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Vinted vs Poshmark: Which Is Better For You? [2024]

Vinted vs Poshmark: Which Is Better For You? [2024]

If you are looking for a platform to resell your clothes, Vinted and Poshmark can be the perfect option. But then, which is the best platform between them?

This post will show you Vinted vs Poshmark comparison that will cover everything you might want to know.

We are certainly sure that almost everyone has items in their closet that they never wear and would like to sell them again. With these platforms, you can easily resell them and make extra cash.

You might wonder what the difference between these apps is? So, here is the review of Vinted and Poshmark, where we'll give you the complete rundown and compare them both carefully.

Vinted vs Poshmark: What Are They?

Before going into the detailed explanation, let's understand what Vinted is and what is Poshmark.

Both Vinted and Poshmark are good options for selling your unwanted clothes. It can be much better to make an account and list your clothes on both of them to attract the maximum number of buyers.

What is Vinted?

Vinted is an online marketplace where you can sell, buy, and swap gently used clothes. It offers a lot of flexibility for both sellers and users and even helps you find selling and shopping opportunities.

It was founded in Lithuania in 2008, just a few years before Poshmark has appeared on the scene. Since it primarily focuses on reselling clothes, it can be a great option to sell an item that doesn'tdoesn't fit you anymore!


Whether you're selling kid's toys, fashion brands, or vintage decorative pieces for your home, Vinted can be the go-to place for everything second-hand.

Even though it is mainly dedicated to women's clothing, it has a wide range of clothing for men and boys. 

Moreover, the app has several new features and functions that can improve your shopping experience.

Vinted is available in over 12 countries, such as the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Austria, Netherlands.

What is Poshmark?


Poshmark is the leading social marketplace for new and second-hand styles for men, women, kids, the home, and more. It makes buying and selling clothes easy.

With over 200 million new and gently used items added every week, you'll probably find everything you have been looking for with several amazing deals and discounts on fashion and beauty from popular brands.

A cool thing about Poshmark is that you can join themed ”parties” that happen at specific times of day when you can post your clothes to a certain audience who are looking for a specific occasion or brand.

Another important thing is that you can share the item multiple items, and it will definitely appear at the top of your follower's feed again. In this way, they can be reminded of it.

It offers over 9,000 brands of every size, such as Petites, juniors, and plus sizes. And unlike Vinted, Poshmark doesn'tdoesn't have private messaging. Moreover, it is entirely free to list an item!

Vinted vs Poshmark: How Do They Work?

Selling on both Vinted and Poshmark is quite similar; all you need to do is to take a few photos, fill out the basic information and post the listing.

Buyers will have the ability to make offers, which you can either accept or decline it. And on both of these platforms, buyers can like and comment on an item.

Read on further to know about how Vinted and Poshmark work.

How Does Vinted Work?

As the name suggests, Vinted primarily focuses on vinted and second-hand clothes. Users can sell clothes either in men, women, or kids categories.

In order to sell, you'll have to take photos and make a detailed item description, including physical state, material, and any damage that it might have.

This is really important because it'll explain that how honest the seller is, and it will help you gain a good reputation. Registering an item is completely free.

When a user finds an item that interests her/him, they can communicate with the seller and agree on the price that is written in the sale.

Then, they can simply proceed to purchase the product. Vinted will then prepare the seller with a prepaid shipping label. Thus, making it easy for sellers to ship the products.

Moreover, as the owner of this marketplace, Vinted takes responsibility for the payment and refund process and makes sure that the buyer receives the products the same as mentioned in the description.

How Does Poshmark Work?

Similar to Vinted, Poshmark also works in the same way! Anyone who has items like accessories, clothing, or home goods to resell, can sell on Poshmark easily.

All you have to do is download the Poshmark app on your device, take a few photos of your item on your phone, and enhance it by adding filters.

Later, fill the description with all details, such as include size, material, brand, and whether there is any damage. Finally, add the price and tap on done to have your product officially listed.

When you make a sale, it'll provide you with a prepaid, pre-addressed label ready to be put on the box. After you pack your sale, you can drop it off at a mailbox or even have it picked up for free from your home.

Buyers are always protected on Poshmark! For instance, it doesn'tdoesn't release funds to sellers until you receive the product and confirm it through the app.

You can choose from a comprehensive collection of brands, price points, styles, and sizes. Whatever you are looking for, whether you are shopping for brand-spanking new or pre-loved, you're sure to get everything.

Vinted vs Poshmark: What Can You Sell?

When it comes to reselling, Vinted and Poshmark have very different views. So, it is essential to know before selecting any platform.


Vinted is not for those who frequently purchase products and resell them for profit. Moreover, it clearly states that you cannot sell items on their platform if you want to make yourself a regular source of income.

And if they suspect that you are reselling items for a profit, there will be a risk that they might deactivate your account.

The products that you can sell on Vinted are as follows:

  • Clothing: Women, mens, and children's clothing, shoes, and accessories.
  • Beauty: Makeup, cosmetics, beauty tools, and beauty products that are entirely brand new.
  • Household items: Tableware, home decor, textile, and books.
  • Electronics: Smartwatches, headphones, phone cases, etc.
  • Others: Children'sChildren's toys, furniture, and childcare equipment.

The products that are strictly prohibited from selling on Vinted are as follows:

  • Medications, vitamins, and food supplements.
  • Food and drinks.
  • Counterfeit items.
  • Drugs, tobacco products, drug paraphernalia, vapers, or instruments and accessories.
  • Samples, testers, and promotional items.
  • Items that promote or display discrimination, violence, hatred, and crime.


Unlike Vinted, Poshmark supports this reselling business. It regularly gives tips and guides to help sellers grow their small businesses.

Recently, it also created the ”Heart and Hustle Community Fund, which offers funds to support the business goals of Poshmark sellers.

The products that you can sell on Poshmark are as follows:

  • Clothing: Women'sWomen's, men'smen's, children'schildren's clothing, sleepwear, shoes, and accessories.
  • Beauty: Makeup, grooming, hair, skin & bathing products.
  • Luxury items: Clothing, shoes, handbags, jewelry, and accessories.
  • Others: Bedding, games, office supplies, party supplies, storage & organization, wall art, pet supplies & accessories, toys, and more.

The products that are strictly prohibited from selling on Poshmark are as follows:

  • Cell phones and DVDs.
  • Used makeup and personal care products
  • Used intimate wear
  • Health and wellness items like protein powder and dietary supplements.
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Everything About Vinted vs Poshmark!  


Both Vinted and Poshmark offer different types of payments. The only difference is that Vinted doesn'tdoesn't accept PayPal payments, and Poshmark accepts.  


After selecting the ”Buy Now'Now' button, you can choose the payment method for your order. Payment methods that are available on Vinted are;

Valid debit or credit cards: Vinted accepts all major debit and credit cards, as well as prepaid cards and e-cards.

Your Vinted Balance: During your purchases, if you have money in your Vinted Balance, this type of payment will be automatically selected.

While paying with your Vinted Balance, it'll ask you to confirm your bank card information for security reasons.

If the balance in your Vinted Balance is not enough, you can also cover a part of an item's price by another payment method.

Remember that buyer protection is applied to all payment methods that are made using the Buy Now button. Also, not all payment methods are available for every member.

As a seller, you'll receive the payment to your Vinted Balance within 2 working days after the order is completed.

Also, note that you cannot make a payment through PayPal.


Poshmark accepts different payment methods: credit or debit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Venmo, and Affirm. Unlike Vinted, Poshmark accepts PayPal purchases.

It accepts all major debit and credit cards, including American Express, JCB, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover.

Note that you'll need to enter your card number, expiration date, and CVV code to process your card payment. You can add, change or delete any of your payment options from the ”My Payment Methods” in your account.

After the buyer receives the product, you'll get the money in your Poshmark account within 3 days of delivery. 

You can then withdraw the money through a direct deposit to your bank account or simply request a check.


Shipping is one of the important areas where both Vinted and Poshmark differ.


Vinted offers three types of shipping:

  • With prepaid labels generated on Vinted
  • Custom shipping
  • No shipping (pick up in person)

Generally, the cost of shipping is always covered by buyers. The shipping cost is shown at checkout, and it is automatically added to the total payment for the order.

Buyers get to select one carrier that you are proposing and, as a seller, use that shipping method.

Shipping time differed depending on the package size and its delivery location. Usually, the First-Class Package Service and Priority Mail Service shipping takes 1-3 working days.


As a seller, when your item sells, Poshmark sends you a prepaid, pre-addressed USPS Priority Mail shipping label to your linked account.

Then sellers have to ship the purchased item to their buyer by using the prepaid Priority mail shipping label provided by Poshmark within 1-3 days after receiving the shipping label. 

You'llYou'll have to make sure you use this shipping label to ship out your order to avoid any delay in getting your earnings.

It provides a flat fee of $7.11 (paid for by the buyer) for all orders and each order is shipped within 2-3 days of purchase.

And multiple items from one seller can be added to the order for the same fee as long as the order's total weight does not exceed 5 lbs.

International Shipping

Both Vinted and Poshmark don'tdon't offer international shipping. That means it only allows sales that happen within the United States.



Vinted states that the delivery time of an item entirely depends on the shipping service the buyer chooses and the seller's handling time.  

Buyers can view the estimated delivery date at checkout. Not only that, but they'll also be notified once the seller ships their item.

Both seller and buyer can track the package on their conversation screen and view where the package is and its expected shipping time.


Most of the sellers ship within 2 days of purchase. Yet, if you are not able to ship within 2-3 days of the order date, Poshmark recommends requesting a new shipping label to prevent any problems with the USPS shipping.


Both Vinted and Poshmark have very similar return policies. However, they are still different. 

These comprise the responsibility for the shipping cost and the ability for the buyer and the seller to talk about the returns.


If the item you received is significantly not as described, you can return it and get a refund. And if the item doesn'tdoesn't fit you, or you don'tdon't like it, you can only return it if the sellers agree to refund.

All you need to do is to tap on ”I have an issue” and send proof to the sellers and then look for a solution with the seller. Note that you'llyou'll have to submit your claim within 2 days.

If you don'tdon't inform the seller within 2 days, Vinted will automatically release the payments to the seller, and no refund will be possible.

You'll receive your refund to the same e-wallet or account that you originally paid from. And the refund processing time depends on the payment methods that you've initially used for this order.


Although all sales are final on Poshmark, they do take an active role in each and every purchase made to make sure both the buyer and seller have a great experience.

And a buyer can return the product if they've received any damaged item or wrong product. They'llThey'll get 3 days after delivery to report the problem.

Once they approve the problem, you'll get a label to return the order to the seller and refund the payment. To be eligible for a refund, you'll need to ship back within 5 days of approval.

And in order to prevent any problem with a sale, it is better to be as descriptive and detailed as possible while creating the listing.


One of the important things to note in this Vinted vs Poshmark comparison is how the commission or fees works.

As a seller, you don'tdon't have to pay any commission on Vinted. On the other hand, Poshmark charges a 20% commission for every sale.


As stated above, sellers on Vinted don'tdon't have to pay any fee to sell on the platform. The only fee it charges is the ”Buyer Protection'fee, which the buyer pays during the purchase.


Poshmark doesn'tdoesn't charge any fees to buyers, but sellers are charged a commission for every sale they make.

For all sales under $15, it takes a flat commission of $2.95, and the seller gets to keep the rest. And for the sales of $15 or more, it takes a commission of 20%, and you get to keep the rest.

After your item is delivered and received by the buyer, the earnings from your sale are yours. You can be able to spend your earnings within the app or simply withdraw your money as cash whenever you like.

Vinted vs Poshmark: What is the Best?

Both platforms have their advantages and disadvantages. Poshmark can be perfect for mall brands and mid-range designer pieces. And the great thing about Vinted is their selling fees, which is basically nothing.

However, to be precise, Poshmark can be the perfect choice for you! Because it has a larger user base and thus your sales can be ten times higher than Vinted. Moreover, it also has more features with more regular updates than Vinted.

So, we hope the above article on Vinted vs Poshmark has helped you to pick up the best platform that suits your requirements.


What is the catch with Vinted?

Although Vinted doesn'tdoesn't charge fees for listing or selling clothing, it does charge a buyer protection fee on items that are brought through the site.

Why are there no fees on Vinted?

There are no fees for uploading your items or selling them on Vinted. After your sale is completed, you'll receive the full selling price directly to your Vinted Balance.

What does it cost to sell on poshmark?

For all sales under $15, it takes a flat commission of $2.95 and for the sales of $15 or more, it takes a commission of 20%, and you get to keep the rest.

Who pays for shipping on poshmark?

It provides a flat fee of $7.11 (paid for by the buyer) for all orders.

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