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Lifesum vs Yazio: Which Calorie Tracking App Is Right For You?

Lifesum vs Yazio: Which Calorie Tracking App Is Right For You?

Calorie-tracking apps are digital tools that are specially designed to help you monitor your food intake and calorie consumption all day.

Lifesum and Yazio are such amazing calorie-tracking apps that can be a valuable resource for individuals who want to improve their diet, manage their weight, and optimize their nutrition for health and fitness goals.

Now, the question arises – which among them is better for you? Well, to make your work easier, we have given a detailed Lifesum vs Yazio comparison that can assist you in deciding the platform that will be suitable for you.

Lifesum vs Yazio: What Are They?


Lifesum is not just a calorie counter, it’s more than that! It is a digital health platform focusing mainly on healthy eating and achieving your personal wellness goals.

It’s a complete solution to help you adopt nutritious habits and make informed choices regarding your food intake and exercise.

So, find motivation and put your well-being first with Lifesum’s innovative technology along with the expertise of nutritionists, doctors, and professional chefs.

Lifesum vs Yazio


Yazio is another comprehensive health and wellness app that is designed to help you achieve your weight loss and fitness goals, all while promoting a sustainable and healthy lifestyle.

It is a versatile app that caters to various health and wellness goals. So, whether you aim to improve your diet, lose weight, increase activity, or just wish to live a healthy lifestyle, Yazio has it all.

Furthermore, it adapts to your unique needs and preferences with customized meal plans, goals, and fasting schedules.


Key Features and Functions

Food Logging and Tracking

Lifesum: You can track your food intake by logging meals and snacks. For convenience, it has a large database of foods and a barcode scanner.

Once you scan the barcode, it then analyzes your intake and provides insights into your calorie and nutrient consumption.

Yazio: You can either track your food intake through Yazio’s vast database or barcode scanner, which then analyzes your macronutrient and calorie consumption to understand your eating patterns and adjust accordingly.

Recipes and Meal Planning

Lifesum: It offers personalized meal plans for 7-21 days, including four pre-planned recipes every day. Not only that, but you can also browse hundreds of healthy and easy-to-cook recipes with nutritional information.

Yazio: It gives you the liberty to create custom meal plans for the week or use pre-built plans depending on your goals and preferences.

Further, you can explore over 2000 healthy and delicious recipes curated by nutritionists and tailored to your dietary requirements.

Goal Setting and Tracking

Lifesum: Offers customized plans for different goals like muscle gain, weight loss, vegan diets, and even certain programs like keto burn.

Further, it provides more emphasis on setting specific and achievable goals along with dietary changes.

Yazio: On the other hand, Yazio focuses on flexible goal settings or setting custom goals for activity, weight, and dietary aspects, emphasizing a more on personalized approach and adaptability.

Unlike Lifesum, which is suited for those wanting structure and individualization in their fitness journey, Yazio can be the best option for those who value flexibility and personal control over their dietary choices and goals.

Social Features and Community

Lifesum: Provides daily challenges, tips, and a weekly “Life Score” to track your progress to help you stay motivated. It also has a community feature where you can connect with other users for support and inspiration.

Yazio: Yazio sends daily challenges, tips, and motivational quotes to help you stay on track. Similar to Lifesum, you can connect with a community of like-minded people for inspiration.

If you are looking for a supportive environment with focused group discussions, Lifesum can be an ideal choice. And if you enjoy friendly competition and engaging interaction, Yazio can be a better fit.

Premium Subscriptions


Lifesum Premium starts from $8.33 a month through which you can access various premium features, including adjusted macronutrients, burned exercise calories, and calories, net crab tracking, and more. 


Yazia operates a freemium model, meaning though its functions are free, more extensive features and detailed information cost you a small amount of money.

Compared to a gym membership or a personal nutritionist, Yazio Pro is much more affordable with prices starting at less than $4 per month.

So, it’s like it only costs about 10 cents per day with which you get tons of features and hundreds of recipes.

User Experience and Interface Design

Ease of Use

While Lifesum features a guided onboarding process, clearly explaining key features and walking you through setup, it can feel too slow for tech-savvy users.

Lifesum can be better for organized and data-driven individuals who are seeking comprehensive and informative experience with structured guidance.

On the other hand, Yazio offers a quicker intro, mostly relying on intuitive actions and clear buttons, thus feeling faster and more streamlined.

It can be ideal for casual and fun-loving users who prefer a visually appealing and engaging app with a strong focus on motivation and extensive community.


Lifesum: It features a clean and modern design with a main focus on clarity and organization. The information is well-structured, and easy to find, making it ideal for those who prefer a straightforward approach.

It uses a tab bar for primary navigation, thus providing swift access to key features like food tracking, logging, and the community. However, the abundance of information and features might feel overwhelming for some users.

Yazio: It boasts a playful and vibrant design with a focus on fun. The UI makes it feel more like a game than a tracking app. So, it may appeal to users who find traditional health apps too serious.

It relies more on swipe gestures and large buttons for quick actions, making it intuitive and user-friendly even for beginners.

Unique Features

Lifesum: One of the unique features of Lifesum is its AI Assistant – Saga, which offers personalized advice and guidance depending on your goals, progress, and lifestyle.

Another feature is its DNA-based diet plans that are tailored specifically to your genetic makeup. This can help you understand how your body responds to various foods and nutrients.

Yazio: What makes Yazio unique is its built-in budgeting tools for groceries and meals which help you stay on track with your dietary goals while managing your finances.

Further, it also seamlessly integrates with different fitness wearables, thus allowing you to import your activity data like calories burned, steps, and sleep duration into the app.

Health and Wellness Tools

Sleep and Exercise Tracking

Lifesum: Though it offers a basic log of exercise minutes and calories burned, it lacks an extensive exercise database or detailed workout planning features.

Not only that, but it also lacks a direct sleep-tracking feature within the app. Nevertheless, you can manually input your sleep duration.

Yazio: Unlike Lifesum, Yazio has a comprehensive sleep tracking feature that tracks your sleep duration, stage, as well as quality through integration with fitness wearable or manual input.

And it also features a huge database of exercises or workouts for planning your training sessions, thus allowing for clear tracking and analysis of your exercise routine.

Additional Health Features

Lifesum: Besides all the features mentioned above, some additional features like meditation exercises provide guided meditation to help you reduce stress, improve focus, and promote overall well-being.

Moreover, its hydration tracking features monitor your water intake and even set personalized hydration goals. So, if you are someone who struggles to stay hydrated, this feature can be really helpful.

Yazio: It integrates with compatible fitness wearables to track your heart rate throughout the day as well as during workouts.

Yazio also allows you to manually log your blood pressure readings to monitor your progress and identify any potential fluctuations.

Key Differences and Takeaways

StrengthsDate-driven analysisComprehensive food databasePersonalized guidanceDetailed nutritional informationSupportive communityFlexible goal settingUser-friendly interfaceFasting schedulesInteractive and engaging communityBody fat tracking
WeaknessLess emphasis on exercise and sleep trackingOverload information for some usersPremium subscription for macro tracking and detailed analysisLimited detailed nutritional analysis and macro trackingLess informative progress reports
Ideal ForFor those seeking personalized meal plans, a structured approach to weight management, healthy eating, and detailed nutritional analysis.Individuals who prefer an engaging and flexible approach, prioritize specific features and who enjoy friendly competition and challenges.

Lifesum vs Yazio: Final Words

Though both are amazing calorie-tracking apps, they have advantages and disadvantages. Ultimately, the best choice depends on your individual needs and goals.

So, considering what features are most important to you, the level of detail you prefer in analysis, and your preferred dietary approach can make your choice easy.

If you are still confused, you can explore both apps and test their health features, customization options, additional key features, and functions to see which one complements your needs perfectly and provides valuable insights in a user-friendly manner.