko Blog to explore and try. 
  • The app is easily available on Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store to download and use the app for free. 
  • Funko offers licensed merchandise for Avengers, Black Panther, Captain America, Doctor Strange, Eternals, hawkeye, Hulk, Iron Man, Loki, Moon Knight, Spider-Man, etc. 


GameStop Stores like BoxLunch

GameStop is a dedicated corner for game lovers. Gamers will easily get everything here from video games, consoles, hardware, gaming accessories, PC, electronics, collectibles, toys and games, home, clothing, etc. 

GameStop is a great store like BoxLunch where you will easily get merchandise of famous pop icons, game icons, clothing apparel from anime series, etc. GameStop also has exclusive deals to look forward to, especially in the electronics and video games category. 

Key Highlights of GameStop 

  • For the video games corner, they have games for Xbox Series x|s, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC Games, Pre Owned Games, Retro Gaming, Summer Games Central, etc. 
  • GameStop offers free shipping for the Pro membership it is for up to $35+ and the Non-Pro membership, the free delivery works with $49+. 
  • They also promise you to give cash today itself for your phones, electronic items, and games. 
  • The store also offers PowerUp Rewards and PowerUp Credit Cards for their customers. 
  • The store also offers gaming accessories such as cases, stands, chargers, cables, controllers, gaming headsets, memory, mounts, racing wheels, skins, thumb grips, etc. 
  • The store also has a whole community step up for gamers with the latest information and updates happening in the game industry. 
  • For the electronics, they offer you accessories, audio devices, cameras, cell phones, smart home automation, smart watches, fitness trackers, tablets, tv, and home theaters. 



Disney is the most popular term for daydreaming and Disneyland. But Disney also has a store to look for merchandise and also offers online buying options. It is a great alternative for stores like BoxLunch to shop for your favorite icons. 

shopDisney offers products on sale for the categories and merchandise of Disney, Pixar, marvel, star Wars, and also National Geographic. They also have trends like the Back to School category, toys, parks, sales, etc. 

Key Highlights of ShopDisney 

  • The shopping category is divided into the columns of New, Back to School, Accessories, Home, Sale, Clothing, Toys, and Parks.
  • They also offer Disney Visa Cards for exclusive users with more exclusive features valid throughout Disney parks and stores. 
  • They also offer guest services such as tracking your order, return and exchange solutions, replacement requests, and much more. 
  • ShopDisney also offers size and fit charts for shopping accordingly. 
  • They also have a corner dedicated to shipping and delivery information to note down. 
  • They also have a live chat option to chat with their agents and solve any queries regarding shopDisney. 
  • They also offer accessories and collectibles shopping to choose from. 
  • ShopDisney offers free shipping on orders above $75 or more. 
  • They offer more than 8000 products of original Disney Merchandise featuring princesses, mickey mouse, fairies, etc. 

Final Verdict

Here we come to an end of the article featuring the 6 best stores like BoxLunch namely Hot Topic, Funko, shopDisney, Game Stop, Spencer’s, and Newbury Comics. You will get all the key highlights to look forward to and details about what these online stores offer their customers. 


Who owns Hot Topic?

Hot Topic is managed by Sycamore Partners. 

Who owns shopDisney?

shopDisney is in the hands of The Walt Disney Company. 

Who owns Newbury Comics?

Newbury is owned by John Brusger and Mike Dreese.

Who owns Funko?

Funko is managed by Funko, Inc. 

Who owns GameStop?

GameStop is in the hands with Vanguard Group Inc.

Who owns Spencer’s?

Spencer’s is handled by RP Sanjiv Goenka Group.