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Lose it Free vs Premium: Complete Guide [2024]

Lose it Free vs Premium: Complete Guide [2024]

Lose it Free vs Premium: When it comes to losing weight, we all know how difficult it can be to make progress. Apart from finding a plan that fits your needs and lifestyle, staying on top of things and keeping track of your progress and results can be difficult, especially if you do not have any help.

Making daily healthy decisions and being accountable for food choices is much easier said than done. When you factor in the responsibilities of full-time work and other responsibilities, many people may find the concept practically unattainable!

Thankfully, both technology and nutrition have advanced significantly in recent years. Healthy eating is now more realistic and doable than ever before, thanks to the ability to not only measure your meal consumption each day but also assess the nutritional worth of all the food you consume.

While there are a plethora of diet apps and nutrition trackers for smartphones, just a few have established long-term reputations as dependable software that provides users with the information and assistance they need to make appropriate meal choices continuously and develop healthy eating habits.

Lose it Free vs Premium: Overview

Enter Lose It!, a well-named weight-loss app that has attracted more than 40 million users in search of the ideal solution to help them achieve their unique health objectives.

It is clear to see why the app has continued to expand and reach new members for more than ten years, with ratings of more than 4.5 out of 5 stars for both Android and iPhone users.

What is even better? It is completely free!

At least, that is how the basic version is. Lose It!, like many other applications, provides a Premium option that allows users to subscribe to additional features that improve their experience and give them more alternatives on their health journeys.

But the question is: is it truly worth the money to subscribe to a Premium membership when there is a free version of the app? Is the price difference worth it for all of the extra features?

Do not be concerned.

Let us compare the two versions to see how they stack up- Lose it free vs premium.

Lose It Free

The goal of Lose It! is to do not take a lot of the stress and worry out of dieting and living a healthy lifestyle. While it has a tracking feature that is important for keeping track of your progress, it also acts as a sort of digital nutritionist, creating a personalized plan for each user that is designed to help them reach their weight-loss goals.

Your plan is tailored to your specific needs. After downloading the app, you will be prompted to enter information such as your height, age, current weight, and the weight you would like to achieve; this allows the program to design a realistic plan for you to achieve your goal.

Following the creation of your weekly weight loss, the app combines it with your attributes to establish a calorie budget. This enables you to determine how much you can consume at each meal while still meeting your weight loss target on schedule.

When you enter the calorie amount of your meals into the app, it will estimate the caloric content and add it to your totals, allowing you to keep track of your intake and stay on track.

Get Rid of It! You can also keep track of how many calories you burn during exercise and how active you are regularly.

When you enter your workouts into the app and select one of the preset activity levels, the system will calculate your totals by counting your calories burned and taking into account your typical daily routine.

In addition to the app itself, Lose It! assists its members in the form of weight reduction suggestions, health-related blog pieces, and user success stories to keep you inspired as you fight to be healthy and attain your goal weight.

Lose it Premium

What is the cost of the premium?

Lose Itpremium !'s version costs $39.99 a year, or about $3.33 per month. The app allows you to go more in-depth with your tracking, planning, and health and fitness for an additional fee.

The premium version is set up in the same way as the basic version. However, after you have signed up, you will have access to several additional features, including:

Fitbit and other fitness apps and trackers can be integrated.

In-depth tracking includes information on your macronutrient intake as well as the health benefits of the foods you eat

Customized goal-setting based on data such as blood sugar, sleep hours, hydration, and a variety of other factors.

Meal planning in the future eliminates the need to stress about what to eat on any particular day.

A group option that allows you to collaborate closely with other app users, either privately with your friends or openly with other Lose It! members.

These additions, among other things, provide your weight loss experience with more depth and support, which may be quite helpful when committing to the discipline that will help you succeed on your fitness path.

Get Rid of It! Users who pay for the premium edition of the software lose three times as much weight as those who use the free basic version, according to the company. If this figure is correct, the paid service appears to be a very beneficial alternative.

Features Comparison- Lose it free vs premium

Feature NameBasicPremium
PriceFreeOnly $39.99/year
Food Insights
Charts & Reports
Calorie Chart
Meals Chart
Nutrients Chart
Email Reports
Health & Fitness Goals
Overall Health
Body Fat
Exercise Calories
Exercise Minutes
Blood Glucose
Blood Pressure
Body Measurements
Neck Size
Hip Size
Waist Size
Bicep Size
Thigh Size
Chest Size
Program Features
Planning & Logging
Meal Planning
Exercise Planning
Connected Apps & Devices
Calorie Budget Adjustment
Standard Bonus
TrueBurn Intelligent Bonus
Motivation & Support
Join Public Groups
Join Private & Hidden Groups
Create Public, Private & Hidden Groups
Join Public Challenges
Join Private & Hidden Challenges
Create Public, Private & Hidden Challenges
Participate In 10 Lose It! Challenges
Participate In 25 Lose It! Challenges


Is it worthwhile to upgrade to the premium edition of Lose It?

If you want access to all of Lose it features, !'s the $3.33 monthly fee for their subscription membership is well worth it. It can track your water intake and has features like meal planning guidance, recipe, and workout libraries.

Is there a version of Lose It that is available for free?

Get Rid of It! Although the basic version is free, you may upgrade to Premium to gain access to even more amazing features.

How do I acquire a free premium version of Lose It?

Connect your apps
Select “Apps & Devices” from your Lose It! account's menu.
To link your Withings devices to Lose It!, select them. The post Lose It! Activate Your Free Account appeared first on Lose It! The post-Health Boosters Premium Trial appeared first on Health Boosters.

Final words: Lose it Free vs Premium

Lose It! is pretty reasonable when compared to the cost of other free applications that provide a paid edition with more features.

When you consider the potential health benefits of the several other alternatives available when you upgrade, less than $3.50 per month appears to be a steal.

For example, if your objective is to just eliminate sugar from your diet, you will not need an app; you will simply stop eating sugar. However, if you have a more complicated food restriction, this software will be quite useful.

Finally, all versions of the app- Lose it free vs premium- offers excellent tools and assistance that can be extremely helpful as you work to lose weight healthily.

Lose It! Premium, on the other hand, can be too attractive an offer to pass up for individuals who are particularly passionate about nutrition and believe group efforts to be a benefit when aiming to reach goals.

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