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Tradesy vs Poshmark: Complete Guide for Sellers [2024]

Tradesy vs Poshmark: Complete Guide for Sellers [2024]

 E-commerce is now a great tool for expanding business with minimum expenses and it’s a great place to attract a huge audience on well-known platforms. Today, there are plenty of sites that offer e-commerce activities. 

To expand and maximize sales you need to establish your store online from where people can easily find your products to buy. Opening a new domain and then waiting for customers to find your website and then buy is a tedious task. 

Usually, people prefer platforms that have more than 20 stores in one to shop from. And having a personal domain for the store can be a bit costly while looking at financially, sites like E-commerce Stores will help you attract buyers instantly with lesser costs. 

This article is specially curated for sellers as the perfect guide to choosing the best site to sell their products out of Tradesy vs Poshmark. In this article, we are going to talk about what to sell, fees, membership plans, shipping costs, payments, and much more. 

By the end of the article, you will get all the details about which is best among Tradesy vs Poshmark to sell your items online on a global level.  

Overview: Tradesy vs Poshmark 


Poshmark vs Tradesy

Tradesy is a ecom website that offers sellers and buyers to come to one place for purchasing and selling opportunities with making a new reputation at the global level. Tradesy was founded in 2012 and yet it is new in the market for sellers to grab a new pathway. 

Tradesy supports both Android and IOS devices and hence it can be installed on every phone to make your store and products noticed by the maximum audience. The total funding Tradesy is said to have is $74.5 million and is growing every day. 

Tradesy is known for the reselling features for the items that have been returned. Tradesy is a great option to create resell opportunities to clear your stock, return items, etc. You will easily get noticed and if your products are in great condition then buyers will notice them earlier. 


Tradesy vs Poshmark

Poshmark, on the other hand, is also similar to Tradesy which was established in the year 2011 with total funding of $65.5 million and is a well-versed store for reselling items that are still brand new with discounted prices. 

Poshmark is made available on both Android and IOS devices and hence it is also available to the maximum audience. Poshmark compared to Tradesy started earlier as one year ahead and hence it is ahead in a run of customers and trust too. 

Poshmark as well as Tradesy both offer customizable features like managing listing of products, pictures gallery, and descriptions with unique names to their products to attract buyers. 

What to Sell?


Tradesy offers a huge category to sell our products as in. The list has the categories namely for the seller to look out are- Tops, Dresses, Bottoms, Swim, Wedding Dresses, Grooms, Groomsmen, Jeans, Shoes, Bridal Veils, Wedding Gifts, Suiting, Outwear, bags, Activewear, Maternity, Accessories, Invitations and Papers and much more. 

Hence sellers have a huge list of varieties to list their product line under and attract customers and buyers easily with the help of Tradesy. While comparing it to Poshmark, Tradesy has an easy listing of the products. 


When we talk about Poshmark, there are no specific categories in which sellers can divide their product line but it is observed to be like Craigslist of Fashion where users are allowed to list whatever clothing item they want to offer buyers. 

Hence, if you have a specific range of clothes to sell then Tradesy fits best but if you have a few different items and don’t want to go by listing them into such categories then Poshmark is a great option. 



Tradesy does charge you commission and fund transfer fee out of sellers. Sellers have to pay Tradesy commission under $50 sales to be $7.50 and if it is above $50 then sellers have to pay 19.8% of total sales. 

For the fund's transfer, Tradesy charges the sellers 2.9% on every fund received for the products sold to the customers. Sellers can easily transfer their funds to PayPal, Debit Card, and Bank accounts. 


Compared to Tradesy, Poshmark is a great option if you are looking for a free fund transfer. Poshmark allows its sellers to transfer fees at $0 to their Check or Bank Account. 

For commission, if the sales are under 415 then they charge up to $2.95. If the sales are over $15 then Poshmark charges a commission of up to 20% of the total sales. 



For shipping, Tradesys sellers have a little relief, Buyers have to pay pre-paid shipping costs to be $10.50, and hence for sellers, it’s free shipping offered from the Tradesy end. Hence if you don’t want to pay shipping costs, Tradesy is quite a good option for the sellers. 


Poshmark works 50-50 for the sellers in the shipping costs. If the product is up to 5lbs then buyers will pay $6.49. But if the product is above 5lbs then the seller has to pay for shipping. The shipping costs are mentioned below:

  • 6 lbs= $3.99
  • 7 lbs=$7.98
  • 8lbs= $11.97
  • 9 lbs= $15.96
  • 10 lbs= $19.95



Payments are kept with security steps to be followed. For the seller to get the payment he has to wait for 7 days to do so. Once the order is placed by the buyer, then Tradesy will track your package and after the confirmation of the delivery, they will wait to pass the payment for 7 days in case a return is initiated. 

After 7 days of the successful delivery and position of the product, the payment will be passed to the seller’s Tradesy account from which they can transfer the funds to Paypal, Debit Card, or Bank Account. 


Poshmark offers sellers’ payment in two forms which is they can elect to directly get a bank transfer or get the payment by check.

 Once the confirmation of the successful delivery is received from the buyer’s end, then after the seller chooses the mode of payment acceptance, the Poshmark will pass the payment via check or direct bank transfer. 

There are no returns taken accountable so sellers get their payment easily within 3 to 5 business days. Compared to Tradesy, Poshmark is faster in passing the seller’s payment. 



For the returns, Tradesy offers a return on every product except wedding items. Wedding items are strictly not allowed for returns. The returns are available within the 4 days of purchase deliveries. After the returns, the refund is given a site credit only if not mentioned a final sale.
Once any product or purchase of a product is mentioned as a final sale to be done, then that item is not returnable. 


All sales done on Poshmark are said to be final. But Poshmark does take note of every word seller mentioned while listing the product, and if the buyer is not satisfied and the seller is at fault, then Poshmark takes a deep look to solve the buyer’s query. 

Hence sellers need to keep in mind that they mention everything about the product in its true sense without any false declarations or claims. In short, Poshmark doesn’t have any return policy or allow any returns in general. 

Customer Service 


In the context of customer service, Tradesy surely wins the heart of sellers. Tradesy has a live chat feature, a toll-free number for the helpline, and also an email address to let them know where you are facing some issues. 

In general, the website and app both have an easy user interface to look forward to. Their customer support works 24×7 for the sellers as well as buyers to solve any query regarding the app, website, etc. 


When we talk about the customer service of Poshmark. Then Poshmark doesn’t offer any helpline number or live chat but has an email id to contact them regarding any problem or queries with the website and app working etc.

In short, when we compare the customer service of Tradesy vs Poshmark, we observed that the customer service of Tradesy is more flexible and helpful than Poshmark.  

Seller Protection 


Tradesy has not mentioned any seller protection plans or procedures directly on their website. But they can still be at your service through the help desk to provide details regarding shipping or package delivery issues etc. 

For any missing shipment issues or other issues, sellers and buyers can easily contact the team of Tradesy via live chat, phone call, or email address and they will make sure your query is solved. 


Poshmark has seller protection which covers objectives like in case of loss of package, for that seller must use shipping label of Poshmark then they will get it scanned and search it via USPS tracking system for visibility of the package in real-time. 

Sellers are requested to have all the documentation ready to help their team find their package or solve any queries straight away without any faulty points from the seller’s end. 

Pros & Cons 


Pros of Tradesy 

  • The shipping is fast compared to Poshmark. 
  • The customers have security to receive only good and accurate items. 
  • The sellers and buyers both are genuine. 
  • The packages given by the seller are tracked in real-time till the completion of delivery. 
  • The payments are passed to direct bank accounts or whatever option they chose. 

Cons of Tradesy 

  • The platform charges a fee when you cash out your profits and money to your bank account or debit card. 
  • The platform also holds your payment until the delivery confirmation and after 7 days of wait, you finally get paid. 
  • The commission for sellers is quite increasing from time to time. 
  • The seller might need to call their team for getting their cash out after sales.


Pros of Poshmark 

  • Poshmark offers seller protection which is a great aid and safety aspect that sellers need. 
  • It offers easy shipping and hence can do good for sellers. 
  • It offers work-from-home conditions where sellers can easily work whenever and wherever they want. 
  • The app has a great user interface where you can simply post your items with a mobile version. 

Cons of Poshmark

  • Poshmark will deduct 20%  off from your profits. 
  • Poshmark is not a very common platform and it's tough to attract an audience in the first place. 
  • Poshmark doesn’t give the promise to sell everything which is posted on Poshmark. 

Tradesy vs Poshmark: Which is Better?

When we talk about Tradesy vs Poshmark, Tradesy is ideal for sellers who want to explore Tradesy as another store for their products, but if you are relying only on one website, then Tradesy will give you buyers after waiting for so long. 

Poshmark compared to Tradesy is faster in its services because it will attract buyers in less time than Tradesy does. In short, to choose the best among Tradesy vs Poshmark, sellers need to look out for the perspectives and perks they are looking for in reselling stores. 

Here we come to the end of the comparison article of Tradesy and Poshmark. Hope the sellers got a clear idea about both the portals and how they work. 

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Who owns Poshmark?

Poshmark is in the hands of Manish Chandra. 

Who owns Tradesy?

Tradesy is owned by  Tracy DiNunzio.