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BrainHQ App Review: Pros & Cons, Is it Legit, Worthless? [2024]

BrainHQ App Review: Pros & Cons, Is it Legit, Worthless? [2024]

BrainHQ App Review: What is BrainHQ app? Does it really help in establishing and achieving your goals for brain training? Are you searching for a BrainHQ app review which can answer all the questions about the app?

If you wish to know the answers to the above mentioned questions and more correct information about the BrainHQ app then you must continue reading this BrainHQ app review article.


The BrainHQ app works by assisting you in establishing and achieving your brain training goals. Each exercise adapts to your performance and gets more challenging as your performance improves, like a personal trainer for your brain.

The most effective way to raise your program results is through regular exercise. BrainHQ is an online app that you can use to exercise activities to improve your attention, processing speed, memory, intelligence, social skills, and navigational abilities. BrainHQ is fantastic because it tracks your development and displays your percentile among individuals your age.

It gives advice you put in at least 90 minutes of work per week, or 30 minutes each of three days. Hundreds of studies have supported the program, according to BrainHQ statistics.

The exercises and evaluations in BrainHQ lead to genuine change, as shown by more than 100 publications from independent, randomized controlled experiments.

BrainHQ App Review

How does it work?

Download the app first then register for an account. After you have accessed your account, click the START button!

You will see in this app if you're doing well, the workout gets a little harder, and if you're having problems, it gets a little easier. Each activity is customized for you. Less than five minutes are required for training in each level. To try different exercises, choose one icon out of the four seen on the screen and click START again.

You can ask BrainHQ to specify which exercises to perform in what sequence if you like. Scientists created the personalized trainer feature, which continuously evaluates your performance and offers the exercises that are most effective for you.

You may even create your own plan if you'd like, choose exercises and routines based on your preferences, mood, and schedule.

Additionally, it compares your performance to others on the specific activity you worked on. It allows you to acquire something called a BrainHQ activity quotient, sometimes known as the BrainHQ, which displays your cumulative progress over the course of the program. It accomplishes this by giving feedback in the form of stars, awarding you up to five stars for each exercise.

Key Features

  • Each BrainHQ level can be completed in less than five minutes.
  • Almost any computer or mobile device can be used to access BrainHQ.
  • You can build up personal training goals and request that BrainHQ send you reminders for your workouts at the appropriate times.
  • It offers the mental exercise your brain needs to function at its best.
  • The six primary areas of cognitive performance that BrainHQ focuses on are attention, brain speed, memory, people skills, intelligence, and navigation.
  • BrainHQ has 32 brain training activities and 890+ distinct levels.

Pros and Cons


  • It is adaptable and simple to learn.
  • You can choose which exercise to concentrate on.
  • It helps to improve in the areas of memory, reasoning, and speed of processing.
  • BrainHQ exercises rewire the brain, enhancing brain activity, timing, and connectivity between various brain regions.
  • BrainHQ is made to function by brain plasticity, which is the process by which the brain physically changes as a result of training, experience, and learning.


  • BrainHQ app is ineffective for improving a particular skill.
  • There is a lack of motivating abilities.
  • The monthly fee can be considered high.

Pricing and Plans

The first levels of a few exercises in BrainHQ are completely free to use. They are yours to use however frequently and for whatever long you like. However, if you'd prefer to use all of BrainHQ's exercises and advantages, you may pay a $14 monthly fee or a $96.31 annual fee.

Is the BrainHQ App Legit?

Yes, the BrainHQ app is legit. According to scientific research and consumer reviews, BrainHQ improves memory, concentration, and speed of thought. These advantages lead to a host of other advantages, such as from safer driving to better self-assurance.

However, we have seen some researchers suggest that playing BrainHQ games does not significantly enhance specific abilities or cognitive performance. Instead of that, going for a walk, running or socializing is a better way to improve cognitive abilities.

Final Words

The above BrainHQ app review provided all the information you required to determine whether the app will genuinely benefit you or is just a waste of time. We have now finished our BrainHQ app review.


What are BrainHQ exercises?

Your online brain-training headquarters is called BrainHQ. Consider it your own personal gym where you train your brain instead of your abs, delts, and quads. You work on your memory, attention, brain speed, people skills, intelligence, and navigation.

Is BrainHQ legitimate?

With 15 reviews and a consumer rating of 3.56 stars, it is clear that most consumers are content with their purchases overall. The second-place site for brain games is BrainHQ.

Does Medicare pay for BrainHQ?

Several Medicare Advantage providers have partnered to offer BrainHQ to their members as part of their benefits program. Many are already available, and several others begin in 2024.