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FatSecret vs MyFitnessPal: Which Is Better? [2024]

FatSecret vs MyFitnessPal: Which Is Better? [2024]

FatSecret vs MyFitnessPal: Fitness has been a great field of interest for everyone nowadays. Taking care of one’s mental, spiritual, and physical health is as important as making a successful career. And even it is said that physical health is a core for mental health and spiritual health being good. 

If you are fit and fine on a physical basis, you are mental health will be in a good phase too. But if you are not focusing on your physical health then there are chances that your spiritual, as well as mental health, can get worse or may affect negatively. 

Hence, focusing o physical health doesn’t only means taking a walk, gyming, working out, etc, the main course purpose to be fit is to eat proper meals with keeping calories ad everything accountable. The more nutritious your diet is the more fit you are from inside and outside. 

And we cant roam around the nutritionist every time we eat a meal to count calories or all of them after anything we eat to learn how many calories we have taken in a day. And hence, here comes the apps which help us track our calories throughout the day to work for fitness.

In this article, we are going to talk about the fitness apps which allow us to track our calories, with fitness tips, diet tips, etc. The two apps namely are – FatSecret and MyFitnessPal. 

By the end of the article, you will get a detailed comparison of both the apps- FatSecret vs MyFitnessPal. 

FatSecret vs MyFitnessPal: Overview 


FatSecret vs MyFitnessPal

FatSecret stands for FatSecret Calorie Counter which is an app that helps you count the calories and track down the calories you have consumed on a  day, week, month, and yearly base. 

FatSecret is available on mobile devices and is compatible with both Andriod as well as ios devices. It is free to download and hence you don’t have to pay for downloading the app. The app can be downloaded from their original website too. 

The app provides all the nutritious details of what food you eat and how many calories it gives you, it also has features for monitoring your weight and diet as per the same. It will let you know how much calorie intake is good and when you should stop over-eating. 

It has many fields to work in and with, namely- a food journal where you can plan your calorie intake, a weight chart to monitor your weight, food quick pick where you can easily pick what you ate to count down your calories easily. 


FatSecret vs MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal has a different fandom and everybody is related to fitness. MyFitnessPal promises to be a great companion for the users on the fitness journey. The app is said to be the best calorie counting app among many apps available.

MyFitneessPal doesn’t have any weight loss program as such but helps you track all the food items you eat, calories burnt, etc. The app has said to have the most profound food database and is compatible with many apps as well as devices. 

The app is free to download but may have paid plans for the premium accessible exclusive features. To get started with the app in the initial stage it will ask you a few bits about what you eat, how you workout etc. 

Based on the information you provided the app, will give you accurate diet plans, recipes, and goals to be set and achieved and it will also analyze your goals that can be achieved and which are imaginary. 

FatSecret vs MyFitnessPal: How Do They Work? 


FatSecret is specially customized for US foods and For US citizens hence it is not available or worthy for everyone unless you are fond of US food items. 

FatSecret works very easily, you have to log in via your google email address or any other mobile number to signup with the FatSecret app. Once you have created an account with FatSecret then you can choose to use membership plans or the free version. 

Once that is done, you can start your journey with FatSecret by entering your current weight, height, and food intake list and also a pre-planned weekly food journal. So after login, you can now track down all the meals you take, so you can easily count down the calories you take in a day. 

It also has workout and exercise routines and trackers, where you can use the FatSecret app with your Apple Watch and count down your footsteps and working routines to count the calories you burned. 

The app also owns a barcode reader, so even when you shop, you can easily scan the barcode and it will let you know all the nutritious details to decide whether you should buy or not. 

It also offers image recognition of foods, meals, and products so you can easily note the food items and dishes from famous food stores and restaurants without finding them in a huge guide of food items listed under FatSecret. 

The app also offers a diet calendar and weight tracker to track down every activity related to fitness. It also supports a notification system that gives you alerts if you forget to update your meals or workout in the day etc. 


To start your journey with MyFitnessPal you have to create your account using your email address, name, mobile number, and a few other details. After signup, you will have two options to select from the free version and the premium paid version. 

With the free version, you will have access to tracking your food and calorie intake, you will also have access to monitor your weight and a few other metrics and features. 

The free version of MyFitnessPal is limited up to the calories details and all, it is suitable for the people who have followed a weight loss program and want to track their intake after results. 

With the paid version, The advertisements will be eliminated from the app. You will also get extra features as you can now add macronutrient and nutrient information wherein the free version was limited. 

It also allows you to set a fitness goal and calorie intake goal and then monitor and maintain the same using exclusive features of MyFitnessPal. It allows you to fluctuate the goals and set goals on a days base, change them week by week or however you want to. 

You can also customize calorie intakes for each day with premium access to the MyFitnessPal app. You can also export CSV files of your data and monitor it for further usage or tracking on a yearly base. 

FatSecret vs MyFitnessPal: Features 


  • The FatSecret app has all the informative information, one wants regarding food, weight, calories, and exercising into turning their heads for fitness. 
  • It offers a food diary that helps you determine and schedule all the foods that you're eating and you can easily not it down with what you eat and in what quantity. 
  • The foods listed to tag are namely common foods including trader joe’s items and much more, but sometimes home cook foods are minimal compared to outside categories of foods. 
  • The app does not just rack what you eat in a whole day, but it also tracks which workout you did and how many total amounts of calories you burnt compared to how many calories you have intake. 
  • It also has a weight chart, where you can keep an update on the weight changes and can easily navigate whether your weight is increasing or decreasing. 
  • FatSecret helps you track all the progress you made with FatSecret on a week base, monthly base, and yearly basis. 
  • It also provides many healthy recipes so you can cook them at home instead of eating burgers and fries every time. 
  • The app has a free version to use, you only have to pay for premium and exclusive features if you want them. 
  • The app is also free to download so you don’t need to pay for downloading too. 


  • The app has both the free version and paid version for its users and fitness freaks. 
  • The app has a huge database of food items and calories allocated for the same. 
  • It provides you with many features like diet plans, healthy recipes, alerts, and updates related to fitness. 
  • The app is mainly known for its calorie counter and weight monitoring. 
  • The free version of the app is limited up to minimal features but the paid plan gives you plenty of features to access. 
  • The app is free to download and even in the free app version you will get access to count down your calories and monitor the same. 
  • The app is available on all the platforms namely apple devices, Andriod devices, websites, and much more. 
  • The app has been rated in the top star ratings with the editor’s choice corner on the google play store. 
  • The app is said to have the best user interface which is friendly and owns excellent navigations and controls. 

FatSecret vs My FitnessPal: Pricing & Plans 


  • The app is free to download. 
  • The FatSecret also has a free version to use for pocket-friendly users. 
  • For the exclusive features and premium features, users need to pay for the plan called FatSecret Premium: $6.99 on a monthly subscription, $19.99 on a quarterly base, and $38.99 on a yearly base. 


  • The app doesn’t charge you a penny for downloading it from web stores and app stores. 
  • It offers limited features for the free version. 
  • MyFitnessPal has two paid subscriptions namely the MyFitnessPal Premium plan which costs you around $9.99 per month and the same plan for a yearly base, which costs you around $49.99 per year. 

FatSecret vs MyFitnessPal: Which is Better? 

In conclusion, here we come to an end of the comparison article of Fatsecret vs MyFitnessPal. Overall, if we look at the apps, they both have many similarities and are known as the best calorie counter apps to test for. 

They both stand out when anyone mentions apps for fitness, calories tracker, and much more. The deciding factor among them can be made on the features they offer and money raters. 

If we go by the features offerings then MyFitnessPal wins the comparison, and if we go by the pricing factor as a deciding factor then FatSecret wins. Hence the ultimate choice of selecting the best out of them is on the user’s requirements from calorie counter fitness apps. 

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Who owns the FatSecret app? 

FatSecret is in the industry since 2007 and it's under the names of Lenny Moses and Rodney Moses. 

Who owns MyFitnessPal?

MyFitnessPal is now acquired by an apparel clothing company named Under Armour. 

Which is Better FatSecret or MyFitnessPal?

Geographically, FatSecret is customized for US Food items and US citizens, and hence with a global connective perspective, MyFitnesPal is better for non-residents.

What is Calorie Tracking App? 

A calorie tracking app is an app that provides features to track down your food items and the quantity of the same to let you know how many calories you have intake throughout the day.

Why you should have a calorie counter app? 

A calorie counter is a must for the people who want to o through a great fitness journey. Every day visiting your nutritionist is not possible and hence you need an app in which you instantly can record and track your food intake with workouts to monitor your weight, fitness journey, and much more. 

Is MyFitnessPal free? 

Yes. It is free to download. MyFitnessPal app has a very version where users can use their few limited features without paying for it. But to get access to the overall app and every exclusive feature, users need to upgrade to paid-up membership plans. 

Is FatSecret free? 

Yes. FatSecret is free to download. The app offers a free version like another app where users get access to limited features like calorie tracking etc but for the exclusive features, a paid-up plan is a must.