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NewsBreak App Review: is Newsbreak App legitimate? [2024]

NewsBreak App Review: is Newsbreak App legitimate? [2024]

Are you looking a NewsBreak app review? Want to know what are its pros and cons? Don’t worry! You’ve come to the right place. In this article, I will show you everything that you want to know about NewsBreak app.

Small news makes a big difference! Staying up-to-date with the latest news and events is incredibly important. However, many people are not considering newspaper anymore as there are some amazing news apps for iOS and Android devices which will help you get the news that you want. NewsBreak is such an app that provides local and international news.

NewsBreak App Review: Let’s begin!

NewsBreak offers users with a wide range of news content, from local briefings to professionally selected world and national headlines.  You can even get the breaking news and emergency alerts with complete 360 full coverage. This app combines rich content from more than a thousand news sources like Fox News, CNN, Reuters, Insider and the Associates Press.

NewsBreak App Review

There is an editor selected national headline which will offer you in-depth and all-inclusive details. Furthermore, it tries to fill the void that is left by the decreasing local media number. It functions to give rural and suburban areas with the news around their locality. It provides information about Home & Garden, Technology & Science, food & Recipe, Dealnews and much more.

Nevertheless, the combined content is sometimes unpredictable, ranging from unfiltered press publications to decently informed stories. Also, NewsBreak has lots of disturbing ads and bug issues, this can be a main deal-breaker for many users.


  • Several news sources
  • Easy user interface
  • Wide range of news content
  • Personalized feed


  • Disturbing ads
  • Sometimes unreliable content

Interface and Performance

NewsBreak has an easy to use ‘user interface’ and also has a dark theme for user-friendly browsing. It offers a personalized feed. You can set your location to get the updated news from your area. There is also a For You option where you can select the type of news you would like to see, this includes sports, gossips and politics.

Not only that, you can even use NewsBreak app to find shop openings, restaurants and deals. It also gives information about Food and Recipes – selected high quality content from Allrecipes, New York Times, Pinterest, Buzzfeed, Cooking and allrecipes; Technology & Science – entrepreneurship stories and inspiring ideas from TeachCrunch, and much more.

Plans and Pricing

NewsBreak app is completely free. You can easily download it form Google Play Store for Android devices and from Apple App Store for iOS devices.


  • It is available in many languages such as English, Italian, Portuguese, Korean, German, Spanish, French and Japanese.
  • Provides more than 10,000 trusted sources such as NBC, BuzzFeed, CNN, Fox News, etc.
  • Personalize your news feed based on your interests.
  • Stay informed about local news, national news, world news and events, including events like Hurricane.
  • Updates local weather reports and forecast for every town and city. 

The Comparison

NewsBreak is one of the best News apps which provides local, national and world news, but it is not available everywhere, so here are few competitors for you.

  • CNN: Breaking US and World News
  • Apple News
  • Fox News: Live Breaking News
  • Google News
  • The New York Times
  • SmartNews
  • Flipboard

Final Verdict

NewsBreak is mainly designed to stay up-to-date on everyday breaking news, world, national and local headline, trending videos, weather or anything you are interested in and Newsbreak app is legitimate and safe to use. I hope the above article on Newsbreak app review has helped you to know everything you wanted to know about the NewsBreak app.

Try NewsBreak App:


Is NewsBreak a reliable app?

Yes, it is a reliable app that provides local, national and world news.

Is NewsBreak malware?

NewsBreak is an ad-supported app that offers several news stories about recent events.

Is NewsBreak free?

NewsBreak app is completely free. You can easily download it form Google Play Store for Android devices and from Apple App Store for iOS devices.

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